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Chapter 87

Chapter 87

 My nightmare has arrived and as I looked at my two babies I silently apologized to them, today is needle day, six months old, and I’m about to ruin their peaceful day.

 It seemed the whole family was coming along to doctor Mike's surgery, John and Ray, Conner, Grant and even Adam turned up to support us, I think.

I bathed them and we dressed them in some mighty fine clothes, they looked so innocent and unaware of the drama to come. I think Con had got himself in a real state because he was thumping on the piano as we all sat and had our final coffee before we walked down the road.

 “It will be all right Brent, they won’t feel a thing according to Mike.” Grant tried to soothe my concerns.

“I know, he won’t deliberately hurt them Grant, but things happen. If I wasn't so rusty with giving needles I would have done it myself." I almost teared up. Conner came out and for the tenth time this morning, he hugged and kissed the boys. Teddy was at school, we didn't tell him what dramas lay ahead for his brothers, but when he gets home he will know somethings up.

 "How is business, Adam?" John asked.

“Good John as you well know, Di and I are flat chat at the moment.”

I love Adam, he’s such a cool laugh, he complains when he’s busy and complains when he’s not, there’s no halfway with him, but I suspect he thrives when he’s busy.

 “Has the temp for the plane started yet?” I asked.

“No, next week I think. Phil and Dave are still hoping I will stay with them, after all, I am the best flight attendant they have ever had." He smirked but didn't look at me.

“Second best Adam, never forget who trained you, second best," I smirked back.

“No, I got it right the first time, the best. That’s what they say anyway.”

"Conner, do we need a temp, I mean Adam seems to be coping well as it is, and he seems eager to stay put?”

“Leave me out of it, Brent, I have enough to worry about. I don’t care who is the best, but I will say the first one was easier to get into bed.” He grinned at me, Adam put his sour face on.

 “Why are you here Adam?” I asked him.

"To watch you faint, to support my nephews and to hand these out." He dug around in his backpack and bought out some envelopes.

They were his and Rob's wedding invitations.

 “Wow! about time, congratulations Adam.” Ray leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Can you take this one back and post it to us, like it’s supposed to done?” I said in my nicest voice.

“Brenten Walsh, if you don’t come to my wedding I won’t care. But Rob seems to have it in his brain he needs you for a best man, so I’m not going to argue.”

He rummaged around in his wallet and pulled out a book of dollar stamps.

“Here you cheapskate, here’s a book full, knock yourself out using them.”

I took the stamps and thanked him politely.

 "Okay, can we get this show on the road?" Grant smiled. I think Grant wants to go see his hunky doctor, and yes all jokes aside, I will be at Adam and Rob's wedding. It’s what to buy them that’s stumping me. I heard Adam say to John when we all got up from the table.

 “No one uses stamps anymore, he’s bloody lucky he never got an email.” Then I heard.

“He’s an ungrateful argumentative little bugger Adam, I will have to have a word to him.” I turned to John and laughed.

 We slowly walked down the road, it's not far from the surgery. Grant was already out in front he was eager to get there. We were taking our time because we didn’t want to witness the horror of needles being inflicted on our sons.

 The receptionist greeted us with a big smile, she talked to Grant for a few minutes, she knows him quite well from his luncheons with Mike in his office. I guessed that's not all they are doing in that room.

 Mike greeted us and started to attend to the boys, John was talking to me about the wedding and when I heard.

"That's it all done." I nearly fainted, I didn't realize Mike had even started.

My babies did get a little niggly, but it was only for a moment until I smiled at them, they thought it was a great experience, with no after-effects at all, at the moment.

 "That was quick," I said to Mike.

"Yes, best to get it out of the way before everyone realizes it's being done. Less parent stresses that way."

“Thank you.” Conner was almost posturing himself on the office floor. I looked for the puncher holes but didn't see any, my boy's perfect skin was still intact.

"Well, that was a non-event. I must away, got work to do at Di’s, we are putting a pool onto Mike's roof cavity.” Adam laughed as he swept out of the surgery to go do some shopping.

“He’s kidding, right?” Mike looked at me.

“Yes, Mike, he’s kidding.” I think.

 We finished up the paperwork then that was it, all done and dusted. Everyone except Grant went over to nans place for coffee and cake, I think he was waiting for his prostate results. Geoff was overexcited to see us all, and the barrage of well-wishers and autograph hunters cornered Conner, once more.

