The Castaway Hotel: Book 3

Chapter 16: A Barrel of Fun

Monday was going to be another laidback day and the O’Haras joined us at the hotel so we could all enjoy the day in the hotel pool. As it was a weekday, we had the pool nearly to ourselves and the older boys decided this would be a good opportunity to start giving our non-swimmers some lessons. The latter group was appreciative of the help, and the O’Haras and I got out of the pool and sat at a table poolside to watch.

While we were sitting there, I was also able to talk Mr. O’Hara into taking a few extra days off, since I knew he was originally scheduled to go back to work on Wednesday. That way, both he and his wife could join us for our trip to Houston. They both liked the idea and looked forward to spending additional time with Brandon and the other boys, since they had enjoyed their time together with all of them so far. Therefore, Patrick planned to call his office and make the arrangements, as soon as he could locate a phone.

We stayed at the pool until lunchtime and then went out to eat. While we were enjoying our meal, the boys asked if we could go back to the park for a kickball game and maybe a football game too, once we were finished. We told them that would be fine, so after we left the restaurant we went to the O’Haras’ next, to pick up Brandon’s playground ball and his Nerf football. From there, we drove directly to the park and the boys quickly decided to keep the same teams they had for soccer the day before.

Once again, they wanted Brandon’s father and I to play, but this time they also dragged Mrs. O’Hara into the game. Reluctantly, she agreed, much to her husband’s surprised. However, he quickly concluded she did it mainly to humor Brandon and allow her a little more time to be close to him, since she would be playing on his team. Besides, it was just kickball and nearly anyone could play that game, especially since Brenda had never fancied herself as an athlete. In the end, we all had a great time, but I think the little ones enjoyed it the best.

We took a brief rest, and then we played a short game of touch football, with Mrs. O’Hara opting to sit this one out. The older boys were very good about not trying to show off and leaving the rest of us in their dust, and we had another good time. After this activity ended, we went to clean up and then we headed out to dinner. We went Italian tonight, at the boys’ request, and were soon stuffed full of pasta, salad, warm bread and ready to leave. We decided to go back to the O’Haras’ house and watch a video next, after I explained to the boys that we needed to turn in early tonight, as we had something special planned for our final day in San Antonio. They were all dying to know what it was, but we made it through the evening without having to divulge that information.

We got back to the hotel fairly early and the boys went to their rooms. Everyone was in bed by 9:30, including the boys in the ‘sex room’, because we told them we’d be getting up at 5:30. I knew I didn’t have to worry so much, because it was Dustin, Kevin, Carlos and Pat in the sex room tonight, so I figured they’d just do their thing quickly and then go to sleep. In the long run I was right, but what transpired in there came as a total surprise to me.

Before they went in, Carlos had already made up his mind that he was going to try to give one of the boys a blowjob tonight. After announcing his intention, he was paired up with Kevin, because they were both uncircumcised and Carlos felt much more comfortable with that fact. Once that had been agreed upon, the boys gave him a brief explanation about what to do, after they finished their showers. Even though he had decided he was going to try this, he was still a little hesitant when the time came.

Tentatively, he pushed his tongue out and let it touch the head of Kevin’s dick after he had retracted Kevin’s foreskin. Carlos seemed pleasantly surprised by the fact that it didn’t have much of a taste and was suddenly more willing to continue. In fact, he became slightly aggressive in letting his tongue run all around the shiny glans, which sent a wave of shivers running up and down Kevin’s spine. As Carlos became more and more aggressive, Kevin had him spin around, so they could do each other at the same time. That’s when Dustin and Pat arranged themselves on the other bed, for their own sixty-nine. Kevin soon shot his wad, giving Carlos his first taste of semen, but the rookie wasn’t turned off by its flavor. Carlos was convinced this wasn’t a bad thing and was willing to admit he enjoyed doing it. After everyone enjoyed an orgasm, the boys turned in and went to sleep, cuddled up against their sex partner for the evening.

The boys weren’t too bad when I woke them the next morning, but their curiosity was even greater than it had been the day before. We continued to remain silent throughout breakfast about what we were going to do today and Danny and Brandon rode with his parents, as they followed us to our destination. A cheer erupted inside the van, as we pulled into Sea World Texas. It was where we were going to spend the day.

As soon as we entered the park, the boys were ready to head off to the rides. I told the older boys to ride the roller coasters first and get their fill of them, while we took the little one over to Shamu’s Happy Harbor. There the munchkins could play in the sand, scamper across swaying bridges, climb nets, scoot down slides and fire a water cannon from a huge schooner. During that same time, the older group was shooting around the two steel roller coasters, before they tried their hand at surfing again.

