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Chapter 86

Chapter 86.


We got the kids off to sleep and then went to shower, Conner's breath tasted like Chinese takeaway and garlic, it was nice. We did brush, but the odor was lingering. Conner was in for it tonight, he was everywhere and anywhere on our bed, he even wanted me to whisper filthy things in his ear. I blushed at the words I seemed to pull out of thin air.

 We made love for an hour or two and I listened for the babies, even watched them on the monitor before I went off to sleep, but they were sleeping peacefully. I then checked on my beautiful eldest son, he seemed to be smiling in his sleep which made me feel all warm and loved. When I finally went off to sleep I think it was more from exhaustion than tiredness.

 Grant disappeared the next morning, I suppose he is doing some security work or something. My big job today was to bring the washing in and fold it up, I don’t iron anything unless its needed, a waste of time in my book because you have to freshen it up before you wear it anyway. Conner started early, he woke me up with his tongue in my ear, then the filthy words came back full force. I tried to do my best job on him, but the babies were calling by then. I packed them up and took them downstairs.

Teddy was nowhere to be seen so I called up for Conner to go have a look.

 He arrived with Ted a few minutes later, a kiss on the head and the TV flickered into life.

“Was he awake?”

“Yes baby, he was tidying his room because he’s having a guest tonight.” He grinned.

I was proud of my boy, he looks after his friends.

 Coffee and toast this morning, and a few extra kisses, then Conner set about changing nappies and feeding the twins. John walked into the room and asked where Grant was. I told him he left a note to say he will be back at lunchtime.

He started on more toast, then got the big frying pan out for the eggs and whatever else he wanted to throw in it.

 I started folding towels and t-shirts, mainly t-shirts were worn by Con and me, Teddy had the most because he’s a clean little kid and one spot on his top and he goes to change it, I did the same when I was a kid I drove my mum crazy.

 We sat around and I helped Conner do more of the plane, it's looking really good now. Di rang to let me know she had been to see Mike and he was on board with whatever she decides, he liked our place so he wanted much the same, sleek clean lines everywhere. I didn’t tell her about the kid's hideaway. I thought Mike should talk to her about it first. But she did say it was going to cost a bomb, Mikes house was bigger than ours. I must try and get an invitation around there one day.

 "Conner we have to talk about the café when you have time," Ray said.

“While I waited for the takeaway yesterday, I walked up to have a look at it. It was almost jam-packed full of customers, and Geoff said it was pretty normal for a Saturday afternoon, his real problem was Saturday night, people seemed to expect to see you there again. He said he has big lines up the road with customers waiting for a table.”

 “Oh, I was going to talk to you about somehow making it bigger, so the crowd isn’t packed in when I perform.”

"Are you going to do it once a month?" He asked.

"At the moment, yes, but if I get some other work that pays, I will do that first, Geoff knows that.”

“Well nan did run a tight ship, so the upkeep on the property was excellent. The reason I'm asking is the shop next door becomes vacant in a couple of months, do you think Geoff could afford to extend into it?"

"I'm sure he can Ray, but isn't the renovations our responsibility," I said.

“Yes it is son, but the tables and chairs and extra staff are his responsibility, and the rent will go up because of it.”

 I didn’t want to interfere in this one, it’s too close to home, and Con knows that Teddy gets the last say on anything to do with the café because he owns it.

“What do you think baby?” He wants my opinion.

“Con, if it wasn’t for you the place would run normally and there wouldn’t be any need to renovate it. I think it’s a good idea to help Geoff out a bit, and a great investment. But you know who has the last say, and it's not us adults, and there is the heart of the problem.”

“He can help Di design it, so he will be involved in some of it.” John offered his opinion.

“Why are you asking Ray. I thought it was all settled to leave his inheritance alone until he’s an adult?” I was getting annoyed by this conversation, and I must fight for my son. I was also tired and a bit crabby too.

