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Chapter 88


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 Chapter 88


It was about the time of Adam and Robs wedding I started feeling the effects of some sleepless nights. I had just spent two early mornings in a row with both the twins who were being a bit antsy. The second night I had taken them downstairs and sat for ages on the sofa trying to get them to go back to sleep. I think they had a bit of colic but will take them to see doctor Mike sometime today. My eyes were heavy and I had started dry coughing at random intervals.



We ditched the idea of dressing up like clowns after I went to the costume hire place. I wasn't in the mood, and the nice lady behind the counter suggested we hire her son. She said he was very popular and does a good job delivering singing messages. She showed me some photos of him in his clown outfit, so without Conner's consent, I booked him to call into Adam and Rob's place early one evening.

 Conner agreed, and he did say he was too busy to do it anyway. He had started on the CD for the movie and some special secret projects. I deemed that he was going to do another slow album either for me personally or for his fans. It didn't bother me how Con wanted to play it, Lady Gaga almost did the same after her worldwide success, she was just as popular with her slow numbers, and it did showcase her beautiful voice. Like Conner, she is the whole package as far as talent goes.

 We had gone up to nan’s to watch Brayden’s performance, which was a sell-out. Conner thought his voice sounded a lot stronger but he had a lot of work to do yet with his vocals, I thought he was very good, and I just loved his revamped songs, it was his night so Conner didn’t interfere with the small concert, at all, but he did do a lot of selfies. Teddy was in the kitchen with Gina, I spied them going out to his old home to check it out, she made him his favorite milkshake, then sat with us at the table. 

 The café renovation was going ahead, and tonight was the first night that Geoff hosted after they had all returned from a two week holiday. Although the upstairs wasn’t anywhere nearly finished. Geoff squeezed the crowd in any way, he had installed a big canopy out front with more tables so he could open his big bi-folds out into the street, which gave him more dining space.

 The whole day and night it had drizzled down. Grant had one of his men drive us to the café in a people mover which saved us from walking in the rain. I wasn't feeling the best and being shoved into a crowded room didn't sit well with me. I was sweating and thought maybe I was coming down with the flu. I had been moving from the table to the front of the café to try and cool down, but with no success.

 Mike had placed his hand on my forehead and deemed me okay for now, but he needed to see me in his surgery sometime in the next few days. Our babies were at home with the granddads, they will come some other time to watch ‘Brae’ do his thing. During the night I started dry coughing again and I had to go outside to get some fresh air, Conner came with me, he was more than concerned and questioned me about how many pills I had taken today.

 "Just the normal ones Con, blockers, calm me down pills and some vitamins." I wasn't in the mood for his questions, but I understood his concern. We made it an early night and ‘Brays’ concert was deemed a big success.

 I headed straight for bed because I knew I had caught a chill, my uncontrolled shaking had started. Do I ever get a break, I was loathed to go through all this shit again but I did drop off into a deep sleep. The boys had me up around two yesterday, and this morning it was three-thirty. I didn't want to be sick for Adam's wedding, it was going to be awesome. Cody Mitchell had designed all the boys suits and when Conner modeled his I was enthralled, he looked so gorgeous. Mine was the same but we didn't make love in them we didn't want to crease or spill anything nasty on the fine fabric.

 The wedding will be in our city penthouse, it was the obvious place to hold a big party and the backdrops will make for great photos of the boys, the big play area will come in handy for the kids. Ted and Hope got a look in too, Ted will be the ring bearer and Hope the flower girl, I nearly cried when he had to try on his little suit, he looked so handsome in it.

 Jill and Di, who were Adams best women are also being decked out in Cody’s originals to stand with him, Conner and I will stand with Rob. Conner has written a song to sing for the day, and I did hear him brush up on some other songs I think he’s going to croon for us.

One of the reasons they asked to use the apartment was it will keep the media out, and give us all some privacy. The security surrounding the day will be at its maximum.

 Back to my third early morning in a row with my babies and I had just finished my coffee when another coughing fit started. I couldn’t shake this one and I found it difficult to breathe. In my panicked state, I rang John and asked him for help.

 Conners story.

