Pirate Dan: Part One ~ Skye

Chapter 34

At 18:00 hours the TV news linked with Skye’s Los Angeles home and you could see Moira and Skye sitting on leather chairs in a wood lined library. “I am here today at the request of Skye McElory, or as we now know him Skye D’Alzony as he has a message, he would like to share with what has become known as Skye’s Children. Speaking personally as one of the children I feel that I need to hear what this remarkable young man has to say. Over to you Skye.”

“Thank you, Moira. First of all, I want to wish you all a happy Christmas and I trust it is one of many that you have had and will have. This is the first Christmas that I have ever celebrated. You know, I finally understand what it means to have a family around you. For years I was touted to the entertainment business and the modelling world to sell myself for the people that called themselves parents… I never knew any better; when I wasn’t working, I was locked in a room and left alone. I trust your lives have been better than that.

“For my Christmas present I was given this envelope. In it was my file that the hospital kept on me from when I was born and then subsequent visits where the doctor covered up the beatings that they were giving me. My first surprise came when I found out that I am 18 not 15 like my supposed mother had told me for years. Happy Christmas indeed!

“In the file Skye Rexford T McElory born 11:59 on the 24th December. John T McElory my twin was born fifteen minutes later. He was weak and then suddenly he was listed as ‘Suffocated’. They only wanted one baby, so they murdered the weakest one.

“I want you to know that you are not alone, anymore. Ask your wonderful parents why? Why did they do it? Did they know what these people did? How much did they pay for you? Many I dare say are looking around and seeing brothers and sisters that your parents went on to have… WHY? I want you all to know that you are not alone and the Bluebird Foundation will do all it can to be there for you. Happy Christmas… I pray it will be a better New Year for all of us.”

The camera scanned back to Moira who was openly in tears. “Lenny sweetheart it’s back to you at the studio.”

“And that’s a cut! Well done boss,” said the crew.

Skye looked at Moira, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, boss I’m worried about Lenny. His wonderful parents have thrown him out. I mean it’s stupid, they paid all of that money and because he’s gay they turn their backs on him.”

“If there is anything I can do to help, let me know and we’ll try to be there for him.” Skye stated.

She looked at him, “Thank you. I don’t know if you know what it means to know there’s someone else out there… Someone who knows exactly what we’ve been through. Thank you Skye, for believing in us!”

It was over. Skye turned out to be one of the lucky ones. It turned out that there was a split in the children. Many had no idea they were in families that paid for them. Interestingly the donations to the Trenshaw & Patterson Foundations on an annual basis increased substantially and amazingly they all wanted to remain anonymous. It was possible these kids had led perfectly good lives.

The problem was these people never vetted what the buyers wanted the children for, and as many as ended up in good loving homes, double that ended up as sex slaves being used and sold to the highest bidder. Working for their “PARENTS” or being beaten to death for not working and pleasing the next customer.

* * * * * * * * * *

Fynn was one of the children that saw the message that Christmas day. He knew he was different as his parents never had anything to do with him. He was nine and today had been a particularly brutal day. The men had used him over and over; he had also been, so badly beaten and whipped by these men that the pain seemed to all blend into one.

He was used and regularly sold to men, so that his “Parents” could get money to supply their habits. His so-called father took great delight in joining in most nights. Today on Christmas day he was ready to kill himself if they tried to use him again as a rabid wolf would have been gentler than these so-called men.

The men he was with on this certain Christmas day were drunk and once they passed out because of all of the sex and booze he had been watching TV. Watching it, knowing that when they woke, they would use him all over again. Only this time since they were, so drunk it would be far worse than it had been so far. He was petrified as he had to survive until his parents arrived at 22:00 hours to collect him.

Then hope entered his life as he watched Coyote Hawkes from Soaring High speak on the TV that evening. It had been his escape. He watched Skye his hero sing and conquer everything and it made him believe that he could forge through the pain that these bastards were putting him through. Once they’d all passed out and he saw the message on TV, hope was born.

There was his hero and he was giving out a phone number to call if you needed help. He just had to take a chance… He had to call Skye for help.

“I have to use the loo; my tummy feels bad.” No response.

He stood having palmed a phone he had seen on the floor with a bunch of clothes and wandered out to the toilet and locked the door. It was like a million years waiting for the phone to ring. “ZMTV, Skye’s Christmas message helpdesk. How can we help?”

Whispering he said, “I’m Fynn Durant, nine years old, sold for the day. I’m in pain. I need help … 1202 Happy Valley Climb. They’re drunk, but they’ll… Oh god please help me, or I’m going to die today. Ma and pa bought me, so they can sell me to earn money for their drugs. I know how Skye felt, but he was lucky… he was acting! Since forever, men have been… Help me. Please god help me!”

“You’re at that address now?”

“Yes, if I was home then I’d be locked in the basement. No one knows I even exist.”