 “The floor space doubles the building value triples, it's in a prime position. Down the track, I envisage it being demolished and apartments being built on the block." My stomach turned at that very moment, demolish my son's memories. Not on my bloody watch you don't.

 “Then it’s a definite no from me. If Geoff wants to extend upstairs, like put in a showroom we will do that. But I'm dead against Teddy's memories being destroyed." Then I said to Ray.

“Hasn’t he got enough money, do you all have to destroy his only solid link to his nan.”

They stared at me open-mouthed, so I added my final opinion for good measure.

 “You have seen him when he goes there, the first thing he does is run out the back, and he looks at his old rooms and he’s happy that nothing’s changed. He knows the staff, and they know him. He has mates and memories in that place, I won’t be the one to destroy them on him.”

 "Settle down Brent, Ray was just thinking about it, we don't have to do it, it's okay." Conner took my hand and squeezed it, I didn't feel anything much, but I know why I was feeling sad deep down. It was the memory of nan and her grandson’s bond, a little heartbroken boy’s sadness, and I did love him to death, I would never hurt him for the sake of thirty pieces of silver.

 I ignored Conner because I know where Ray got the idea from. Conner, and our conversation the other week, he must have talked about it to him.

"Okay, enough said, I will shelve the plan then," Ray said as he put some paperwork back into his valise.

“Good.” I got up and washed my cup and plate then went to sit with Teddy on the sofa. It wasn’t about him, it was about me and my memories of nan also.


I wasn’t ignored, because Conner grabbed the kids and sat with us, then John and Ray came over too.

I was way out of line and now I have to try and fix this.

 “I’m sorry, and I sincerely apologize to all of you. I love you all, we are a family. Sometimes change is a good thing and I’m just not ready to change as yet.” I leaned in and kissed Conner on the lips.

 “Well son, never change for us, we love you just the way you are, and we understand completely. Thinking back it was a stupid idea anyway.” Ray stood up leaned over and kissed me.

John did the same, but he kissed me on the lips he even got a tongue in.


“I’ll have you know Brenten Walsh my kisses are the softest sweetest ones in the world.” John laughed.

“They are too daddy, just like my bestest nanny’s.”

He had heard us.

 I went into a spin and tried to distract him by handing Curtis over so he could nurse him, he seemed all right but you never know.

“Perhaps next time we will have our family meetings in at our place," Ray said quietly.

 Grant came home lugging some shopping bags, he pulled out a big water pistol for Teddy who had to try it out immediately.

“Not inside Teddy go out the back.” So he and Conner went out to play. He also had one for Brody, Bubby, and Shaun, they must have been on sale.

 “What’s with all the bags Grant?” I asked.

"Clothes Brent, I need more clothes my old ones are looking pretty worn." Oh? they didn't look worn to me they were worn in the right places I thought.

“Good, nothing like a freshen up now and then," John said.

"Coffee Grant?"

”Yes please John.”

 By this time Conner had grabbed one of the pistols and was chasing his son around the back yard, it was so funny because he kept missing Teddy but Ted was hitting Conner with every squirt.

Grant had his coffee then took out some of his shopping.

“John do you have a pair of scissors to cut these tags off with?”

“Yes son, give them to me, I’ll do it for you.” I groaned.

He should have given us a fashion parade, I could see some nice tank tops and jeans among the goods.


“I bought some of that new stuff, the surf stuff Cody designed for the guy in Golden Bay.”

“Evans his name, we have to make a trip down there one day, they are starting to donate heavily to the charity and I’ve never even met them.”

“Well its awesome stuff, his friend is a famous artist and the tops have prints of his painting on them.” I walked over to the bench where Johnny was taking labels off them and looked.

“Very nice, I think I’ll get Conner some.”

“Not yourself?” John asked.

“I’m hardly a surfer type John, but I could be forced to be one, in the right circumstances.” I chuckled.

 "I won't be in for dinner tonight John, have to go out," Grant said.

“That’s okay, anything important?”

“No, just work stuff.”