 I could hear Brent coughing downstairs so I threw on my shorts and headed his way. When I got there John was on the phone and Brent was splayed out on the sofa. I checked that the twins were okay before I went and knelt beside him. He was ashen and a terrible wheezing sound was coming from his lungs.

 "What's the matter, baby?"

He told me in short breaths to look after the kids, he would be okay.

"The ambulance is on the way Conner, get a damp cloth and wipe his forehead. I think he's got the flu, but I can’t be sure. He has to go into hospital, he doesn’t look too good.” He then rang Ray to come and sit with us. Thank god Teddy was still asleep when the ambos arrived, they checked him over and deemed he had a lung infection, by this time he could hardly breathe without the oxygen mask.

I sat and watched them take my love away, I didn't have time to sit and think deeply about it because I was riding with him to the Alfred hospital. Ray had phoned Grant, who was at our house within fifteen minutes. He organized John and they will both follow us, Ray will stay with Teddy and the boys.

 I watched as the ambos made him comfortable, and he had regained some color, but I didn't say anything just held his hand and smiled at him on the way. I had been asking him if he was okay for the past week or so, and his standard answer was, ‘yes he was fine.’ I wasn’t mad, I was just numb. I did think about his stupidity fleetingly, letting it get this far, but immediately lost that thought. Things happen, and amongst all our friends and relatives Brent is the most fragile, but he doesn’t look after himself the way he should. Many an argument was created because he had forgotten to take his pills, and many times I told him it would come back to haunt him someday.

 As he was wheeled into emergency I saw John up at the counter filling out some forms. Mike had arrived and was talking to Grant, so I headed their way when Brent disappeared into a cubical. There were no hugs because casualty was teeming with sick people and some of them had recognized me. As I started to get mobbed, Mike held my elbow and steered us into the staff tea room where some nurses made me a coffee.

It wasn’t until he left to go find out some information I collapsed in a heap.

 “Not again, I can’t go through this again.” I kept saying to anyone that would listen.

The room cleared then I was walked down to a private room where Grant installed me onto a sofa.

“He will get through this Conner, he’s stronger than you think. Just hold in there for him, Ted and the twins. Mike has gone to see if he can get any info, just hold it together until he gets back.” He passed me a handful of tissues.

 After ten minutes of feeling nothing Mike came back, he sat with me and took my hand.

“He has a lung infection, I don’t think I have to tell you what that means. He will be bombarded with every antibiotic known to man over the next twenty-four hours, and the doctors and I expect him to fully recover. He will be in intensive care when you next see him. They are going to induce a coma to keep him relaxed”

“Why, why does this keep happening to him?”

“Because he’s a nurse, and has seen the after-effects of patients taking the wrong medications, he’s scared. I have checked up on his prescription’s Conner, and I don’t think things are as they seem.”

“How so Mike?”

“He was supposed to get another repeat two weeks ago which means he’s either missed taking them, or he’s not taking them at all, he’s been storing them up. This is dangerous Con, it’s his blockers that were keeping the infections away, but it looks like he hasn’t been taking them when he should.”

 “I try to get him to take them before he leaves the bedroom, he tells me he has. What the hell can I do, maybe it’s too late anyway.” I dropped my head.

 “Conner, he will get through this, I promise you, he will. Do I have your permission to go get his medication from your house and have a look at it?”

“Of course Mike, you don’t need my permission for that, Rays there to let you in.”
“Thank you, I will return shortly. In the meantime it will be an hour or so until they move him, try and not to worry too much, he will be okay.”

He left Grant and me, and by this time John had joined us again.

 “Bloody hospitals, they want to know everything. I told them all is medical records are online but they wanted proof of your power of attorney anyway, so I got Ray to email it to them.”

"Thank you, John, Grant will update you I can’t even think about it at the moment.”

I seem to be back to my Darwin days and started to walk up and down the corridor, sit, drink coffee, then walk up and down again. Apart from keeping me busy, it was also exhausting me, and that old grey world I lived in when Brent was near death was looming again.

 When Mike returned, he had Brent’s medication bag with him.

“I have to go and see his doctor, but I wanted to talk to you first.”