The Steel Eel was the first roller coaster they rode and is what they now call a hyper-coaster. It has a 15-story drop and travels up to 65 m.p.h. The other one was the Great White roller coaster, which was the first steel roller coaster in Texas. The Great White takes you on a head over heels ride, going up to 50 m.p.h., which may seem tame after the Steel Eel. We met up with the older group at the Lost Lagoon, where the boys were surfing on the wave pool.

The group who had tried this before were doing quite well and I was pleased to watch Jay’s attempt and notice he had improved tremendously since his previous encounter with a surfboard. Pat seemed to be struggling a bit and the others were trying to give him pointers, while Carlos and Dion had opted to sit this one out, as they still weren’t comfortable in watery environments.

The older boys then went sky tubbin’, down a 5 story slide, while the adults took the little ones to the Lil’ Gators Lagoon, to wade in a small pool, which was filled with a collection of whimsical animals. When the boys tired of this, we talked them into going with us to see a couple of the shows that were being performed around the park. We left the older boys to do their thing on the rides and I gave them some cash in case they wanted to try out the Great White Game Center, which contained the video and arcade games, as well as laser tag.

The first show we watched was called “Fools with Tools”. It was a cute little skit where two sea lions (Clyde and Seamore) and their walrus friends were do-it-yourselfers. They tackled plumbing, carpentry, wallpapering and other projects around their house, without a great deal of success. The boys were laughing quite loudly at some of their antics and I enjoyed watching their reactions as much as I did watching the show.

From there, we made our way to the “Shamu Visions” show. This was a live show that was also shown on a very large screen. The show starred Shamu and other killer whales, who performed in a large tank with their trainers. There were cameras above and below the water level, which sent their images to a giant video screen in the background, so the boys could see everything that was happening. This was more spectacular than humorous, and the boys enjoyed this show on its own merits.

When the show ended, we decided to go find the older boys and eat lunch. We located them in line for Steel Eel and they talked us all into joining them for one final ride before we ate. The boys each took charge of one of the younger boys, while Brandon paired with his father, Jay teamed up with Brandon’s mother, and Ricky was determined I should sit with him on this ride. We took the quick spin, but belatedly discovered the little ones were quite overwhelmed from the speed and height of this particular ride. Once the ride was over, we all managed to stagger to our next stop to eat.

The lunch wasn’t anything spectacular, but it filled us up and gave us enough energy for the next round of action. We started off the afternoon by taking on a couple of the water rides. First, we all went on the Rio Lobo, a 6-person raft that sped down a raging stream that was lined with dips, bends and a waterfall. It was actually quite a thrilling and fun ride, but this was even more fun as we watched the boys whooping and hollering and really getting into it. There was one interesting aspect to it, though. During her ride down, Brenda managed to get more than a little wet, which caused her white blouse to become transparent, much to her husband’s delight AND chagrin. After helping her make her way to the ladies room, where she used the blow drier to relieve her embarrassment, she rejoined us. Some of the boys were still grinning and whispering, whenever she wasn’t looking in their direction.

From there, we made our way to the Texas Splashdown, which was a four-person boat that went on a half mile ride, which included a five story drop in height, although it was more gradual than the same drop would be on a roller-coaster. Brenda decided to sit this one out, as she felt she’d been embarrassed sufficiently for one day, but the rest of us were eager to go. Once again, it turned out to be a fun-filled ride, although I didn’t think it was quite as thrilling as the Rio Lobo.

Once these two rides were over, we suggested to the younger boys that we take in another show or two, and they readily agreed. Our first stop this time was at the “Symphony of the Sea”, where we watched a beluga whale and several dolphins swim around, doing leaps and other tricks. The boys enjoyed how high the dolphins could sky, when they shot out of the water, and each of us had another wonderful time.

Finally we went to see “Sharks Coral Reef”, where costumed characters (hammerhead sharks, moray eels, and fish) put on a multi-aquarium adventure. This show was very entertaining as well, but the boys wanted to try out the laser tag they had heard their brothers talking about earlier. We knew they wanted to try this, but were concerned they’d get grouped with a bunch of older boys. We took them over and were happy to discover they would be matched up with another group of smaller children. It worked out well and they all had a great time.

As we were leaving there, it was the older group that found us this time, and immediately began to complain they were hungry and needed to eat again. We all agreed on a place to eat and soon the boys were stuffing their faces once more. When they finished this hasty meal, I told them they had two more hours to do whatever they wanted and then we would meet to leave. The boys wanted to go on a couple of the rides again, which we agreed to let them do, but we told them that we were going to stay and chat, taking things easy for a while.

Disappointed that they couldn’t convince us to join them this time, the boys went off for another ride on the Steel Eel and a spin on the Great White roller coaster, which they had seemed to really enjoy. As they came off from the first ride, they all grouped together again, before heading to the next one. While they were doing this, a group of boys, all teenagers or in their early twenties, came up and began to hassle the boys.