‘Okay, I’ll pop something in the oven for you.”

“Don’t go to any trouble, I will eat with the boys.” Grant grinned.

 He bundled up his stuff and went upstairs. I walked out to the back yard and Conner and Ted were laying on the lawn talking, I think they had exhausted themselves, I heard as I turned the corner.

“But daddy, that’s my nannies house I like it the way it is.”

I did a beeline over to the clothesline and pretended to clean up the pegs.

I hope to god Conner got the message loud and clear, it’s something for Ted to hang onto, and I feel her spirit around me when I’m there too, so it’s not just Ted.

 We spent the afternoon on the floor with the babies, they slept, we stroked them. Conner went to play something on the piano, it was soft and nice while Ted had ten minutes rest on the sofa.

I napped too, John and Ray were doing a crossword at the table and talking softly, it was a wonderful family day. My last thought was Grant in his room trying on his new clothes, I wondered if he needed my opinion.

 Mike and Brody arrived at six, Conner was going to give him a music lesson but Ted wanted to show him the water pistols. Mike looked a million dollars and he also looked a little nervous, I think he was looking around for Grant.

We assured him that Brody would be dropped off at school safely, and we would make sure he went to bed on time, he’s not to worry about a thing.

 Grant finally came down the stairs and I think all our jaws dropped, it was one of those moments the air seemed to be sucked out of the room. He looked fabulous, his hipster jeans were so tight, just about everything was on display, that man knows how to dress to impress I think.

 Mike had been saying good night to Brody and he stuttered when Grant appeared, his eyes were darting everywhere.

"Well, how do I look?"

“Awesome, son," John said rather enthusiastically.

“Wonderful.” I moaned out.

“I could eat you all up and spit you out.” Conner laughed.

"You look good uncle Grant," Brodie said.

 “Good, because I’m dressed to impress tonight.” He smiled at Mike.

“Shall we go?” Mike said.

“Lead the way, fine sir," Grant answered.

 OMG! They are having a date, awesome.

They chuckled as they walked to the front door, and when we heard it close we all looked at each other.

"I had no idea," John said.

“Neither did we.” Conner started laughing.

“I knew, my daddy has been asking me what to wear all day. I think he likes uncle Grant.” Brody smiled again, and he has also caught the Teddy trick, his fists were closed tight.

 I was so pleased Mike even asked Grant for a date, it seems he’s starting to heal and I was so happy.

"Okay Broads, work to do."

"Okay, uncle Conner." Brody put the gun down and followed Con into the music room. Ted flipped the TV over to a footy show he likes and I went and made up some bottles for the babies who had woken up and were now very hungry.

 We got them both settled into bed with a big story. Ted and Brody were both tired but they waited until Con had finished before they closed their eyes. We kissed them both then the babies, who had decided they wanted to play a bit. I pulled the door closed a little then Con and I hit the sack.

"He would be peeling Grants jeans down about now, and Grant would be moaning," Conner said, he was going to talk dirty to me again. I wasn't interested in Mikes nine inches because I had one of my own to attend to tonight.

"Imagine what Mikes's tongue would be doing now, sliding down Grant's awesome chest" He slid down the bed.

 No Grant this morning, and my heart skipped a beat when I read his message on my phone. ‘staying the night’ was all it said.

I was very happy with our hunky and much-adored bodyguard.

 “Did he come home last night Brent?” John was eager to know.

“I got a message from him, he had a sleepover.” I grinned.

“Good, he needed that, he was getting too bloody horny and needed some relief." John knows everything and I agreed with him, the dancing game is over and now for some serious lip lock and maybe a place for him to live.

 The grandad's took the boys to school, they had their presents under their arms and couldn’t wait to give Shaun and Bubby their water pistols. I hope they don’t start playing with them before class.

Conner and I bathed the babies and we played with them for some time, then they wanted more food.

It was a nice day again so we sat on the bench in the back yard to feed them.