"Okay, what did you find?"

“Two weeks of blockers and his calm me down pills are all cut in quarters, so he’s missed his Blockers more than once, and decided to cut down on the others. This is not good. We will fix him, and I suggest in the future you John take over giving them to him. We can’t rely on him to do it anymore.”

 John nodded his understanding, and he said he will make sure he takes them at breakfast every day.

"I think the reason those are cut in fours is that they make him drowsy, but I can’t fathom why he wasn't taking the most important ones," I said.

“He was, but he was missing quite a few days, maybe the kids and time just got away from him, or maybe he just plain forgot. Whatever the reason we are going to look at them again and try another brand until we find the right one that doesn’t put him to sleep. Trust us, Conner”


“Thank you, Mike, I appreciate your help, and I do trust you," I said genuinely.

“Conner, I want you to know that I will get him back in shape, and there’s no need for you to think the worst because it isn’t going to happen. I am going to talk to his surgeon now and maybe I will get some more info for you.”

 "I have to ring Teddy, he will be worried."

John placed his hand on mine and said.

 "He has been told that we three had to go to a meeting this morning, it’s a school day and Ray is taking him. He understands, but you will have to talk to him about it tonight though.”

“Good, I will ring him anyway, I want to hear his voice.” I did just that, and my eldest boy cheered me up with his funny story about grandpa Ray trying to make him breakfast and getting his order all wrong.

 My heart burst into song when Mike came back and told us that all was well, and it was better than they thought. The blood tests showed there was no infection he just had the flu and was exhausted, but it all had affected his lungs. He was being moved into ICU, a familiar room for me because I had sat with him for weeks in such a room when he was very ill some time ago.

 I was eventually taken there, but Brent was out of it, Mike and his surgeon talked us into all going home for a rest. They said that nothing bad is going to happen to him and we should get some sleep. They will wake him in the morning, he will be very achy, but they expect a full recovery.

 Against my better judgment, I left with Grant and John. I wanted to see my sons anyway, their cuddles are what I needed the most if I couldn't have Brent's arms around me. I have to be strong for him and my boys.

 It was four-thirty when Teddy ran into the big room looking for Brent and myself, I headed him off as he was about to run upstairs to look for Brent, and made him sit with me on the sofa.

 By this time Di and Adam had arrived and were talking quietly with Grant at the table, they were so worried about him, and Di was beside herself, old wounds never heal, she said in passing. It was her mother that put him in this place, she is still haunting him from her grave, and if I did what I wanted to do at that very moment. I would have had her dug up and her bones scattered to the four winds.

 “Where’s dad?” Teddy wanted to know.

“Teddy, he got sick when we were out, and we had to take him to Doctor Mikes hospital. He’s okay, he has just got the flu and needs some of Mike's good air in his lungs, we can go see him tomorrow.”

“I thought he was sick daddy, he wouldn’t stop coughing at nannies place. But I know he’s going to be all right for us, is he sleeping better now?”

"Yes, son, he needs lots of sleep."

"I know, he sometimes walks around upstairs checking on our Jack and Curtis, he sometimes sits beside their bed's daddy. I don't think he gets much sleep."

That pulled me back a bit, I didn’t know that he was doing that. I will talk to him when I can, maybe we should get a nanny in or something.

 “Are you going to be okay?”

"Yes, daddy, I know he's going to be good."

“Good, because I want you to sleep with me tonight so I don’t get lonely.”

“I can do that dad, and don’t forget to tell daddy I did because he would worry you would be on your own.”

“Well I will need your cuddles tonight, and tomorrow daddy will need some too.”

“We can get uncle Grant to have a sleepover with us dad, it will be fun.” I heard Grant groan. When I looked over he was smiling, so I thought I would break the moment and said.

“Now, that's a great idea, Teddy, why don't you go ask him." I leered at Grant.

 After he fed Benny they both sat on the sofa to watch their shows, I sat at the table with my friends. Di was the worst, she had collapsed into a mess but tried her hardest to stay calm, she didn’t want to upset Ted or me.

 “I’m sorry Adam, this is going to upset your wedding plans a bit.” I took his hands.