 We ordered, and I picked up Jack to make sure he wasn't traumatized, he smiled at me almost laughing so I kissed him then looked into his eyes. My cake arrived and I placed him back into the pram with his brother. They are so adorable, their eyes were watching me, probably hoping for some of the icings off my cake. I rubbed their dummies over the sweet treat, not too much just enough to give them a small sweet taste then popped them in their mouths, they will be teething soon.

 Nothing major has been started at the café, except a gaping hole had been opened to accommodate a staircase inside the property. I also noticed a poster with Brayden Dustyarid’s photo on them, he is appearing on Friday night.

 “Did you know Brae is appearing this Friday Con?”

“Yes, Brent, he’s trying out his new voice, do you want to come and watch him?”

"Yes, of course, Con, we have to support him, and I like his songs."

“Okay, then we will book a table.” He went over to the counter and book one for ten of us.

I don’t know whether Brae’s voice would be any better than the last time I heard it,  he’s only had the teacher for a few months. But she’s a good teacher, anything is possible.

 “Con, has Marty signed him up yet?”

“Yes, baby, he’s well and truly in Marty’s stable of entertainers.” He grinned at me.

“Does he have any clowns?”

“I don’t know about clowns Brent, why?”

“Because I want to send a singing one to Rob and Adams, accepting their invitation.”

“Can I do it?” His eyes lit up.

“Of course you can Con, write a little ditty of acceptance.” I laughed at his eager face.

“Wow! what a great idea.”

“Don’t forget to take your eldest son, he might do a small ditty dance.”

 “What are you up to Brent and Conner?” John leaned over and asked.

We told him, and he thought it was a great idea, we all should dress up as clowns and do it in the office, at Go Ship.

 I laughed as we prepared to go back home, I guess I have found the granddads funny bones, and they were comparing notes as to what to wear and do for the rest of the day.

We placed our now sleeping boys on the floor, then John got out a big sheet of paper and started making a list, it was turning into a big production and sounded more like the Von Trapp family Christmas special than a funny clown acceptance.

 It was doing my head in because they included me, there’s no way I will go into that office dressed as a clown, so I lay on the floor and watched my boys sleep, but still, now and then I heard my name being mentioned.

Costumes had to be ordered face paint bought and Conner had to write a ditty. I think I was making the coffees but I wasn’t too sure. My original idea was just Con and Teddy, it gives them a family fun thing to do, now Johns hijacked it.

 Grant called in, and we all asked him if he enjoyed his lunch.

“Yes thank you, it was delicious.” He smirked then licked his lips, I wanted to kiss them.

 At the park, everyone was included in the stage production, even Daryl. Fran said he loved good shit stir and they would be in it, we cant leave Teds mates out of all the fun.

Andy once again was staring at me, I think he wants to have a go at me for something.

 “So what’s up?”

“I’m losing my son.”


“I’m losing my son, to your son.”

“What the hell are you talking about Andy?”

“Six sleepovers, and not one invite for my beautiful son.”

“What are you talking about?” I give up.

“My son is depressed because he never gets an invitation to Ted’s and Brody’s sleepovers. I’m not happy about this Mr. Walsh.”

“He can come over anytime Andy, I thought you would miss him, otherwise I would have included both Shaun and Bubby.”

“Well, if his heartbreaking sobs disturb my sleep I may rethink that situation.”

“They are having a sleepover this Saturday night, we would be so happy to have the boys there.”

“Good, what time will we drop them off?”

“Around one I suppose, what’s this all about?” I have some suspicions.

Andy turned to John and said.

“Can we and Fran and Daryl borrow the beach house this weekend?”

“Ring Jenny.” He answered.

“We did, and it’s vacant.” He grinned at me.

 As if that wasn’t enough Shawn and Bubby walked over and Bubby who is the spokesperson for the now awesome foursome said.

“Well, do we go, or not?”

"You go, son." Fran smiled at him He ran off to tell Teddy they were coming, Ted’s fists crunched up then they started doing push up's and making plans.

"Of course we will drop them early Brent, around nine am okay with you?" Andy smiled.

 “Run Mr. Conner’s?” Con got up and adjusted himself then grabbed my arm.

“Come on, it’s been a big day for you.”

