Three Finger Cove: The Twins ~ Book Four

Chapter Thirty~Five

Mr. Ken and Kevin left to go to the hospital around 10 AM.  They took fresh, clean clothes for Kyle and a number of Momma Maria's sweet cakes for the nurses and him.  Kevin was really excited he was going to see his twin.  'Dad Ken' talked to Kevin about his feelings about his twin.  Kevin told Mr. Ken it was hard for him to sleep last night without his brother there in the room with him.  Kevin told the man that this separation showed him how much he realized how much he loved his brother when he wasn't there.  Talking about that brought a few tears to Kevin's eyes.

"There's the one-armed man," teased 'Dad Ken'.

"I have two arms, 'dad', it's just that I can't use one of them for about six to seven weeks," replied Kyle.  Kevin didn't say anything about Kyle's use of the word 'dad'.

"Kyle, I missed you so much last night.  It was so strange you weren't there with me when I tried to go to sleep.  I love you so much, Kyle," finished Kevin, before he started bawling and hugging his twin.

Mr. Ken went over to the lad and just rubbed his back as he cried his eyes out.  Eventually, Kevin pulled away from Kyle and grabbed 'Dad Ken' and cried some more.

When Kevin had composed himself, the man and boy offered a sweet cake to Kyle and then took the rest out to the nurses' station.  Mr. Ken told the woman at the desk the cakes were made by his cook, Momma Maria, for them to enjoy.  The woman thanked the man and made a note on the top and then took them back to their break room.

The doctor came by and talked to Mr. Ken about Kyle.  The physician told him Kyle needed to keep his arm in the sling until next Sunday.  The doctor told him Kyle could take the arm out for a couple of hours at a time and then he should put back in the support.  The doctor told him the lad could do that every day for the next week and then if the boy wasn't feeling any pain by next Sunday he can do away with the sling.

The doctor explained to Mr. Ken the dosage of the medication he'd prescribed and that he only gave him five days' worth.  He explained the lad will have mild pain and soreness for about that time.  The doctor also told him he could also use Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, or aspirin to help with the pain.  Mr. Ken thanked the man and asked when he would be able to take the lad home.

Wayne Mitchell had gotten to The Cove at about noon, and without the owner there, Robert took over host duties while the Cover lad's friends arrived.  The teenager explained to Mr. Wayne what happened, and that 'dad' Ken was over at the hospital with Kevin hoping Kyle could come home.

Wayne watched the lads ride their skateboards and then asked if he could borrow someone's.  Charles offered him his, but Mr. Wayne said it wasn't big enough for his size.  Then hearing the man needed a bigger one, Logan offered him his.  Wayne rolled back and forth on it a few times, on the flat surface, to get the feel of the trucks and wheels.  Then, he began to go faster and ride the half-pipe.  He first did a few Ollie's then he did a Pop Shove It followed by going to the top of the ramp and doing a Drop It followed by a Tail Stall, a Rock and Roll and ended doing a Blunt.

The lads all clapped at Mr. Wayne's skateboard abilities.  They asked him to show them how to do some of the tricks, but Wayne told them he was there to talk to Mr. Ken and he didn't want to be all sweaty.  The lads said they understood, however, they asked him if he would when he had the time.  Wayne smiled at what they wanted and just stood back and watched what ability the different ages had.

The 'broken arm boy' got home around 1 PM.  When Mr. Ken finally arrived back at The Cove, and he saw Wayne's car it was then he remembered he asked the man to come over and talk.  He went to Wayne and apologized for his absence, but Wayne beat him to it as he told him that Robert explained it all.  Mr. Ken thanked Robert

All the lads had to see Kyle's cast and they all wanted to sign it.  Then, they saw he had a dark green fiberglass cast and knew they would need at least a black magic marker or a color that would stick out.

Mr. Ken listened to the boys talk about what color to use and then he pulled out a bag of black, white, red and yellow pens that he thought would stick out.  Kyle let Kevin go first, then Mr. Ken, Robert, and Charles.  He told the rest to get in line and pick their color.

As the lads signed Kyle's cast, Wayne and Ken walked into the house and headed for the Study.

"I want to apologize again, Wayne, for not being here.  I even forgot to tell Robert to explain what happened.  I am glad that teen has a good head on his shoulders and can think on his feet.  Come, let's sit," suggested Ken, as he motioned for the young man to sit in one of the leather chairs opposite him.

