New Years'

Happy 2019

Zarek A Dragon

It was New Year's Eve and I was at home alone in Southwestern Ohio. All my friends had left a few hours early to go to the west coast and be one of the last groups in the continental US to celebrate the new year. I couldn't afford to go. Even Jake went with them, which surprised me, I mean, he's my boyfriend.

I fixed an early dinner and turned on some movies. After the first one, I decided to pop some corn, and not that salty microwave stuff. No, I cooked mine on the stove and buttered it the way I like with no salt.

As I started the next movie, I enjoyed my corn, but felt the hole of being alone. Ice BucketOnce that movie was over, I broke out the sparkling grape juice I had chilling. I had to nurse it, if I wanted some at midnight, I only had one bottle.

I was tempted to just go to bed, after all, New Year's Day was just another day when you are all alone. I went to the bathroom, drained my bladder, washed my hands and face and then brushed my teeth. Here it was an hour before midnight and I really didn't see a point of staying awake all alone.

In the bedroom, I had just pulled the cover back and the doorbell rang. Who would be ringing my bell at this hour? I thought about ignoring it, but whoever was there started ringing more frequently.

I opened the door to a smiling face… "JAKE!!!" I shouted with delight, "I thought you left."

Jake looked down, "I did, but the whole flight, I felt miserable; you weren't with me. As soon as the plane landed, I got on a return flight because I want to celebrate the holiday with you. Who cares if we are first, last or somewhere in the middle; if I'm not with you, it means nothing."

"Yeah, I agree. I was getting ready to go to bed for that same reason."

"Did you drink all the grape juice?"

"No, I only had one glass, there's plenty for both of us if you want some."

Jake grinned, "I'll pour each of us a glass, and we can snuggle on the couch. Then when the clock strikes midnight, we can take a sip and then kiss in the new year."

"That sounds like a plan. I am so happy you returned."





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