 "Mines got wind," Con advised me.

"Well burp him," I replied.

He did and ended up with a shit load or spew over his top.

“More washing Brent, how cool is that?”

"Moan," I replied.

 They don't need for much my boys, a good drink and a warm cuddle then some more sleep. Although it took Jack a long time to get off because he was trying to sit up, I wondered if he would crawl or bum dance, some do some don't but it’s early days yet. Another month or so will answer that question.

 Grant came in around lunchtime, we were all sitting around the table and watching him while he made a coffee and grabbed a sandwich off the bench.

 “Big night Grant?” Conner was the one to ask.

“Yes boss, huge night.” He’s not going to tell us.

He sat and looked at the twins for a moment.

“Jacks nearly at the crawling stage, he was trying to get himself upright this morning.” I thought I would talk about anything but the elephant in the room. Grant was smiling to himself.

"I suppose Curtis won't be far behind him," Ray said.

“I suppose so.” John also said.

 “Okay you lot, you can stop it right there," Grant said.

“Whatever do you mean Grant?” John asked.

“Just ask me, that’s all you have to do, none of this crawling baby talk.”

“How was your big date with that hunky doctor Mike, Grant?” I asked.

“It was wonderful. We had dinner at nans and then we went back to his place and talked most of the night, he had to go to work otherwise I would still be there, he’s a very interesting person.”

“That’s good Grant, did he fuck you?”

“Brent!!” John yelled.

"Well, I'm only asking because you lot won't." I smiled.

 “When he slipped the oversized bulbous head of his nine inches into me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had my reservations I could even take that big fat monster but it all fit in snugly as his powerful thighs helped him pump back and forth.” John Ray and Conner leaned in to listen, I think they wanted to know more, oh okay I leaned in too.

 “He sucked on my nips so softly I nearly cum, but before he placed my legs over his shoulders he rimmed me for hours. He said I had the best ass he has ever seen, and he wanted to plow it all night. I was in raptures by the time he stabbed it into me, full force.”

I breathed heavily, he went on.

 “Later I had to have him again, and I gave him a hot deep throated head job while he fingered me then he wanted to fuck me doggy style, his muscles were popping out everywhere and then he wanted to give me a prostate exam, it was awesome."

“And then.” A breathless John asked.

 "And then we went to sleep you dirty-minded faggots, nothing happened. We talked for ages and yes we played but just a little, but I knew nothing was going to happen. It was a great night and I think he likes me, I hope he does because I sure do like him, he’s a wonderful kisser when he gets going.” He laughed.

"You rotten bugger Grant, you had us all worked up for no reason," Ray yelled.

“Not me,” My Conner said. I moved my hand over to his crotch he was as stiff as a board.

“Liar.” I smiled at him.

 His hand moved and stayed on my stiffy for ages, it just wouldn’t go down.

"So your date was good then," I said.

“Yes Brent, as I said he’s a very interesting man, we got along well. I did stay the night and I did get a good feel in, but he wasn’t ready to commit fully so we talked. I’m so hot at the moment I could fuck anyone and anything.” He smiled.

 “Another coffee Grant?” John jumped up and said.

“Do you want a biscuit Grant” Ray offered.

“Have you any washing Grant?” I eagerly said.

"How about a nice slow fuck Grant," Conner said.

"Con!" I yelped because he has squeezed my dick harder. The tone of our house changed to almost bordello state, and Grant was the prize.

 He stood up and smiled, I could see he had even turned himself on, but he’s a good man, he left us once again to go to his room because his phone was going off.

"It's my doctor with the examination results." He laughed as he walked up the stairs and all eyes were on his tight bum.

“Damn, that’s hot, he had me going there for a while," Ray said.

“I’ll call you a doctor.” I started laughing my head off once again.

 Conner was a little too eager to put the babies to bed, he kept urging me to hurry up. When we finally got to our bedroom clothes were quickly discarded and my hunky muscled rock star with the long black hair gave me a prostate exam with his nine inches. I moaned so loudly he had to put the pillow over my face.