"Wayne, the reason I asked you over is to talk to you about an upcoming trip I've planned for the boys and their friends.  I'm taking them to SeaWorld and I would like you to go.  That is if you can get the day off and, of course, that is … if you want to go," chuckled Ken.

"Whoa, you could have asked me that over the phone.  There has to be something else on your mind, Ken," smiled back Wayne.

"Yes, there is one more thing.  You heard I had to leave the boys yesterday when I had to go to the hospital to be with Kyle.  That left all the lads here all alone, and specifically without adult supervision.  Lucky for me Eric called his mom and she hurried over, but still, the boys were without a chaperone for maybe fifteen, or so, minutes.  Todd was here, but is he only three years older than Robert and Logan.

"What I am going to ask you is, would you consider being my backup adult when I have to be away?  It wasn't as difficult when Robert was here, but when I added Charles, if it weren't for Dan, I don't know what I would have done.  You, see, Wayne … I need someone I can count on to be here when my businesses need me.  The amusement parks are badgering me to come back for their Halloween Spook-Tac-U-Lairs, but I can't just leave the boys here all alone.  I'd love to take them with me, but … well, the twins have to wait almost three months before I can take them out of the state

"What I thought is … if you agree, that is … that I would let you know in advance and you can come over here and stay with the boys.  You can use one of the upstairs en suites, which I know you like, and I would pay you for your time.  While the boys are in school, you could still work at your jobs, but you'd have to be back by six for dinner," chuckled Mr. Ken.

"Hmmmm, that does sound intriguing," said Wayne.  "But how much notice would you give me?  And, are you sure the boys would be OK with me looking after them?" Wayne wanted to be reassured.

"Wayne, you know the lads love it when you're over here.  You play with them and they enjoy that you give them some attention," offered Mr. Ken.  "I think that if you come along with us to SeaWorld, you'll get the chance to be around the boys who come over here all the time and get to know them.  You probably already know a few of Robert's and Charles' fiends; it will be the twins' friends you'll have to get to know over time."

"This will give you a side income that might not have to be reported.  I hope, but we can discuss that later.  But … I would like you to come with us on that Saturday of the three-day weekend.  We'll leave here at 10 AM and we'll probably be back by midnight.  And I'll even sweeten the deal for you.  You can come over for dinner Friday night and stay with us Saturday night as well.  What do you say to that?" asked a hopeful Mr. Ken.

"Wow, that is some offer.  I'll have to check my calendar to make sure I have an opening that weekend," laughed Wayne.  "Actually, I do work the New Home Sales office on the weekends and I'll have to trade off with someone, but … I think I can make it happen.  And it is not often you get invited to go to SeaWorld and get paid for it," laughed Wayne, who was joined in by Mr. Ken.

The two men talked about the SeaWorld trip and who were the other adults who were going to be there.  Ken told him that he lacked one more adult and was not having much success with the parents, except one family, because they were getting home so late.  Wayne suggested Dan.  Ken laughed and told him Dan was already going to see if Sheriff Barnes would let him off.  Wayne had to laugh, too, as he told Ken he meant Dan Chassen, the teacher.  The two had a good laugh at that misunderstanding.  Ken said he'd call him later and ask him.

It was while the men were talking that Kyle came into the Study crying.  'Dad Ken' went to the lad and asked him what was wrong.  When he heard the boy's, arm was throbbing and hurting something bad, Mr. Ken sat the boy down and went to his desk to get a pill the doctor gave him for such an occasion.  He then went and got a glass of water.

"Kyle, here, take this pill, it will help take that pain away.  It's what the doctor gave me for you. I guess you had your arm out of your sling a long time, didn't you?" teased 'Dad Ken.

"You're not mad at me are you, 'Dad Ken?" meekly asked the youngster.

"Kyle, I told you I'd never get mad at you.  I might be disappointed in what you do or say, but I'll never get mad at you.  Come here, let me give you a hug!" said 'Dad Ken', and as soon as he got it out of his mouth the twin was in his arms.

"Now, what say we walk you to your room and let you rest there until that pill begins to work?  OK?" suggested 'Dad Ken'.

