The Centurion Cycle Book Five ~ Of Shadow and Fire

Chapter Sixteen: Bedding

Going back to the main deck Jason found Louis playing with Jacob. "You two seem to be getting along."

"He's the strangest wolf I've ever seen but he seems to like me," Louis laughed as Jacob licked his face.

"Really," Jason said, scratching Jacob behind his ears. Lower his forelegs Jacob raised his tail, wagging it playfully.

"His coat is also incredibly soft as if he's still a puppy."

"Sometimes I think Jacob wants to remain a puppy all his life," Jason chuckled.

"It's strange but sometimes I think he can read my mind."

"He's the same way with me," Jason said as Jacob ran off down the deck. Realizing what he was about to do Jason and Louis both jumped up after him but not before Jacob pushed Geoff over the railing and into the river.

"Damn that wolf of yours," Geoff shouted as he jumped out of the river and into the sky, his wings flapping madly.

"Sorry," Jason shouted back before looking back at Louis. "You knew that was going to happen, didn't you."

"I guess I did. It's strange but I would swear your wolf talks to me. I thought he asked me if I like Geoff and I said I found him a little stiff. When Jacob then ran down the ship to the captain I knew Jacob was up to no good."

"So he talks to you as well. Other than me you're the only other person he does that with." Jason said his brow furrowing.

"Is there something wrong with that?"

"No," Jason said giving Jacob a hard look. He then leaned down and whispered something into the wolf's ear. Jacob then jumped off the ship and paddled his way to shore.

"Shouldn't we stop him?" Louis asked.

"No, I sent him off to look for something, that's all," Jason replied. He was not about to explain what to Louis, not until he knew more. Deciding to change the subject Jason gave Louis a frown. "I talked with your sister earlier today."


"And she's agreed to forgive me... once I've met certain conditions, that is."

"What are they?" Louis asked.

"She wants me to approach you from the rear," Jason whispered.

"What?" Louis half shouted.

"I believe she thinks the experience will get you to stop infatuating with me."

"It won't," Louis replied determinedly. "The more time I spend with Julian..."

"The more you love me?"

"No, the more I can't stand him," Louis laughed. "I mean you're perfect but not that perfect."

"What do you mean by that?"

"It means I think I love you," Louis said in a calm voice that surprised Jason. It had none of the tones of desperation he had before.


"And since you said you will have more than one consort, I thought why can't one of those other consorts not be me? At least I would like to court you."

"Since I outrank you, shouldn't I be the one doing the courting?" Jason chuckled.

"I wouldn't mind that at all," Louis winked.

"I wish I could figure you out," Jason sighed.

"Am I really that complex?"

"More than I think either of us knows," Jason replied, leading Louis toward his cabin. Inside he found Amanda already waiting for them, sitting in a chair, her feet propped up on Jason's desk.

"This better hurt," She said shaking a finger at Jason.

"Why should it hurt?" Jason replied.

"Because it sure hurt me," Amanda said.

"Don't worry I'll be gentle," Jason whispered to Louis.

"To be honest I don't care at this point." Louis grinned as he started taking off his yellow and black military uniform. Once naked he flopped himself down in the middle of the bed, his long gangly legs almost stretching out over the foot of the bed where Jason stood.

Looking at Louis with a gentle expression Jason undid the belt to his blue robe, letting it all fall off his muscular shoulders until he was naked, both Amanda and Louis letting in sharp breaths.

"We should have never made love in the dark," Amanda whispered.

"That might have avoided a few mistakes." Louis grinned evilly as he squirmed with eagerness. As Jason climbed up the bed towards him every touch the Angel made to his skin electrified him. When Jason was finally on top of him it took all the courage he had to wrap his arms around Jason's board back pressing the man tightly against his body.

"What secret are you keeping from me Louis," Jason whispered between kisses not understand the sense of familiarity he was experiencing.

"I..." Louis began but quickly silenced himself.

"It is alright Louis, I think I know," Jason said comfortingly as he began kissing his way down Louis' body.

With his legs over Jason's shoulders, he let out a gasp at the moment of penetration. Slowly as Jason continued to make love to him he felt his body relax a sense of giddiness taking over until he was laughing hysterically.

"Stop it," Amanda shouted, disturbed by the silly grin on her brother's face.

"Shall we?" Jason asked.

"No," Louis replied wrapping his arms around the back of Jason's neck to pull him down into a deep kiss as Jason wrapped his wings around them to block Amanda's view. When Jason's wings finally pulled back Louis was nestled in Jason's arms, nuzzled up against the man's chest.

"Was it what you expected?" Jason whispered.

"No," Louis said without moving his lips. "I feel, I feel whole now."

"So, you can talk with your mind," Jason replied with his own thoughts.

"Yes, but only with my family and never as easy as I now can with you," Louis sent back.

"I see," Jason said sending out his own thoughts to locate Jacob. Finding him with his mission accomplished Jason sat up. "Come, there is someone I would like you to meet."

"You're leaving..." Amanda said surprised and disappointed. It was supposed to be her turn after all.

"I will be back before dawn," Jason replied as he picked up his robe.

"You're leaving the ship?" Amanda said even more surprised.

"I have wings. I can always fly back," Jason said confidently.

"But why are you taking Louis with you."

"There are questions I need answered. I think Louis should hear these answers as well."

"What questions?" Amanda asked, now curious.

"Only Louis can answer that," Jason said staring at the man as he hurried to dress.

"I don't know what you mean," Louis replied as he pulled his pants up.

"You might not at that. You might not know how much I know or for that matter, you might not believe what you know to be the truth."

"Now I am confused," Louis replied.

"Come with me then so we might both find the answers we seek," Jason replied. Leading Louis to the ship he wrapped his arms tightly around the thin man before spreading out his wings and flying north away from the river. "Don't follow me," he sent to his Saints as he left with Louis.

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