I stared at Andy and was about to say something smart when Conner slapped my ass and pulled me away.

 “Con, it’s getting out of hand.”

“What is baby?”

“The clown thing, I wanted just you and Ted to do it.”

“I know, and so do John and Ray, they were just having a go Brent they won’t tag along, I’m sure of it.”

"Well I hope not, let them think up their ideas."

“Are they new shorts Baby?”

“Yes lycra, so easy to stretch on the skin." I bought them for this situation mainly.

He pulled me into the bushes and checked they were body-hugging.

 When we arrived back, the boys were having a meeting, again, there was a big piece of paper on the table and they were making a list. Things for Shaun to bring, things for Bubby to bring over to our place, things like that. I glared at Andy, he looked at his nails and whispered at me.

 “Sobbing, he will sob during the night, Brent. I will leave you with that dreadful thought.”

I didn’t want Shaun to miss out on the sleepover, so I shut my mouth and started eating one of John's delicious egg and lettuce sandwiches.

 The meeting was over for another day, and I think we will be getting a ‘You Haul’ truck over to bring the kid's stuff to our house. I will talk to Ted tonight, he's got plenty of toys for them to play with.

 Brody is coming over Saturday night, he’s going to see Mary with his dad in the afternoon, then Mike and Grant are going out for dinner. When John heard that he nearly went into a spin, and insisted they stay at ours for dinner. In the meantime he will continue to give Grant, cooking lessons, he can’t have Brody eating take away all the time. Teddy has already taught Brody how to make almond cookies, he’s a good chef that boy of mine, maybe he will become a chef, not a fireman.

 I thought I wouldn’t get out of it that easy the night of the doctor's visit, the twins became very restless, so we put them into our bed for the night. Plenty of pillows and a load of goodnight kissing they finally calmed down and went to sleep. There was nothing I could do about it, their arms may have been aching, or they were excited about the sleepover, who knows. I only know I slept with one eye open, again, and was pretty much exhausted by the morning.

 I didn’t get up when Conner did, he organized Ted and the coffee this time. I lay in bed watching the boys. Finally, I had to get up Jack became wet again, and Curtis was wanting a drink. I dragged myself downstairs with them and started changing wiping and blowing bubbles on their tummy's. I had kissed my big boy on the head, his toast looked delicious, and I had noticed we had peanut butter today.

 Conner was sitting at the table making a shopping list, I told him we may as well get a make-up artist in to do their faces, he said he didn’t want a stranger in the house. I accepted that and looked at his list while the boys drank their milk.

 "We can hire the costumes I know there's a place on Nepean highway we can go," I said.

“Good, can you get one for me and one for Ted, I won’t go there.” He’s avoiding his fans I think.

“Sure Con, I thought you might say that, leave it to daddy.” I smiled, he went the grope.

 John came in and started getting some breakfast ready, he looked over at us and said.

“You two look like you need more sleep.”

“The kids were a little restless last night, so they slept with us," I replied.

“Okay, maybe get some sleep when they go off Brent, now, baked beans, sausages tomato eggs, is that okay with you?”

"Yes thank you, John." I loved baked beans.

 Di rang and she and Adam were doing the last apartment today, she wanted to know if we wanted to have a look. I told her we would go tomorrow we were a little tired today. She understood completely and told us it won't be the last sleepless night. I will look forward to the next one, I'm sure.

 “How are the flats going Ray?”

“What do you mean Brent?”

“Have any been leased yet?”

“We haven’t started to advertise them." He added.

 “The first two floors we are keeping for special clients who fly with us and need overnight accommodation. So they will be leased to the aviation side of the company.” I didn’t ask what that was; if it ever existed.

 “That’s a good idea.”

“Well we can charge customers a special fly stay rate, it should work out well, we will advertise any of Conner’s concerts including entry tickets and flights. People will pay handsomely for that experience.” He smiled.

“And the rest?”

“Well, the next five floors will be leased and the upper two floors will be owned privately.”

“Okay, so we have the top floor, who has the two big apartments below us?” He started doing something with the oven and pretended not to hear me.

“For god’s sake just tell me.” He popped his head up over the counter and said.

 "They will be kept vacant for the time being, until the new owners decide what they want to do with them. But I'm sure they will haul in big rent for their portfolios."

“So did my sons get one each then?”