“Hold tight, we’re sending help. I promise this ends today. The Bluebirds are activated coming for you!”

Lenny had been listening to the call and called Moira to ask to speak to Skye. “Skye, we need your help in getting the police or someone to help a boy. He’s nine and in a hell of a situation at the moment. It sounds like they have, oh fuck they’ve hurt him Skye! They’ve hurt the little one real bad.” Lenny was sobbing now, “Skye he sounds hurt, this sounds like a matter of life or death mate.”

Skye looked shocked, “I’m putting you on speaker Lenny. Tell me what happened…” He put his fingers in his mouth and gave a shrill whistle. “Everyone Bluebirds ACTIVATE!” The whole room stopped and looked at Skye and then at the phone as Lenny spoke. As soon as Charles heard the details, he was on the phone pulling more favors than he knew just to get the police out to the address. “I’m heading over there with the Angels. We’re meeting the police.”

Ronny looked at Skye, “You’re taking Skye and me! Mamma get a room ready and some food warming we’re bringing that boy home for some family loving. Romeo would do no less.”

She smiled and looked at the butler, “Miles can you and Mark and Mary get this end ready? I’m heading with my boys he’ll need a Nanna to look after him.”

Mary smiled, “Go, I’ll take care of this end, just bring that boy home safe! You maybe his Nanna but I’m his Nonna, so bring his home.”

Francine smiled, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to step on your feet.”

“You didn’t, we work together here. Now go!”

Francine smiled and nodded, “Yekel you come with us, he may need an attorney.” She picked up her purse and handed him a dollar, “You now represent Fynn.”

James looked at them, “Go we’ll get his rooms ready. Opening the presents can wait.”

As they sped across the town Skye was desperate to get to the boy, he felt that they really had a link that connected them and he couldn’t explain it. Reaching the house, the police were already arresting men that looked influential even though they were naked and covered in blood. As he got out of the car, he heard one police man state, “Yes Mr. Bigshot Lawyer, sue us and we’ll show the picture of you with your cock in the boy’s mouth!”

Skye looked around and not seeing anyone he raced into the house, but Ronny caught him and he pulled him to his chest to stop him from running. “Skye hold on we have to wait for the all clear!”

“No! Fynn needs us me now! It’s as if I can… Please Ronny, he needs me!” he cried.

The police watching and nodded, Skye and Ronny raced into the house. As he ran through the hallway, he saw the rental sign that showed it was one of his houses. Without thinking he called out to Yekel who was following them, “Yekel we need SCM to run a full review of properties. This is one of ours! I will not be part of helping fiends like this.”

As they walked to the living room, they heard the EMT, “It’s as if he doesn’t want to live. We can’t get a response and if he won’t let us examine him to find out where the bleeding’s coming from…  what can we do?”

“Fynn!” Skye knelt next to the boy and scooped him into his arms and on to his lap. “Fynn, you hang in there little one. This is Skye and I ain’t letting you go. Now that you’re with me, you’re stuck with me god damn it. Don’t you give up on me.”

The boy’s eyes fluttered open, “Skye? You came! I love Coyote Hawkes, today he helped me get through the bad… things. Watching him made what they were doing bearable. Skye, it hurts real bad. My tummy and my… Oh god, it hurts…”

“Let the men …”


Seeing the blood on Skye’s hands Ronny was desperate, “Is there a woman fucking well trained that can look at him?”

A second team were waiting and she ran forward as Charles went looking. “Hi little one. I’m Kathy same as some of the queens of England, but I’m the pretty one! Will you let me look at you?” Fynn was laughing at her as Skye held him tight, he nodded. She examined him and as she touched his tummy he screamed. “Can you let me look at your behind little one?”

He clung to Skye even tighter. “I’ll tell you what, you lean on his shoulder and Coyote there sing to you as I see what’s happening. Okay?”

As Fynn leaned on Skye’s shoulder he put his thumb in his mouth and sucked his thumb as he cried. Without batting an eyelid Skye sang, ‘Wooden Heart’ by Elvis. When he sang ‘Can’t you see I love you’ Fynn just clung to him and said, “Oh Coyote I love you.” Skye looked up and Charles and everyone watched as tears rolled down his face as he sang. As far as he was concerned, this was a command performance and he sang as if his life depended on it.

Kathy smiled, “We need to get to hospital like yesterday Skye, the quicker we’re there the better it will be for Fynn. He desperately needs attention.” She packed him so it stemmed the blood and then tried to get him on to a stretcher, but he wouldn’t let Skye go. Charles and Ronny helped Skye stand as he held onto Fynn. “Right little one I’m your stretcher so let’s get you on the move. You just hold on to the thought that I love you baby and I always will.”

Standing Kathy checked him over, “Come on baby boy let’s get you to the hospital.”

“Skye stay with me…” His lip was trembling, “I’m scared.”