“Not one bit, if you think that simpering wimp is going to ruin my wedding, then you will have to think again. Rob is phoning around, and we are shifting it to the following week, he will get it done with Jenny's help. He has to be at my wedding so I can smirk at him, and love him like I always have, and…” He didn’t finish he put his head into his hands and shook it. I went around the table and held him for a moment, with all his bravado Adam is one of Brent’s staunchest friends, they have always loved each other.

 “Well if you need any help, I’m your man Adam. This wedding is going to be a blast, and I will do anything to make it special for us all, but you know that already." What else could I say they both know that Brent will be fine in a week, or two maybe?

 I looked across at Grant whose eyes were red by now and said.

"Do you want to top me tonight, or can I, at last, have a go at your tight bum?”

That broke the mood and Grant was as cool as a cucumber when he replied.

 “Well at long last, I get to sleep with the village idiot, and yes, my bottoms all warmed up for you.” He burst out laughing. Teddy looked over and was smiling, and I took Curtis off Di because I needed a cuddle. Jack was off on his own little adventure trying to coax Benny to play with him. I was thinking about what Grant said about his bottom being warmed up, I remembered Brent saying that to me over the phone when we first met, and I smiled at that warm loving feeling it gave me.

"Adam, we have to talk," I said.

 Brent returns.

 It wasn’t a sudden awakening, it was a slow-paced one. I was so tired but relieved I could breathe easier, but still wanted to sleep some more. My throat was dry and I tried to open my eyes.

 "Open your eyes, Brent, come on, I know you’re in there somewhere.” I heard a woman’s voice say. I tried again but couldn’t quite do it, I wanted to sleep.

"Open your eyes daddy, we want to see if you're in there."

That did it, I opened them and the first face I saw was my beautiful sons.

“Teddy, I love you so much.” I rasped out.

“Daddy, he’s back with us I can see his eyes.” I tried to smile as I looked over at Conner’s face, a nurse and Mike were doing some obs and he asked how I was feeling.

 "Sore, and very thirsty."

“Teddy, do you want to give dad some water?” Con said.

He showed him how, and the cool water soothed my throat through a straw.

"Thank you, son." Then I went back to sleep.

 There was no one there when I woke again, so I tried to get another drink, my chest felt heavy as I reached over for the plastic cup. I managed to get a little into me then I pushed the call button.

"How are you feeling Mr. Walsh?" the nurse asked as she swept into the room.

"Okay, I think, just a heavy chest feeling and still thirsty."

She replenished my cup and placed the straw to my lips.

 “What happened?”

“You have a nasty strain of flu, it's affected your lung compacity, but the doctors have fixed all that with antibiotics, all you need to do now is rest.” She smiled.

“Thank you, I thought that may have been the case. What time is it?”

“Just after one am, try and get some rest, your friend left around twelve, he said something about doing night feeds.”

“He has three sons, two of them are babies, they sometimes need feeding in the night.”

“I guessed as much.” She took my blood pressure and I went back to sleep.

 On my third awakening, I was feeling much better, although it hurt when I breathed it wasn't painful, just gluggy. Another drink and a smile from a young man I  felt have loved forever.

 “Did you get some sleep Con?”

He leaned over and thoroughly kissed me.

“My breath must be like a garbage bin Con.”

“Not to me Brent, it's sweet, and yes I got some sleep. I needed to be with Teddy, sorry I couldn't stay with you."
“Don’t be sorry Con, Ted is our priority, how is he coping?”

“Okay, I am surprised, he knows everything will be all right with you. He’s been reading up on different flu strains, I think he wants to be a doctor now.” He grinned.

"I miss you," I whispered.

“I miss you too, Grant snores.”

“Eh?” Then he proceeded to tell me what Teddy had said, I tried to laugh but it hurt a little.

 “Mike will be here soon, he has some things to talk to you about.”

“A well-deserved lecture I suppose,”

“Yes baby, that’s why you’re not getting one off me, I’m just glad you’re okay. I will let Mike be the bad guy.” He kissed me again.

“Anything in the papers?”

“Plenty, but there’s been no official comment. We thought you might like to write a reply.” He grinned.