Ken mentioned for Wayne to follow along.  He told Kyle that Mr. Wayne might be staying with them if he ever has to go away for a few days.  Kyle whispered and asked if he was a good guy.  "Dad Ken' laughed at the question and told the lad to check with Robert and Charles.  Kyle said he would.  When they got to the lad's bed, 'Dad Ken' asked Kyle to take his shoes and pants off so he could be comfortable.  The lad looked at Mr. Wayne and then decided if he was going to stay and his older 'brothers' liked him then it would be OK to take his pants off.  Kyle was fast asleep as soon as he pulled the covers over his shoulders.

It was getting late in the afternoon, and Mr. Ken asked Wayne to go to dinner with them over at Four Corners.  The owner of The Cove told Wayne they'd probably sit on the diner side due to Kyle's bad arm.  Wayne agreed to go with them.

Ken said it was very quiet outside and suggested the boys were either swimming or cooking.  He asked Wayne to follow along.  The two adults only had to look out the big bank of windows that looked out over the lake to see where the lads were.  From the smoke they could see, they knew the lads were cooking burgers and dogs.

"Mr. Ken, Mr. Wayne what would you like to eat?  You want a burger or a dog or both?" called out Cooper, who was helping cook that afternoon.

"You allow the boys to cook hamburgers and hot dogs and by themselves?" asked a surprised Wayne.

"Sure.  Robert learned from Ryan and he taught Charles and they taught their friends.  There's always two lads cooking and they also help setting things up and they put it all away when they are finished.  If you are here when this happens, you'll see the lads come into the house and get everything and then put what's left, back.  They do a pretty good job, too," explained Ken.

The lads asked the men to sit at different tables, so the lads could talk to them as they didn't get to do that very often.  The lads at Mr. Wayne's table talked to him about his skateboard skills.  He told them he was only twice their age, so he was able to learn to use the board back when they were very popular.

At Mr. Ken's table, the lads asked them about the SeaWorld trip.  Some of the younger lads said their parents still weren't sure if they were going to let them go.  Mr. Ken had talked to some of their parents and already knew that.  All he could do was tell the boys what he had planned so they could tell their mom and dad.

When Mr. Ken saw the boys were finished eating, he asked them to gather around.

"Boys, first off, I want to introduce you to Mr. Wayne.  If I have to go away on Business, you will more than likely see him here in my stead.  If he is here … what he says goes.  OK?" began Mr. Ken.

"Now, the second thing I want to talk to you about is the SeaWorld trip.  I haven't heard from all of you and I want to remind you I do need a good count by Friday night.  I'm not trying to pressure you, although it might sound that way," laughed Mr. Ken, and the lads joined in.

"Let me tell you what the plan is.  We'll leave from here at 10 AM on the Saturday of the three-day Columbus Holiday weekend.  Right now, we have Brad's parents, Ms. Judy, Lieutenant Fischer, Camm's mom Joyce, Todd's mom, Emma, Mr. Wayne here, and if course me.  I am looking for one more adult chaperone, so if your parent is wavering have them call me.  We will stay until the park closes or until everyone is tired enough to want to leave.  There will be no sleepover that Friday or Saturday, so you can plan accordingly.

"I will have your admission ticket on the bus.  Oh, yeah, we are taking a 55-passenger motor coach that has a restroom.  That's one of those nice comfortable air-conditioned busses that are totally NOT like a school bus," explained Mr. Ken, and all the boys cheered.  "That might change a parent or two's mind to want to come.  I hope," laughed Mr. Ken.

"OK, any questions for me?" finished Mr. Ken.

No hand went up, so Mr. Ken said he had one more thing to tell them.  "I want you all to bring a light jacket or something that you can put on when it cools off over there.  There is a lot of water there, so it will get damp in the evening and we don't want you to get cold or, worse, sick."

When Mr. Ken finished talking, the boys went back to putting everything away.  When they were finished cleaning up, they all went back to the ramps to wait for their parents to come and get them.

"Wayne, these lads are wonderful to be around.  They appreciate it that they can come over here and they know if they screw up they will be barred from coming over.  They will surprise you when you least expect it.  When you're around them and you don't have an answer just ask them what they think is fair or right.  You'll be amazed at the level of maturity these twelve and thirteen year olds have," offered Mr. Ken.

After the lads had gone, Mr. Ken and Mr. Wayne went up to Kyle's bedroom to wake him for dinner.  It took 'Dad Ken' a little bit of persuasion, but eventually Kyle woke up.  He told him they were all getting ready to go out to dinner and he needed to wake up, get dressed and washed so he could go.  Mr. Wayne watched the way the man operated with the kids, so he was learning a lot about dealing with the boys from someone who had four boys, none of which were his biological ones.