“What are you boys doing hanging around with a nigger, two chinks and a wetback? Don’t you have any pride in your own race?” Dion and Carlos were really hurt by the comment, but Sammy and Andrew didn’t seem to understand what was going on. The other boys thought they could just ignore them and they’d go away, but it didn’t work.

“You boys deaf AND dumb?” one of the other group sneered. “You’ve got to have some pride in your own race and quit hanging around with these mud people. They’re losers and not as good as us, so you should be ashamed to be seen with them. What are you doing together anyway?”

Dustin decided to take charge of this situation, as he was physically the largest and bravest of the group. He walked in front of the questioner and responded. “We’re all brothers and this is our family,” he announced. “I think I should also tell you we don’t appreciate your comments.”

“Your family? What did your dad do, get a bunch of whores pregnant and then keep the kids?” He and his buddies started laughing, acting as if this was the funniest thing they had ever heard. At that moment Pat stepped forward, standing next to Dustin.

“No, our dad’s a wonderful man,” Pat shouted, “and he’s adopted all of us and given us a great home. We’re happy being brothers, so just leave us alone.” The shouting drew the attention of some of the park-goers, which turned out to be a good thing.

“Is your father white or is he a mud person too?” one of their tormentors asked.

“Betcha he’s a Jew!” another spat out.

“Yeah, or some liberal faggot,” still another chimed in. “They think they’re so smart, but they’ll live to regret it, if we don’t keep the scum in their place.”

“Are your IQs really as low as your age?” Danny asked, as venomously as he dared.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the apparent leader of the group wanted to know.

“Look, we don’t want a fight,” Trey stated, trying to be a diplomat, “so just leave us alone and we won’t bother you.”

“Your being here in one group bothers us,” one of the younger boys told him. “We don’t take kindly to white folks who mix with inferior races.”

“Not that what we do is any of your business,” Brandon responded, trying to show they were all unified in their feelings, “but we are a family and enjoy being a family.”

“Man, you boys must be Yankees and pretty stupid Yankees at that,” one member of the group told them.

“Well, in that case,” Kevin shot back, “our dad taught us we can’t argue with ignorance. Maybe we should just leave it at that and go our own way.”

“Who are you calling ignorant?” one of the bigger guys asked.

“He wasn’t calling anyone ignorant,” Dustin said, defending Kevin. “He was just saying that because your friend said we were stupid.”

“And you are,” he shot back. About that time a couple of park security guards approached, having been informed by one of the alarmed crowd that a possible conflict was brewing. They came up and asked what was going on, barely getting any answers, before three other security guards joined them. Realizing this might turn against them, one of the guys from the other group said there was no problem, but made a few derogatory remarks, before they walked off. The guards questioned the boys a little further, to get their viewpoint about what had happened. After hearing what my boys had to say, the guards decided to follow the other group, to make sure they didn’t cause any more problems.

The boys came back and found us, telling us in detail what had happened. The O’Haras were both upset by this event and visibly showed their emotions. I tried to take a calmer approach to this problem, so as not to alarm any of the boys. I had always anticipated something like this might happen, so I may have been better prepared to deal with it than the others. After we had been told the entire story, Andrew asked me a question.

“Why didn’t those boys like us, Daddy? I thought they wanted to fight.”

“I’m sure they did,” I answered, “but I’m proud of the way your brothers handled it. Some people just don’t understand why we took so many different people in to make up our family.”

“They were racists,” Dion said, hatefully.

“Yes, they were, but we shouldn’t lower ourselves to their level,” I advised him. “I think Kevin put it best when he said you can’t argue with ignorance. You boys could have argued this issue with them forever and they wouldn’t have changed your minds and you wouldn’t have changed theirs. Too many years’ worth of hatred and poison have been fed to them, and that can’t be remedied quickly. Those boys weren’t born that way and it took somebody years to brainwash them, in order to make them react that strongly. Just know that we’re proud of all of you and I think you handled yourselves marvelously.”

We left it at that and decided to call it a day. It was getting late anyway, so we left the park and headed back home. Tomorrow would be another early morning, as we’d be leaving early to make our way to Houston – our next stop.

Danny and Brandon asked Cole and Graham to spend the night with them at Brandon’s house, after checking with Brandon’s parents and me first. The pair quickly agreed and loaded into the back of the O’Haras’ car with their older brothers. As fate would have it, they were also the ones scheduled for the ‘sex room’ that night, so I quickly switched them with the next night’s pair, putting Ricky, Jay, Trey and Dion in together. The four boys quickly agreed to stay with their own partners for the evening and it wasn’t long before all four of them were sound asleep.