"Well, your very good at it, and it's part of your punishment for being a dick head." I saw tears form in his eyes and reached out to soothe him. He nestled his face into my shoulder, took a deep breath then sat upright again.

 “I am sorry Con, with the kids and renovations, the moves, it all got away from me.”

"Well, we won't worry about it now, but in the future, John is in charge of your medication, he will make sure you take the right dose every morning."

I couldn’t argue with that, I will let him do it just until I can get on top of it again.

“This is a permanent arrangement Brent, you’re not to touch them.” I breathed out, I guess as punishments go this is a pretty easy one.

 Mike came by before he had to go and open his surgery, he sat and talked to me about changing medications and nursing. I agreed with everything he said and knew he was right when he added he would be trying different brands on me, but I wasn’t to worry, he’s got this.

 Over the next four days I had my babies visit every day, and they played with me on the bed, Curtis got very upset when he first saw me, he had hung onto me and it was hard for Con to pry him loose. Maybe he thought I had left him for good as his mummy did. That was my final reminder, how could I leave these beautiful children, why would I even put them through this much misery. I decided there and then to do everything Doctor Mike told me to do, and matron John.

 I was inundated with visitors throughout my hospital stay, Di came every day, we didn’t say much, but she held my hand often. Adam I believe had bounced back and the quips came fast and strong, as he blamed me for destroying his wedding day. Phil and Dave held onto me and playfully messed in my pajamas until my laugh came back. Conner watched, he's always watching me.

 The baby monitors were moved into the granddad's place, and the one in our bedroom taken away. I was ordered to sleep when I went to bed and Teddy promised me he would keep an eye on me if he was awake, that is.

 My babies crawled over to me at every opportunity, I couldn’t pick them up, I was still weak, but spent a lot of time on the floor with them. John was understandably a bit aloof, but he handed me pills every morning with a glass of cold water. Conner had my jeans down as soon as we first hit the bedroom, I think he was checking his toy was still there and working, and it was a wonderful release for me because we couldn’t fool around in the hospital.

 I exercised every day by walking down to the corner and back, I wasn’t left alone, either Con or Grant came with me. I felt a lot better after the second week and was almost running around the block. I had to strengthen my lungs and my shaky legs. Conner insisted I try on my wedding suit again and apart from losing some weight it still fit me perfectly. He also insisted I try my Cody one from our wedding, he tried his on too and they still fit snugly.

 The day of the wedding arrived and I was on top of the world, Mike had found a new medication that kept me alert all day, it was a godsend in the end, and I told him I would do my own medicating from now on. He insisted that John continued dealing with the pills, I was to concentrate on my fitness.

 We dressed, touched and generally kissed as we got ready for Adam and Rob's wedding. I was so happy for Rob, he deserved a good partner, and with Adam, I knew he was the perfect one for him. My Teddy blew me away and we had to have several photos taken with him, and the twins had their best outfits on, the granddads joined us in a family group photo which turned out beautifully and still sits on the mantlepiece with Cons, Teddy’s, and aunty Beth’s photo.

 Teddy insisted he had a copy by his bedside table too, so we were happy to do that for him. I didn't get up during the night, and each morning I asked John if he had. He told me they were sleeping through the night and apart from early morning wake-ups they were perfect. I talked to him at length one day, he was still hurting but was getting back to his old self again. I had worried everybody and he told me they all felt the same, and the feelings won't leave for a long time. Again I apologized.

 He also said that it was me that was keeping the boys awake, they would wake up and expect me to be by their side in an instant, which I was. I should have let them be, and tried to get them into a routine. The routine I had with them was spasmodic and threw them off their usual expectations. I made a lot of promises to him and from there on he looked and acted more like his old self.

 The apartment looked bloody gorgeous and Teddy went ape shit at the big ball of lilies hanging from his chandelier. Di had done an amazing job, she told me that Home Beautiful had been by earlier to photograph it for a wedding supplement. I said she will pick up more work from that, was she going to cope. She was confident she and Adam had everything in hand, and she welcomed more work as it happened. She also told me she was thinking of renting the other shop next to Geof's for an office come gallery, I thought it a great idea and will talk to Ray about reducing the rent.