At dinner that night, they talked about how Mr. Wayne would be a 'sit in' for 'Dad Ken when and IF he had to go away.  Robert and Charles were happy their 'dad' had picked Mr. Wayne and the twins could tell it by their enthusiasm over the news.  Kyle had a difficult time eating as his arm was in a sling and he had to lean over it to make sure nothing fell on it.  But, alas, he was eleven and things happen.

Kyle and Kevin thought 'Dad Ken' would get mad, but when they got home, 'Dad Ken' brought out a clean sling for Kyle to use at school the next day.  Kyle let out a sigh of relief that 'Dad Ken' wasn't mad.  He reminded Kyle of what he said earlier that day and he hugged the youngster to reaffirm that he won't get mad.  Kyle leaned into the hug and smiled.

The Foyer doorbell rang and when Charles answered it he found Dan Fischer standing there in his Lieutenant's uniform.  He welcomed him in and called for Kyle.  When Kyle saw the man standing there, he ran to him being careful he didn't hit his arm against the man.

'Dad Ken' came out to see who was there and seeing it was Dan he smiled.  The other Cover lads came out to the Foyer and they smiled, and welcomed Mr. Dan to The Cove.

"Kyle, I have the evening shift and was sleeping when you were getting ready to come home.  I know you had hoped I'd get over there, but I couldn't.  I only stopped in tonight for a few minutes knowing you're going to school tomorrow and I won't get to see you.

"I know it will take a good six weeks before you lose your free friend there, but I know you'll get through it.  Now get a good night's rest and I'll see you again soon," said Mr. Dan, who then hugged the twin and then patted him on the head before leaving to go back on patrol.

The kids talked with Mr. Wayne for a bit longer before he said he had to go. They thanked him for agreeing to sit-in for their 'dad' and walked him out to his car.  The rest of the evening was uneventful.

Mr. Ken did tuck Kyle in that night after he went up to bed.  He had given him another pill so he would sleep through the night.  He just hoped there wouldn't be a major problem getting him up in the morning.  In the back of his head, he thought about letting him sleep in and then take him to school later that morning.  He decided to take a wait and see attitude.

 "Hey, "Dad Ken', where is everyone?  Why didn't they get me up for school?" called out Kyle, when he entered the Kitchen Nook at about 9 AM Monday morning.

"Morning Kyle," smiled 'Dad Ken'.  "Robert tried to get you up be he couldn't.  He came down here to get me to wake you, but I figured you were so tired from your ordeal and then with everyone coming over yesterday, your body just needed some time to recharge.  It was my decision to let you sleep.  I told the boys I'd get you up, feed you, then have you take your shower and that I'd drive you over to the school."

"But, 'Dad Ken' how am I going to take may shower with this?" asked Kyle, who then showed his arm in the cast.

"Oh, yeah … I guess I forgot about that.  …  Well, maybe you can just get dressed after you eat and then I'll drive you to school," suggested 'Dad Ken'.

"'Dad', I haven't had shower since Saturday and I can (sniffed Kyle) smell myself.  They only gave me a wipe down in the hospital and it wasn't very good," complained Kyle.  "Maybe you can give me a shower," then suggest Kyle.

Mr. Ken thought about that request for all of about three seconds before telling Kyle, "I don't think that is a good idea, Kyle.  I'm not your real dad, so it is not something I should be doing, you know, being naked in a shower with an eleven-year-old boy.  I've never taken a shower with my boys, ahh … well, I did, but that was after I was shot.  Collin returned the favor and helped me.  Kyle, we, Collin and I, were more like brothers' than foster dad and son," tried to explain 'Dad Ken'.

"And, after what I've learned about what your dad did with you and your twin I definitely know that us taking a shower together is not going to happen," further elaborated 'Dad Ken.

After hearing all that, Kyle began to cry.  'Dad Ken' immediately grabbed the lad and hugged him close.  He was then made very aware of what the lad was saying about him needing a shower.  After they pulled off from their embrace, Mr. Ken smiled at the twin

"Kyle, I agree with you that you need a shower," phew, smiled 'Dad Ken' while holding his nose.  "But, I am not going to be the one to give it to you.  I'll keep you home from school today and when you brother gets home, later today, he can help give you a shower, then."