“I’m not stupid Johnny, I have a brain you know.”

"Yes, they get one each and the top floor is in Teddy's name."

“Good, that’s the way I would have played it too.” I mused.

"Well, the rent on those puppies is going to be huge for the boys."

“Good, we need to go look at them sometime tomorrow, I think, today's out of the question. John, when the babies settle down I’m going to get some more sleep.”

"Me too," Conner said.

“Umm, don't forget to actually sleep you two,” John mumbled.

 Off to school, Teddy went with the granddads, big hugs and kisses were passed on to us as he walked out the door.

I looked at Conner who had dropped his jeans and was sitting on the sofa.

“Relaxing Conner?”

“Yes Brent, I was hoping to entice you over here for some deep throating.” He didn’t have to ask me twice, he has that knack of making me do those sort of sexy things to him at random.

 We took the babies upstairs and placed them in their cots, then we went and laid on the bed. Sleep wasn’t far off, then three hours later we heard them whining for more attention. I got up and left Conner to sleep, taking the bub’s downstairs I then warmed more bottles up and laid on the floor with them while they drank, John was nowhere in sight.

 He finally walked in about an hour into the feeds.

“Sorry Brent, we got held up at the bank.”

“Okay, is Ted all good?”

“Yes son, he ran off to find his mates. I was lucky today, I had told him he wasn’t to get out of the car until I got a hug and a kiss. It was a quick one because he's got plans to make before school." He laughed.

 He took Curtis and burped him, then he needed changing, so he completely stripped him on the floor and played with him, it was when he had another wee and it shot up into John's face he hurried up replacing the nappy quick smart.

 Everything was running smoothly in our house and lives, and the next day we both felt a little better. The boys slept through the night and Con didn't last long with the lovemaking. I sat feeding the boys their morning drinks and contemplated where I was going to sleep four excitable footy players on the weekend.

 Teddy came down the stairs and the TV went on even before he sat down. I kissed his head and said.

“Good morning son, did you sleep well?”

“Can I have my toast now daddy?” At least I got an answer this morning.

“Coming up sire.” He giggled.

I put the toast in and got his special plate out. I then poured a nice glass of milk and put it on the coffee table in front of him.

 Conner arrived and he was looking very excited, more than usual. He pulled me off my chair and held me as he kissed me deeply, getting in an ass grope at the same time.

“You look wide awake this morning, is something up?”

“No, just feeling better after that long sleep, have the boys been fed?”

“Yes, they are waiting for your cuddles. We need to talk about the sleepover too.”

“Okay, I was just thinking about that before. Ted’s bed will hold four if we pull out the trundle, it’s the babies that might be disturbed.”

“Yes, so I thought we might put them in with us for the night, their cots will wheel in.” He started kissing me again.

 John came in to start his day, he made us both coffees and sat for a minute.
"What can we do Saturday night to minimize the noise for the babies John?"

"We will take them off your hand's son, problem solved.”

“But you need your sleep too.” I was losing my babies, now I know how Andy feels.

 “Rubbish, they are our grandsons, we love them and they will sleep better with us.”

 I sort of agreed but didn't want them to take over our duties as parents so early. But when I thought deeply about it, who better to babysit our kids than their gorgeous grandfathers.

 "Thank you, John, that's a load off my mind."

“That’s okay Brent, and you can visit or sleep in our spare room if you get lonely.” He grinned.

"Well, I guess we have to start sometime Brent." Conner smiled, but it wasn't genuine.

 “More toast grandson?” John got up.

“Yes please granddad, can I have some peanuts please?” I stared at John but let it go, I guess he’s the good granddad, and Ted has a lot of respect for him. I’m just the chief clothes washer. I hoped that someday soon our other boys will have that same special bond with John and Ray.

 “What’s on today sons?”

“We are going to look over the apartments, I should have gone yesterday with Di, but we were tired, and I want to see the finished ones below ours.”

“Good, can we tag along?”

"Of course you can, I bag driving," I said very quickly, Conner moaned and said."I will get one of my own then.” He dropped his lip.

"It won't work on me Con, my car, I drive."

He got up and went to sit with Teddy, I heard soft giggles.

 John started breakfast, I think we are having pancakes today, I like pancakes too.