 All of us boys were in our bedroom just having champagne, Adam was with the girls in the other one. A trusted celebrant was waiting for the guests to arrive and Grant was shuttling them upstairs from the foyer. Everyone I looked at I knew, it was when the lift opened I heard a very loud.

"Wow!" It was Teddy's surprise guests.

Dan and Cody had arrived, they were staying in a bottom apartment, and we hadn’t told Ted that his hero was coming to the wedding.

 He was so excited he ran into the bedroom and yelled something I couldn't quite make out, then ran back out again. We all went to greet our special friends, and the moment Cody saw me he hugged me gently. I shook Dan's hand and he picked Ted up in his strong arms and of course, my son was talking footy again. It's been ages since I have seen them. I think the last time I saw Dan was when he, Jamie and Donny, came to one of Ted's grand finals, but I do talk to Cody on the phone about the charity, quite often.

 “Is everything okay now with you Brent?”

“Yes Cody I just got to get the watchers off my back and then everything will be back to normal.”

“Oh, I know how that feels believe me.” He laughed then added.

"It won't take them long to lose interest, my friend." Smiling he looked at Dan, I could see the love in both their eyes. Dan took Cody's hand and Rob called out that the show was about to begin.

When the guests started to congregate Rob also yelled out.

"Sorry, folks we will be a little late starting chill for about a half-hour." I wondered what that was all about. Conner took my elbow and said.

 "Come with me, Mr. Walsh."

“Of course Mr. Conner’s.” I giggled. He led me back into our bedroom and kissed me forever, licking my lips as he moaned down my throat.

 "Can you do me a big favor?"

“Of course Con, what is it?”

He went into the wardrobe and bought out two suit bags, he unzipped one and handed it to me. It was my wedding suit.


“Can you put this on baby?” He then went down on one knee and said.

“Our babies need us to be married properly, I need you in my life forever, and I don’t want Grant thinking he can sleep with you anytime he wants to. Will you marry me for real, today, right now?”

 I was stuck for words what the hell is he talking about.

"Conner the answer will always be yes, but Adam and Rob are getting married today, let's not spoil it for them."

“No their not Brent, when you were in hospital I talked them into postponing it until next month. I wanted to marry you as soon as possible, you know take you off the market, make you a good honest wife, things like that. I have to do this Brent, I just have to. Let me do this for you and our boys.” Tears arrived and I know Con had been scared he would lose me.

 “They don’t mind?”

“They are as pleased as punch.”

 I took the suit and started changing, it had been pressed and the shirt was crisp white, he did the same thing and when he was down to his underwear I played in them for a minute.

“Can’t wait for tonight.” I smiled.

“Neither can I.” He smiled back.

“I hope you got a big surprise for me in there.”

“Not as big as the surprise waiting in our honeymoon bed.”


"I bought that monster-sized dildo today." He started laughing at my terrified face.

 “Did you say yes daddy?” Teddy screamed at the door. I opened it and picked him up.

“I told dad I wouldn’t marry him without your permission, is it okay if I do.” He laughed into my shoulder and said.

“Of course you can daddy.” I heard clapping coming from somewhere, then the music from 'Us' started playing as we took our positions.

 The celebrant was grinning from ear to ear and I made sure Ted was front and center as we walked out. The babies were handed to us and we held hands as Conner walked us five past the crowd that clapped and laughed. I looked over at Adam and mouthed.

 "Well Done thank you."  He dabbed his eyes with a white handkerchief. Adams suit was magnificent he looked like he had just stepped out of a fashion magazine, he was so beautiful. Di was tearing up also so I leaned over and said.

“Your cheap mascara has run down your left cheek, hussy.” She immediately reached for her compact.

 “Now daddy.” My suit coat was being tugged at.

“Not yet son, after we say some words.”

 Teddy was eager to pass our rings back to us.

The male celebrant wasn’t the one that presided over Con and my sort of wedding at the beach house, he was younger and from what Grant told me he was completely trustworthy.