"OK, 'Dad'" smiled Kyle.

Momma Maria waited until the man and boy had finished their conversation before coming over to ask Kyle what he wanted to eat.  He told her anything would be fine.  Momma made bacon and eggs and toast with cold milk for the lad for his breakfast.

At school that morning, Sam and Terran and the rest of the 6th graders wondered why Kyle wasn't at school.  They all knew he broke his arm on Saturday, but they thought he'd be at school.  Charles told them that Robert couldn't get him up, so their 'dad' told them he'd bring him to school later.

Kevin was again beside himself that his twin brother wasn't close by.  Sure they were in different classrooms, Kevin thought, but this was the second time he had to be without his brother and he didn't like the feeling.  He came to be more aware that he needed to be a part of his twin, more than ever, and he really missed him now that he wasn't nearby.  The older twin was now very sorry he treated Kyle so badly when he called 'Dad Ken' 'dad'.  Kevin felt so bad inside because he was so mean to his twin he felt sick to his stomach and began to cry.

Dominic and Wyatt saw that Kevin wasn't keeping up with them as they were walking into the school after the first bell.  They walked back to get him to hurry up.  It was then that Kevin lost his breakfast.  Dominic stayed with Kevin while Wyatt went to get a teacher and then the school nurse.

While Kyle was eating, Mr. Ken received a phone call from the school; it was Ms. Jane Andrews, the school secretary.  She wanted to know where Kyle was.  Mr. Ken explained the broken arm and the lad getting used to his medication he was on, but he assured her he would be there tomorrow.  It was then Ms. Andrews told Ken Thomas that Kevin had taken ill and although the nurse initially felt he would get better, he hadn't, and so the secretary asked Mr. Ken to please come and get him.

Mr. Ken explained to Momma Maria and Mr. Chris he had to go get Kevin, who'd taken ill at school.  He told them he'd be back as soon as he could.  Mr. Ken quickly dressed after taking his shower and was out the door in less than ten minutes.

At the school. Abigail Chadwick and the school nurse met the man at the front door.  Principal Chadwick noticed the man's car drive into the school grounds and had notified the nurse.  Kevin was sitting in a chair in the office when 'Dad Ken' walked in and Kevin got up and slowly walked over to the man and hugged him.

"I didn't mean to get sick, 'Dad Ken'," offered Kevin, who then leaned into the man.

"Kevin, please sit down while I talk to Principal Chadwick for a few minutes.  OK?" said 'Dad Ken'.

Kevin slowly walked over to the chair and sat down.  Mr. Ken and Abigail Chadwick walked into her office and closed the door.  Ken Thomas explained the circumstances around Kyle's broken arm and how the lad has not gotten use to his medication.  The man assured the woman the lad would be in his seat the next day, unless he falls and breaks the other arm.  The two had a good laugh at that and were laughing when the principal opened the door.

Kevin got up and smiled at hearing the laughter.  The foster dad and foster son walked out of the school and headed back to The Cove.  'Dad Ken' asked Kevin if he wanted to stop to get something to eat, but the foster lad said he'd rather go home and lay down.

Kyle ran to his twin when 'Dad Ken' and his brother walked into the Kitchen Nook.  The twins hugged one another, and it was then Kevin mentioned to his brother that he needed a shower.  Mr. Ken smiled at the conversation and suggested to the older twin to help his twin get cleaned up.  He told the boys to try to keep water from going down into the cast.  The lads walked up the stairs to a few giggles.

When the lads didn't come down after their shower he went up to check on them.  He found them lying together in the same bed sound asleep.  He smiled at the two and checked that neither of them had a fever.  He then made sure the covers were on them and then walked out of the room.  Chief was there and yawned as the man walked out of the bedroom.  The resident dog went and laid down in her comfortable place in the room.

Mr. Ken then went and got cleaned up for the day.  When he came out of his en suite, Chris told him he had a phone call from DA Morris.  Mr. Ken went to his Study and returned the District Attorney's phone call.

"George Morris, please," asked Mr. Ken, when the phone in the DA's office was answered.  He had to identify himself and then he added that he was returning the man's call.  George Morris picked up about eight minutes later.