 We ate our delicious meals then readied the twins for the day. I loaded up their traveling bag and we told John and Ray we will meet them at the apartment block around nine. They will drop Ted off as usual and Con and I want to go have a look at our apartment before anyone is around.

 We caught the lift up and started taking in the views, Conner was on his knees in no time and I was hanging out for some loving. The phone rang and John said they were on their way up. We had finished our secret sex romp and I pulled my shorts up while Conner rinsed his mouth out. When they came in they went straight for the boys. I asked if Ted was okay, they said he was fine and was playing handball when they left. After a few cuddles they looked around the apartment once more, it looked different all styled and void of toys and people lounging about, real classy. I have to hand it to Di and Adam they have done a fabulous job.

 The lift took us to the lower floor. I was blown away because there was not only a large foyer there were big bi-folds instead of doors to access the flats. Ray said that way if the boys are having a party they can open the two flats into one. He held two remotes that will control the doors. A big chandelier and two large bedrooms in each, one with city views, one with mountain views. They were the perfect places for my little ones to crash if they are stuck in the city, or to bring their girlfriends back for some privacy. I felt old and stared out the window for ages at the city skyline.

 “What’s up, baby?" Conner was behind me and as his big guns went around my chest he kissed my neck.

“Just thinking that the boys will have a good time in these apartments when they have to use them. I wonder what their girlfriends will be like, will they be treated well by them, or will they have chaos in their lives."

“Umm good question, but you forgot something else.”

“What Con?”

“They might have boyfriends." He giggled. I was happy with that too, either way, my three boys are going to be awesome like their father. I smiled again and kissed Conner deeply. The rest of the smaller apartments were wonderful, each had their special personality and I could see Di and Adams signatures all over them, the tenants will love these units.

 We drove home or should I say Conner did, he kept smiling at me I just shrugged. After putting the kids to bed, we sat on the spare bed and watched them. I don’t know what was going through Cons head, but mine was full of love and protection for these two wonderful little souls.

 Ray came up and popped his head in to check we were okay, then he went to do some work. We dozed for an hour or two then it was time to go to the park.

 He jumped up into my arms and I kissed his cheek.

“Did you have a good day today son?”

“Yes, daddy we had a policeman in to talk to us. Daddy can I be a policeman?”

“Of course you can son, I will get your father onto it.” I laughed as we walked over to our picnic table.

 John was fixing the snacks and Andy and Fran were deep in conversation. The next item on my, to-do list is to talk about the sleepover Saturday night.

“You look after my son won’t you Brent, he might get a little homesick, if he does just ring me.” Andy was laying out his plans.

"Andy and Fran, they will be as safe as houses, there's the four of us to look after them, nothing's going to go wrong. I will get the boys to ring you both around seven okay?"

Andy stared at me, I knew he was feeling it, but he doesn't want to show his pain in front of everyone.

“He will be okay, trust us please.” I genuinely said.

He finally nodded, and I think accepted that his son was someone to be shared around, after all, he is one-fourth of the awesome foursome.

 Conner has finished his Disney job, and has just sent the last of his music to the sound department, they will chop and change it to suit the movie. The four boys were out in the back yard playing with Benny. Di got wind of it and decided to invite herself to lunch, Andy and Sam have scooted off with Daryl and Fran to the beach house for their dirty weekend.

 My floor was filled with beautiful babies, and little Hope was being a good mother by playing with them all. Brody was walking around with a big smile on his face.

 Secretly, Grant and Ray had gone to the local camping store and bought some sleeping bags, and when Ted was in school Friday we had set up the upstairs sunroom for their big night. I placed his movies by the big TV and filled the small fridge with snacks then closed the door so he wouldn't see it all. Teddy had been asking where everyone was going to sleep, I told him dad had it all organized, he gave me a funny look.

 Grant and Mike had dropped Brody off early, I think he had an appointment with Mary, and then they were going home to have an afternoon nap. I caught up with Broads later on in the day, he was sitting outside on his own.

 "Getting tired Broads?" I sat down with him.

“No, uncle Brent, just looking at all my new friends and can’t believe I have so many.” "They all like you a lot Broads, there's no need to be unbelieving, we also like you.” He looked up at me and I saw his eyes glisten a little. He’s doing great guns with Mary, and with Grants help they both are turning Mike into a real proper daddy. Grant has the experience, seeing he’s been around Teddy for so long, and when Mike dropped Brody off he had a nice manly gait going and an endless smile on his handsome face.