 "We are here to witness the marriages between Brent and Conner. I have never seen so many handsome young men in one room, and I can't wait for the party to get started. If there are any available single men out there please let yourselves be known to me?" He made a joke to relax everyone. I just had tears flowing down my cheeks because this is for real.

 Conner was still holding my hand and now and then he would squeeze it. I looked across at Adam he had the biggest grin on his face, he turned to look at me and winked. I think Di was still trying to find that black smudge.

 He did all the right things, and the wedding readings done by Rob and Phil were beautiful. I cried when I had to do my vows, and I promised Conner a lot of things, just like the last time, but my biggest promise was to love and cherish him forever. He had loads to say and I giggled when he brought out a huge piece of toilet paper he had written them on, rock star humor I think.

“Now daddy? I’m hungry.”

"In a minute son." He had spied the big wedding cake I think. Jack and Curtis didn't know what was going on but they were quiet as they snuggled into their daddy's necks. I think mine has gone to sleep.

 When his vows were finished, the emotions in the room soared and I thought he had done a good job of it because he had reduced me to many tears.

Teddy did his ring thing perfectly, but he was still eyeing off the big wedding cake. He, Bubby, Brody, and Shaun will try to destroy it as soon as they can get to it. I’m certain they have a plan of attack by now.

 “Did you like your wedding service baby?”

"Yes, Con more than you realize." I kissed him for the fiftieth time today. We had bought the babies because the children were a must at any of our gatherings. I lost mine to Dan and Cody while we cut the cake and had a million photos taken. They were sitting on the sofa with them, Shaun, Bubby, Brody and Teddy were throwing the questions at Dan full throttle because John had shooed them away while he cut the cake up. Cody was just smiling at the kids, he has twins of his own and I guess is remembering them when they were smaller.

 “They are mine, you can’t have them.” I leaned over and said.

“I don’t want them, threes enough to bring up.” He smiled."Aww Squirt, why not?" Dan whined.

“Shut up Dan, we can’t have them. Did Hildy get them for you?”

“Yes.” I grinned.

"We will call her then, she seems to be the go-to nowadays." He giggled and Dan kissed him. I walked around the room and shook hands with the guests, kissing more than shaking but I got it all done, no one was left out, and everyone wanted a photo.

 We finally caught up with Adam and Rob, they were in the entryway locked in each other’s arms. Rob was deeply kissing him.

When Adam saw me he stepped up to me and kissed me on the cheek, I wonder what he wants.

He then did something unexpected and dragged me into the bedroom. He threw his arms around me and held me for ages. Deep breaths were heard then he looked up at me.

 "It scared me, Brent, it was then that I decided I wanted to share my special day with you both, putting the wedding off a month was a no brainer because I had to do something special for you.“

“Thank you, Adam, I know I scared a lot of people and I am so sorry. This has been a wonderful day for us all and I will cherish your friendship for the rest of my life.” We hugged some more, then Rob was knocking on the door, he wanted to go and eat.

 “Nothing for Mr. Walsh today, his ass is looking a bit too big, how Conner can even go near it is beyond me.” Adam giggled as he walked out of the bedroom.

“Not as big as your mouth Adam, it will get you into trouble one day.” I leered at him.

"Oh, by the way, did I tell you who will take over the flight attendant's job, and hang with my boys?” I stared at him because he does have an evil streak.

“No, but I’m sure you will.”

"Jill, she and Sarah are moving back to Melbourne. Think Brent, one more for Teddy's sleepovers, Lukey."

He laughed as he took Rob's hand and to re-join the party.

 We are back on track, so I answered as I was expected to do.

“I think Rob has his hands full with that little midget, although I do believe they are fun to chuck around a boxing ring." I laughed at Adam's face but I also saw a small smile on his lips, then he whispered.

"Back on track," Nodded and left me standing there. I immediately went over to Di and Jill and congratulated her on her new job, Adam doesn't know it, but I can fit one more boy into Ted's sleepovers it will be my pleasure to host Lukey too, I think. And Jill was my first pick to take over the job with MY boys, I think.