"Mr. Ken, thank you for returning my call.  I understand you've recovered a large amount of money from the Harrison home and also a locked fireproof metal box that was hidden somewhere in the house," directly stated the DA.

"Yes, George, Robert did find, well, it was actually Kyle who found the box hidden in the attic.  The courts decreed that he could take anything from the house before the estate was liquidated.  They were assured your people had searched the house and had released it for the sale," retorted Ken Thomas.  "I was going to deposit the funds into the lads special banking account that once there he can't get to them until he is in college or turns twenty-one."

"Now listen here, Ken, that money has to be turned into my office, and so does that locked metal box," demanded George Morris.

"I'm afraid that isn't possible, George.  The courts gave the lad permission to take whatever he wanted and he has taken the money and the fireproof metal box along with a few other things that were recorded by the court appointed recording clerk.  I believe you will have to get the courts to give you a court order and that might be quite embarrassing when you tell them a boy of eleven found these items where your highly professionally trained personnel couldn't.  Are you ready to tell the court that, Mr. DA?" chuckled Mr. Ken.

"Now listen here, Ken … it is possible that money is drug money and if it is it will be impounded and then forfeited into the Sheriff's department for discretionary uses," said George Morris, while trying to justify his reasoning.

"DA Morris … I understand you and Sheriff Barnes … that you two were going to talk to Frank Harrison this week about the men who he sold his son, Robert, too.  You probably already know this, but I'll tell you anyway.  Robert has pretty much identified another man.  That man is one Parker Parchsons, the father of my foster twin sons.  You probably also know that Julian Hankers was arrested on an initial charge of indecent contact with a minor, one Kevin Parchsons.

"But, I'll tell you what.  I'll keep the money here, locked up in my safe until you and the Sheriff come back from talking to Frank.  I'll ask you two to stop by here and we can all open the box and see what's inside.  I'll even videotape the opening, so we have a video record of what will be eventually turned over to the teenager when any investigations are completed," suggested Mr. Ken.

"I'll have you arrested for theft, interfering with an ongoing investigation and withholding evidence," screamed DA Morris.

"DA Morris … the courts will laugh you out of their courtroom when you try to bring those charges against me when they in turn gave the teenager, my charge, permission to take what your people failed to find," argued Ken Thomas"

"Now, I gave you an option.  I'll keep it here in my safe and when you talk to Frank ask him about the funds.  If he tells you it is drug money, which we both know Frank Harrison was never into drugs, we'll turn it over to you.  And then we can also open that intriguing metal box.

"Maybe Frank will tell you what's inside, so there won't be much suspense.  So, what do you say?  …  Do I call my lawyer who already has the court ready to call you in if you try to arrest me, or  …  will you wait until you talk to Frank Harrison?"

"Mr. Thomas … one day you won't have your ducks in a row, and, and it will be I who has the last laugh," snickered George Morris.

Before the two sometimes friends, sometimes nemeses hung up,  George Morris told Ken Thomas that he and Sheriff Barnes were going to talk to Frank Harrison on Wednesday morning.  He told the owner of The Cove they would stop by around noon time on Wednesday.  The two agreed and Mr. Ken, again, promised the DA that he'd turn the money over if Frank declared it was drug money, otherwise it was going into Robert's college fund.

Mr. Ken called Bill Jackson and told him what had just transpired and that he had an audio tape of the conversation.  Bill laughed at Ken making video and audio tapes, but then realized that they helped put Mildred Johnston in her place, so he wasn't so jovial right then.  They talked about what Robert found at his house and Bill said he'd put together a defense if need be.  Mr. Ken invited the man and Stewart over on Wednesday before noon for lunch and the 'grand opening' of the found metal box.  Bill said he'd definitely be there and he'd tell Stewart of the invitation.

When Chris knew his employer was off the phone he knocked on the Study door frame and asked if he could come in.  Chris wanted to know if he had a close number of participants for the SeaWorld trip yet.  Mr. Ken told him he reminded the boys yesterday to tell their parents he needed a definite YES or NO by Friday.  Chris thanked him for that information.

The two men talked about Kyle's accident and it was Chris who asked if the camera out in the parking corral had caught it.  Mr. Ken smiled and told Chris that he hadn't even thought about that as he was only concerned for the lad.  The owner of The Cove turned to his computer and typed in a few passwords to watch the camera footage.  He called Chris around to behind the desk so they could both watch it at the same time.