 It took an hour for Andy and Sam to say goodbye to Shaun, I think he was getting embarrassed because they were both hugging him and he had a face full of daddies kisses.

Di and I discussed her business for a while, and the amazing job she and Adam had done. I have to get into Conner's ear about a special gift for her, Adam will get one on his wedding day. She had to leave, the kids were getting antsy, so I walked her to the door and gave her a special hug.

 “Okay Teddy, dad and I have a surprise for you, come with me.” He took Conner's hand and we walked up the stairs. Opening the sunroom door the boys wowed and jumped up and down then claimed a sleeping bag each.

“You all get to go camping tonight, so if there’s anything you need from your room go get it now.” Teddy ran off to collect all the things he thought they would need, Bubby checked the fridge out. John came up with camping food, hot dogs, sausage rolls and mini spring rolls.

“Sing out if you need any more.” He yelled over the boys screaming.

 We went back downstairs and then there was just us. I immediately headed for the babies who had decided they wanted to crawl up the stairs, maybe to join in on the party.

 “Not this time little ones, you stay in with granddaddy tonight.” Curtis wasn’t too happy about that and let us know full force, by crying. His head hit the floor and he stayed there until Con picked him up and distracted him with a song. He was tired, it had been a big day for them, but they will sleep with Ray and John tonight, less noisy and we kind of liked them being around, especially for the kids.

 The sleepover was a big success, I did get up during the night and I opened the upstairs sunroom door to make sure the kids were still asleep, they were all bundled in together I guess they couldn't decide who to sleep next too. Conner had read them a camping story and I think it got the better of them because they didn't watch a movie although the TV was still on, so I turned it off.

 Back into bed with my now awake bed partner, he wanted to look at me and I wanted to stare into his big blue eyes, Conner had dragged himself over to my side of the bed so he could cuddle me more, then we went back to sleep.

The next thing I heard was the kids bumping around, they all must be awake and full of beans again, and getting ready to start yet another day.

 Conner came in with Curtis in his arms, he immediately fell sideways and held his hands out for me. He plopped him on the bed then kissed me.

"He's all dry and clean, John's doing Jack now, your coffees ready and waiting “

"Why are you up?" I knew the answer but played the game.

“I thought I heard the boys call me. So I went downstairs to check, John was up so I went to get them. They were excited to see me Brenty, and I can see you are too.” I had been scratching my balls under the covers, I think he’s got the wrong idea. But maybe not, I did have a half hard-on.

“How are the others?”

"They were Playing with Ted's video games, do you want your coffee or a good….?" He didn't finish because my hand went around his neck and I pulled him in for a real good morning kiss.

 I followed him downstairs and kissed my other baby.

"Were they any trouble John?"

“Not at all son, they slept soundly through the night, Curtis did whine earlier on but as you can see, all is good again. Their bottles are ready, do you want to feed them?"
“Yes, thank you.” Conner took one I took the other.

 By the time we finished, one baby was trying to escape and the other was about to follow.

“We had better get Grants men onto installing the stair gates Con, it won’t be long before they are both crawling up them.”

“Did we buy any?”

“Yes, they are in the spare room, sorry Con, no shopping today.” I put a sad face on.

Around noon the doorbell rang, it was Andy and his crew. The boys were checked out for any damage and hugs were passed around as well as thank youse.

 “How did they go?” Sam asked.

 “They got a camping story and were too tired to stay up late, so the last time I checked they were all sound asleep by nine-thirty. No bumps in the night because I had checked them out around midnight, don’t stress they had an awesome night.” I smiled at Andy and Fran, John had been cooking a light lunch while I got the visitors their coffee. The boys went and played in the back yard, I think they were pretending to be policemen.

After everyone settled in Teddy appeared and after checking when lunch will be ready, he leaned into me and said.

 “It sure is hard work camping out daddy.”

“Well when the boys go home you can have a nap, you look very tired son.”

“I am daddy.”

 Bubby noticed Ray coming in so he headed for the computer to check his investments.

Shaun and Brody were like Ted, they needed more sleep too so he headed for the sofa and sat with Benny and Ted while their snacks cooked away on the stove.

 “It looks like they are all going home to sleep today.”

"It sure does." I mused that will give me more time with Conner and to get some rest of my own also.