Kathy smiled, “Shush now, no crying. You’ve got Skye and he ain’t going nowhere baby boy.”

 “Promise? Don’t leave me Coyote, please don’t leave me…”

“Just let them try take you away from me and all hell will erupt if they do!” Skye said in his ear.

“Sir we have to get him to hospital!” Pleaded Kathy.

“I’m coming, Ronny get the family on to this. I want the best female doctor there is and I want her waiting for us. I don’t care how much it costs the foundation; you know that I’m good for it.”

Ronny nodded, “Where are you taking him?”

Kathy smiled, “The best, for something like this …” She gave them the details and tried to get away.

Skye turned to Ronny, “Whatever it takes, he gets the best!”

The police captain looked at Ronny, “If you know someone that’s good, get him there as the little one will need everything you can give him. I’d shoot the bastards that did this if it was up to me!”

Ronny nodded and smiled at Fynn, “Go with him Skye, we’ll follow.”

Charlie shook his head. “Not on your own… I’m coming! You need a PA and security! I’m already on the Bluebird payroll, transfer me to be your PA, I’m coming to work for the boy I grew to love like the son I never had. Think I could make a decent PA for you?”

Skye was smiling. “Please, I need you Uncle Charlie.”

Fynn looked at him and smiled, “Unca Char-ree you stay with me?”

“Unca Char-ree ain’t going nowhere.” Fynn held his hand out to him and gripped it like there was no tomorrow.

“Now you mention it, yes I do need a PA; just don’t be like the rest as they never last.” Skye smiled.

Charlie laughed, “Good because I picked up your mobile as we left. Ella rang wanting to say how good the show was. I told her what’s happening. She’s on her way to the hospital to support you and calling in favors along the way, so he gets a Christmas.”

“You, Yekel and Mama Francine need to be at the hospital. Fynn needs a mother figure as he is scared of men at the moment. He’ll definitely need an attorney as I want to adopt him. I know that I am over eighteen. I want to look after Romeo Fynn McElory D’Alzony.”

At that moment two people walked in, “We’re here to pick the boy up. Hope you enjoyed him for the money you paid.”

The police looked at them, “Hope the money was worth it because you’re under arrest for child prostitution, abandonment of a minor, abuse…”

“The bastard’s a queer he deserves it!”

“Excellent add to the list, hate crimes against a minor, the illegal purchasing of a baby and others we’ll think of when making out the paperwork!”

“The boy’s ours we bought him three years ago, paid bloody good money… Oh fuck!” The parents were arrested and taken away never to be seen by Fynn again.

“Ronny talk to the family for me. ‘Tell them they need to visit these people when they’re locked away. I don’t want to know what happens, but you know what I mean.”

“You’ve got it.”

Charlie smiled as he looked at Skye, “You’ll make a good Don, little one. You really need me though.”

An Ambulance man looked at them, “Well climb on board then, we need to get going!”

“Charles that’s one of my houses. Who is renting it? I want them investigating. Find out who they are. Were they the ones arrested? If not then, where are they? Are they doing this in other rental properties, as subletting is against tenancy rules? I want their bollocks.”

* * * * * * * * * *

The ambulance pulled away and following them was a limo and a police car to provide the clearance they would need along the way, following them was a car full of Bluebird Security guards.

As they pulled into the hospital there were two doctors and several nurses waiting for them. Stood with them was Ella and Gemma. Opening the back of the ambulance Charles and Skye stepped out just as Fynn’s little body started to fit and have a convulsion. Kathy acted quickly and placed him on the waiting stretcher.

Skye was in shock, so Charles asked “What’s happening?”

“His little body’s gone into shock; it isn’t coping with the blood loss.” She looked around “Who’s here for McElory?” Everyone stepped forward. “Excellent! Rachel, Fynn here has been seriously abused and is injured internally and rectally. He screams in pain when his lower abdomen is touched and his rear is bleeding and lacerated, but he doesn’t appear to have been raped. I think they used him as a punch bag and I thought I could see splinters back there!”

She looked concerned, “Samuel are we together on this?”

“Francine called me in on behalf of the family. I’m the rape expert, but you have the expertise where the internal injuries are concerned in someone this young. Who called you?”

“Let’s say a certain director worked with my son on a documentary about his illness and he called in a favor. This little one needs our help and any way I’m Yekel’s sister, so I know he works for Skye.”

He smiled, “We’ll work together then, my husband is also set to work with him once he has the all clear.”

“Okay, straight into theatre.”

A nurse stepped forward who was dressed in theatre scrubs, “Theatre 2 with my nursing team. Aunt Francine you know the family will do all it can for the Dons son… Skye I promise three family members are in there with Fynn. We’ll watch over him, plus the guards at the operating theatre door are Bluebirds.”

“Keep me updated. He’s come to mean a lot to all of us.” Yekel stated. She nodded and they raced away. 

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