The two watched Kyle riding his bike back and forth on the ramps.  The twin was doing very well until he took his eyes off the ramps to look over to his friends.  They could see he wasn't watching where he was going, and he went off the side edge of the ramp.  The accident was indeed caught by the camera.  Mr. Ken asked Chris not to mention it to the lads.  He told his employee he wanted to wait until maybe when the cast came off to show it to the boys.

The two men then discussed what The Cove was going to do for the actual Halloween day.  Chris wanted to know if they were just going to give out candy as was done in the past and if the lads were going to go out trick-or-treating.  That posed a new question for him as he never had young boys with him during that time.  He told Chris he'd ask the lads what they wanted to do.

Mr. Chris brought up a number of other items that would soon need to be addressed, but felt if he talked to his boss now, they could get a good start on them.  The items of interest were the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, the Christmas decorations and the Holiday parties.  Mr. Chris also brought up what he was going to buy the lads for Christmas.

Mr. Ken sat back in his chair and just took a deep breath and let it all out.  He told Chris those were definitely important things to begin focusing on and he asked Chris to give him some options.  He did tell Chris that he and the boys would be going to Collin's place for the Thanksgiving Holiday from Wednesday to Saturday.  The man told his employee he could use that extra time off to focus on being home with his family the entire time they are gone.  Chris thanked him for that heads-up.

It was close to 2 PM when the twins came down the stairs and stopped at the Study.

"Well, lookie who we have here," teased 'Dad Ken'.  "I trust you both had a good nap?"

Kevin and Kyle smiled at the man and they walked over to him and gave him a hug.  Kyle then said, "Thank you for letting my brother help me with my shower.  It felt so good to get cleaned up.  We're sorry we both fell asleep, but it sure felt good when we woke up."

"Well, Kyle, your body is going through a lot of changes right now with it having to heal your broken arm," began 'Dad Ken'.  "You will probably feel tired for the next few days until you get used to your body mending the arm.  Also, your body heals better when you are asleep; which is another mechanism the body will use to make you rest more."

Then looking at the older twin, a smiling Mr. Ken said, "And thank you Kevin, for being the best twin brother Kyle has."

"I'm the only twin brother he has," smiled Kevin.  Kyle and Mr. Ken both laughed.

"Boys, you missed lunch and we'll be eating in about four hours.  I bet if you go out to the Kitchen Nook, Momma Maria will get you something to snack on, or if you are really hungry she'll make you something bigger.  Just go out and find her," suggested 'dad Ken'.

The twins walked out of the Study to find Momma Maria and get something to eat.

Robert and Charles came home on schedule and they immediately went looking for their 'dad' to find out what happened to Kevin.  When they entered the Study, they found the twins looking over Mr. Ken's shoulder as he explained to them what the apartments he was wanting to build were going to look like.  As the older 'brothers' entered Mr. Ken saw them and told them to step behind him.  He then brought out the land survey and showed all four lads where he was going to place the new apartments once he got the approvals to build them over in the large vacant lot at Four Corners.

After the five discussed the apartments for a few minutes, Mr. Ken reminded the lads about their after-school snack.  He told them to go find Momma Maris before she came looking for them and they got on her 'bad' side.  They all laughed, and the four boys headed for a snack.

At dinner that night, the five Covers talked about the SeaWorld trip and about Mr. Wayne sitting in for 'Dad Ken', when he had to go somewhere.  The twins heard their older 'brothers' talk about Mr. Wayne and they wanted to know more about the man since he would probably be around The Cove more.  Robert and Charles told them how he swam with them after one of the picnics and how the day before when their 'dad' was picking up Kyle he came out to the ramps and showed everyone how good a skateboarder he was.  That brought a big smile to both twins' faces.

The Covers did talk a bit more about Kevin getting sick and Kyle's not going to school.  It was Mr. Ken who told the twins they would be going to bed a bit earlier that night, so they both would get a good night's rest before getting up in the morning for school.  Then 'dad' Ken told his other two 'sons' they should go to bed early as well.  That brought about some dissent from the older Cover lads, but in the end,  they finally realized 'dad' was only teasing them to set a good example for the twins.

'Dad Ken' broke Kyle's pill in half before he gave it to him at 9 PM to take before bed.  The man hoped that the small amount would help the lad get to sleep quicker, but not have him still so tired in the morning that he couldn't get him up.

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