It was urgent and so frigging nice, he was looking in my eyes when he cum he pumped three final times and I was full of his seed. He sucked gently on my nipples then blew me. I was exhausted and sore from the pounding I got but it was a nice sore.

 We spent the whole afternoon in bed today, Conner hadn't finished, and he wanted to be splayed out on the bed so I could do him which I gladly did, he was watching our new movie on his phone then he started looking at photos of Grant. I didn't mind as long as it's kept in his head, and it kind of turned me on too.

 “Why didn’t you have a go at Grant before we met Con?”

“I was his boss, and back then it was all work no play. Of course, he turned me on, but you turned me on more Brent. And anyway I knew he was with Stan. But I wished I had talked to him more back then maybe I would have had more experience. Like he would have gay mates I could sleep with, but I was too scared and it wasn’t right. You know how that ends up they start getting into the money side of it and don't stop.”

“Is that why you liked me Con?”

“No, I like you because I loved you the minute I met you, I never wanted anyone else but you, you could have cleaned all my bank accounts out and I wouldn’t have cared. When we get over our excitement for each other we may visit a threesome down the track, but that’s a long way off yet.” He smiled, I didn’t get mad because I knew what he was talking about.

“Okay, but I have to warn you.”


“I’m a sucker for hunky rock stars with money, and they are a little hard to find nowadays.” I giggled.

“I love you.” He whispered.

He kissed me deeply and I reveled in his touch, his thick dark bush was rubbing at me again, so I opened my legs and he again stuffed me stupid.

 My phone went off, it was John wanting to know if we were going to the park. We told him not today but could he kiss Teddy from us. His parting words were.

“Dirty buggers are still at it Ray, we are on our own.”

 We had to get up because our boy would be home soon, I was rooted, and Conner couldn’t move fast, but we had enjoyed ourselves and our bodies for a few hours, like four.

“Uncle Grant had a sleepover at Brody’s place last night dad.”

“Did he, and how do you know that?”

“I heard granddad tell uncle Andy.”

“He did have a sleepover son, they were talking about a lot of things.”

"Good." His fists were white as he squeezed them. I was talking to my son when he got in and was going to apologize for not meeting him at the park, but he wanted to talk about other stuff. I was also watching Jack on the floor and he’s almost made it onto his knees, he's going to be a crawler, not a bum dancer. He giggled so much he dropped on the floor thank god there some padding that could have hurt his pretty little nose.

 John was doing some washing and fussing around in the kitchen getting food ready to freeze. They will be leaving in a few days for Singapore and he wants everything to be right by the time they go.

Grant and Mike had a few more dates, in fact just about every night Grant was at his place, John would send food now and then so they didn't have to cook. It was after a week that he came in all quiet and in his little world. I twigged that they had done the nasty the night before so I hugged Grant and said.

 “Well done, he’s a wonderful guy. Did you enjoy it?”

"I can't get anything by you can I ?"

“No, maybe it’s because you’re glowing today.”

“Well it was awesome, but we are still taking it slowly.”

“And Brody?”

“He’s as happy as any little kid would be, he even wanted us both to read his story last night.” I patted his gorgeous bum and he yelped.

"Still tender Brent." Then he laughed and went to his room.

 Everyone was happy for Grant and Mike, the big love story never impeded his job being Cons bodyguard, He was on top of all things security-wise and still looked out for our boy after school. It will only be a matter of time before he moves in with his new family, I will miss his filth.

 While hanging out the washing one day Di came down the hallway, she had some plans for me to look over.

"I want you to look at these before I take them to Mike's place."

"Why? I haven't even seen his house yet, we are still waiting for that invitation, but I suspect Mike doesn’t cook much.”

“Well I want you to look at them, you may pick up on something I missed. You know I value your involvement.”

 I took the drawings and looked through them, it was going to be an amazing place and Mike should be so proud he’s using her and Adam to do it for him.

