The Centurion Cycle Book Six ~ Sins of the Demon

Chapter Twenty-Three: Friendly Advice

"Whore," Jacob snarled, before looking toward his clothes. Having never dressed himself before, he didn't even know where to begin. He ended up wrapping the robe around his waist like a towel, before going in search of Jason. Before he made it to that part of the palace, he ran into Kyle.

"Oh my. . . now that is new Fashion statement." Kyle chuckled. "You must be Jacob. Jason sent me to find you."

"I've never dressed myself before," Jacob said nervously.

Reaching for the nearest door, Kyle guided Jacob into a guest room. "Well, I can help you with that. Shall we step in here?"

"I must look like a fool."

Kyle licked his lips. "A very handsome fool." Undoing the knot, Kyle let Jacob's robe fall to the stone floor.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Jacob said nervously.

"I'm a Demon. I look at most men like this."

"Philip is a whore."

"Can't complain; I'm one too. Jason said Philip was picking on you." Kyle said, as he walked behind Jacob and wrapped his arms around the man's body.

"It's not fair. I've only been on my feet a short while, and I can't even dress myself."

"Dressing isn't hard. . . it's getting undressed that's important." Kyle chuckled as he wrapped his tail around Jacob's bare right thigh.

"Are you flirting with me?"

"Are you complaining?" Kyle whispered in Jacob's ear, as the tip of his tail brushed against Jacob's groin.

"I've. . ., I've never done anything like this."

"But don't you want to?"

"I don't want to be cut."

"Neither did I. I have to admit I miss the extra skin. If the Centurions weren't so stubborn about their silly traditions, I never would have done it."

"You did it because the Centurions made you?"

"They didn't make me. . . well, they pressured me into it, I'll admit that. Do I look like a boy to you?"

"No. Philip called me a boy."

"He would. He's more stubborn than any other Centurion I've ever met."

"If we have sex, will I have to get cut?"

"I'm not a Centurion, am I?" Kyle chuckled.

"No, you're James' Imp." Jacob laughed.

"You're not much taller than me, pup." Kyle said, as he curled his tail around Jacob's sex. "How does that feel?"

"More," Jacob said eagerly.

"At least you know what you want," Kyle laughed as he led Jacob to the bed. After they made love, Kyle rested his head on Jacob's furry chest. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes I did. Was I any good?"

"As nervous as you were?" Kyle chuckled.

"Oh, sorry. All this is new to me."

"I know, but you're learning fast."

"Did papa tell you to make love to me?"

"He told me Philip had hurt your feelings, and that I should do whatever I could to make you feel better. Did I succeed?"

"Yes, you did." Jacob laughed.

"May I ask you a personal question?"

"I guess so."

"Why do you want to sleep with Jason?"

"Because I love him."

"There are many kinds of love."

"Jason is unhappy."

"And you think you can make him happy?"

"He makes me happy."

"He makes me happy, too. Do you know why?"

"Because he makes love to you?"

"Well, that's one reason, but not the main one. He makes me happy because he has made my Angel happy."

"Doesn't James love you?"

"Of course he does, but he and Jason have the same problem."


"They both fell in love with the first men who loved them."

"You mean Philip," Jacob said with disgust.

"And me," Kyle added. "First loves are very powerful, Jacob, but they don't always make the best relationships. Sometimes we stay in those relationships longer than we should, because we fear no one can love us as much as our first love."

"Don't you love James?"

"I do, and I've been with many men in my life. I was, however, James' first."

"I didn't know that. I assumed he was always gay."

"He has always been gay, but he was also raised with a sense of duty. So was Jason. That is why those two understand each other in ways I can't. The children, for instance. I never knew James desperately wanted to have a family. With Ben, and the other children, I saw joy in James' eyes I had never seen before."

"He could always marry a woman."

"I beg your pardon, but he married me." Kyle laughed. "He might want to have a wife just to have a family, but he would never go out and marry one. He is a traditionalist. . . one wife for one man. Jason, however, was born a Legatio and was expected to follow a different tradition. As it is, it is all Jason can do to stop the Senate from forcing him to marry a dozen women."

"Why aren't you jealous of Jason?"

"Because Jason as been more than fair to me. He made it clear to James that he is not to leave me. Jason has even gone out of his way to make love to me, and me alone. You might think you know what making love to Jason will be like but, believe me, the experience is much more than your virgin mind can imagine."

"What about Philip?"

"Philip is a great man, and a great lover. It is just unfortunate that Philip knows what a great lover he is, and feels the need to show off."

"He hurts Papa."

"And Jason has hurt him. Even in the best of relationships that happens. If they didn't really love each other, they wouldn't be able to hurt one another as they do."

"Then why hasn't Philip killed James?"

"He might have, if Jason hadn't force James to sleep with Philip."

"I don't understand."

"It's the Centurion way. . . love and sex are blurred lines with them. Because James had refused to make love to Philip, Philip felt scorned, and was jealous of the attention James was showering on Jason. Now that they have made love, it is as if they are now brothers. At least that's how Philip sees it."

Jacob frowned. "But that doesn't make any sense."

"Who said Centurions were logical?" Kyle laughed. "They are men of passions, passions that are only kept at bay by their strict traditions."

"Will Jason ever make love to me?"

"Is it really that important to you?"

"I gave him my bond."

"When you were a mere pup, the first time. How like Jason you are in that way. He gave his love to the first man he saw, Philip. Now, if I had rescued him I would have kept Jason in that tower so no other man could have him."

"I wish I could do that."

"Sometimes Philip wishes he could do the same. As I said, though, Philip is a bit of a showoff, so he likes showing his men what a lucky bastard he is."

"You have that right; he is a bastard." Jacob grumbled.

"Only because you hate him so. If you convinced him you actually like him, even if grudgingly, he would warm up to you. . . maybe even sleep with you."

"But only if I get circumcised."

"Not if you seduce him properly. Look at James, he's not circumcised."

"But. . ."

"But James is a Field Marshal. . . can't get manlier than that."

"So, I have to prove to Philip that I'm a man."

"You have to prove to Jason that you're a man. You forget, most of him still sees you as a cute little puppy he found in the woods one day."

"But I'm a father. . . I gave Jason's children my six sons."

"Don't tell me how you managed that," Kyle pleaded, half jokingly.

"It wasn't that hard. . . all I had to do was beat the alpha male of the pack."

"There you go. Now you know what you need to do."

"But who's the alpha male?"

"Jacob, I thought you were smarter than that. It's Philip, of course."

"Sorry. I should have known that. How do I beat him? He's bigger and stronger than me."

"Well, I have an idea about that. I think you should have a chat with your old friend, Oktor."

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