 Grant and Mike had a few dances, and if I didn’t know better it was a contest to see who can turn the other one on the most. They were well suited and I couldn’t take my eyes off them as Mike's big arms held Grant. But I had to stop, my imagination was going at full speed. I felt someone pulling at my suit coat, Teddy wants my attention now so I found us a seat and he jumped onto my knees.

 “Why aren’t you out on the balcony playing with the kids?”

“It’s too noisy dad, and I’m so exhausted.”

“You did well today son, you’re the best ring bearer I have ever, ever, seen.” I kissed his head.

“It was fun daddy.”

“Would you like a small nap with Curtis and Jack, maybe for ten minutes.”

“Yes dad, I get so tired doing all my jobs.”

“Then come with me.” I took his hand and walked over to the sofa, Di was now in Cody’s ear and the boys had fallen asleep in Dan’s arms. She growled at me when I passed, I smiled and made a kissing sound.

 I took one baby and passed him to Teddy, then the other and I walked them into the back bedroom. It was nice and quiet in there, so I placed the twins on the bed and took Ted's jacket off.

 “Hop up here and dad will lay down with you for a minute.” I did just that and all four of us had a nap.

It had been a long day for us all and the party, although very elegant, hadn't slowed down yet.

 Conner had set up a small microphone and speaker, I woke to his slow croons and checked the boys, then went out to watch his small show. He was superb and I watched him do three numbers while I stood outside the bedroom. Di was leaving with the kids, she had to get them home. I kissed and hugged her and thanked her for all her hard work to make our day very special.

“You’re all right you know Brenten Walsh.” She kissed my cheek.

“So are you my lovely friend.” A tear escaped and she and Marty left. Some friendships go deeper than others, and Di was at the top of the list of special people in my life.

 The food was superb and there was plenty to go around, I noticed the caterers starting to clean up, and I also noticed John was shooed from the kitchen by the head chef many times. Grant had Brody in his arms and it looks like an early night for him too. I winked at Mike, he winked back and then hugged me and Conner.

 “No more sleepovers with my boyfriend either, got it?”

“Yes, Doctor Mike, he’s got very good muscle tone hasn’t he," Conner said.

“He certainly is good in bed Conner, and if you have stretched his ass beyond repair, I will come hunting for you.” He looked at Grant and groaned quite loudly, I think Grant was blushing, such filthy gutter talk coming from a rock star and a fine upstanding doctor.

 As we said our goodbyes to what was left of our wedding party, Phil and Dave filled a glass of champagne and walked out to the balcony to watch the city lights, they were staying in the apartment for the night. They are planning a legal wedding of their own and were very happy for their boss and friend, it had turned out to be a magical day all round.

 We got the kids settled and then we made out on our sofa for a while. It was coming up to eight so Con had to go read a story to Teddy. I felt alone sitting there on my own but eventually, he came down and once again he blew me away.

 He had changed into his well-worn black jockstrap, and when he moved over he put a disc on and started gyrating to the music. I touched and licked every part of his body, it looks like a late night for me again. When he straddled my hips his hair went everywhere as he kissed me deeply.

 “Did you enjoy yourself today baby?” He whispered in my ear.

“Yes Con, it was a fabulous memorable day, but I’m enjoying this private show better.” He lifted himself onto my member and I worked myself inside, it was so awesome, no loose muscles here.

 "How is that local foul-mouthed, hotel trashing, idiots bum tonight?" he smiled.

“Awesome, but don’t tell my husband we got together will ya?”

“He’s so boring.” He smiled.

“I don’t believe you, he’s never boring," I replied as I kissed him forever and pumped harder. His head rolled back and his hair looked like wildfire as he moaned in perfect tune with mine.


When Phil and Dave were finished holding each other on the balcony, and everyone had moved on to their homes, they started shifting to the bedroom, and were looking forward to spending a few nights in the apartment.  Dave's arm swept along the top of the thick concrete balustrade, and it, in turn, moved a small disposable camera over to the edge. It was full of wedding photos and as it lost its battle to stay balanced, it plummeted to the ground hitting a few spots on its journey. The camera lay unbroken on the sidewalk below, and no one saw the person in the dim lighting who picked it up.


 This is the end of Book 4

There will be a book 5.