“These are wonderful Di, I can see there’s been a lot of thought placed in them, and I’m glad Brody has his secret room.” I smiled.

“Well, it was Adam's idea to put a small fridge in it just in case he's hold up for days in there." She giggled.

 “How’s the babymaker coming along?”

“Nothing, yet Brent we are going to leave it for now. Marty is bushed and I’m over it, we will let nature take its course.”

"Good, this is wonderful Di, has Skye started her modeling yet?"

“Yes, she’s fully booked up according to Marty and surprisingly she’s enjoying the experience.”

“That’s awesome, so I will start to see her photos around when I visit the doctor’s office again.’ I grinned.

“Yeah a lot of people do that, they catch up on their gossip in the doctors waiting rooms. How’s Grant going?”

“Good, I think they are taking it slowly for now.”

“Good to hear, when I was at Mikes a few weeks ago Brody wouldn’t stop talking about his uncle Grant, I think the little guy likes him a lot, and Conner.” She giggled.

"Well, he sure does have some awesome idols Di.”

 It was time for her to go and feed the children so I kissed her goodbye and she walked up the street. I wanted to do something today, Conner was at the studio and John was packing, so I told him where I was going and headed up the street. I didn’t drive because Conner had taken the car, with Grant.

 I ordered coffee and orange cake, then had a good talk to Geoffrey about the upstairs.

 “Well it looks like Conner's in for the long haul, and it makes sense to fix upstairs up, it's only being used for storage at the moment. The things I don't want to change the layout of the original café, I know Ted won’t like that.” I told him.

“I know he won’t, that’s why I have never asked for more room.” He smiled knowingly.
“We all loved nan, and Teddy was a wonderful bonus to have around, he attracted more customers for her.” He went on to say.

 "If I give the go-ahead to renovate upstairs will you let me have a say about when it's open, in other words, I don't want Conner here every weekend."

“Of course, as long as I get the food and drink side of things you can do what you like, Conner will get the door money, it’s the least I can do. It will be a godsend and if it's kept simple, it wouldn't cost  much to do.”

“I don’t do simple Geoff you should know that. I will get Dianna to come and have a look she’s a wiz with interiors.”

"Brent, can I ask you why he wants to perform here?”

“Because I like having him at home, but he also needs to be creative, and I think a theatre lounge is long overdue for a comeback in Melbourne. You can have comedy nights, one night only nights, talent quests, things like that, even drag shows. But the room will be designed for Conner’s nights.”

“What about the shop next door?”

“We will think about that, it’s all up to Teddy, as long as we don’t destroy his memories that’s the main thing.”

"I know once again what you mean, I am thinking I would get Gina in to share the rooms, she needs to expand her businesses."

“Good idea, ‘Brae’ might like to do a show when his voice is strong enough.” I offered my advice.

 He laughed and told me he had changed it to ‘Brad’

“OMG that’s worse, what’s his surname?”

“Dustyardi.” He laughed louder.

"Well we can't call him Dusty, there already is a famous one. I will work on it for him”

"He will be a godsend Geoff, Conner recons if he's not a star by next year he will eat his hat."

“I know I have heard some of his songs they are different but brilliant.”

“Get him in before he becomes one, we can work on his  launch to fame with Marty, but you get him in here first so you have bragging rights.”

  “Anyway I have to get home I will get Di to call in and then I need to talk to Teddy. Do you mind if I bring him here and show him what we have in mind?"

“As always, Teddy is family and we are always pleased as punch to see him running around here. Of course, you can." I shook his hand and made my way home, I wanted to talk to Conner and Ray before any decisions were finally made.

 I didn’t have to bribe my son or coerce him, he was just as excited to have his daddy perform at uncle Geoff’s place. I had walked thought the café with him one day after school, and he touched everything he wanted to keep, which meant everything that was in the back apartment and the café itself. Anything else he was very eager to be done for his uncle. I had to do that because Ray did make a lot of sense when he suggested a renovation, and I was still feeling guilty about my outburst.

 Di will do an awesome job, and the costs will come directly out of Ted's business accounts, he has plenty. Di told me that the café would have to close for a  few weeks while the builders installed steel girders to hold the weight and Geoff was happy to give his staff some much needed holidays. I called a family meeting and Teddy was included this time, we got the go-ahead from the others and there were no tears or tantrums on my part.

 It was decided to renovate the shop next door and extend the showroom across both buildings, for extra room. Before John and Ray left, Di had already done some new plans for the café, they were brilliant. They okayed them and Conner was very happy he now has a venue to work at when he’s not doing his big shows. Marty was still throwing out offers and contracts but when Conner looked at them, he would look at me and the babies, then put a red cross through them. For the moment he's got enough work.

 We talked at length about his need to be on stage, and he was happy doing what he’s doing now with his family, but he would like to do an Australian tour before the kids went to school. I didn't think he was feeling down about it he was already planning shows and one thing I did notice in his note pad was a big circled sentence. 'Talk to Marty about an Australian city tour.”

I didn’t mind at all, because he still has thousands of fans out there that love his rock performances.

 I came up with a new name for ‘Bray’ or ‘Brad” and run it past Conner one night. ‘Brad Dusts’ He laughed his head off, so I threw that one in the bin when he said.

“You know Brent, the best name for him is Brayden Dustyardi, why don’t you tell him.” He grinned.

"Umm," I answered, knowing he was dead right.

 John and Ray left a big gaping hole in our home, and we missed them every day they were away. Yes, there was food, and with Grant staying more and more at Mike's place we had a lot of leftovers, which I sometimes took to the park for everyone to pick at. I finally got to drive my new car it was awesome, and the twins were amazed I could even drive it. They cooed in the back seat to school. But I think that was more from excitement because they were going to see their awesome big brother.

 By the time John and Ray returned with an extra two suitcases of presents for us all, Grant had finally moved out. It was a turning point for him and Mike, they were in love so why not, and Brody loved Grant very much by that time. I could almost see it at the park, at our place and when Grant took him to see Mary. Grant's love had returned and Brody's guilty feelings were a thing of the past. We were all sitting around the table after John and Ray had walked in, Grant suddenly jumped up and went to change. When he came back he looked like a million dollars, how does he do that. 

 "What's the matter, Grant?" I said.

"I have a doctor's appointment up at the surgery."

"Anything we should know about?" John said.

“I have to have another prostate exam today with a very sexy doctor." He laughed as he went out the front door.

“Dirty buggers.” I heard Ray say.

We told them all we knew about the romance, and they were happy for them both.

 “Now, how far ahead has the café got?”

"Not much happening there John, it's early days yet. It will mean Conner's concert will be canceled though."

“How disappointing, I was looking forward to it.”

"Not quite right, Brent, I am still performing, but in the café again.” He grinned at me.

“Good.” We all said.

 Success, today, Jack finally got up on all fours and crawled towards Conner. I had to nudge him so he could watch his son.

“He’s beautiful Brent, look at the little guy go. Come on baby over to daddy you come.” Con clapped his hands and Jack started giggling, he lost his concentration and sat back on his bum. I went and got him, giving him all the hugs and kisses I could before he reached out for Conner’s arms. He got the same treatment then he wanted down again.

 He started doing it all over again and this time I filmed it. When he got over to Curtis he flopped on top of him and that’s when the fight broke out. Between the giggles and face slaps they made a good job of celebrating. I got on the floor and broke them up, then I looked at Curtis and whispered.

“Your turn next baby boy.” He laughed his head off and I knew he wouldn’t be too far away, he had fists and arms going at ninety miles an hour, then he wanted to suck on his toes.

 I knew at six months it was unusual for babies to crawl, but not unheard of. I think Curtis will go from sitting to walking, maybe bypass the crawling stage he doesn’t have much patience.