Uniformed Response: Book One

Chapter Four

Rodger; The whole fucking neighborhood is crawling with police, their blue flashing lights even reach up to my shitty rooms, and I'm stuck here like a caged animal. My goddamned foot is still swollen but at least the ice and cold water have numbed it, but I know that as soon as I move it to put more cold water in the pot it's going to hurt like a son of a bitch again. I reached over to the end table by my ratty couch and grabbed the bottle of Oxy (Oxycontin), downing two with water out of the pot to wash them down with. I had to get to the windows to see what the hell is going on down the street. It didn't take too long before I felt the oxy start to kick in and then I was over at the sink running the cold water full on and then I hobbled over to the small fridge and tried to make out if the ice cube trays had frozen from the last time I had filled them. They were about half frozen, so I then dumped them in the pot and put more of the very cold water into the pot and with a lot of relief I sat back down and stuck my foot in the icy water in the pot. I'd just sat down when I realized I hadn't looked out my windows to see what was going on down there.

Tom; With a positive matching new sketch to the suspect's pictures, we had three very happy officers in our midst. The State's Chief Investigative Trooper and my local Chief were saying their thanks and goodbyes to me as Trooper Adams was having a quiet goodbye with Glenn. Then they all switched and with thank yous and goodbyes said all around the three men left and my chief told me he'd call me the next day as they did.

Glenn told me as soon as we were alone that Trooper Adams and he had a date for later, about 9 PM tonight as a matter of fact, and he couldn't wait to see what was under the uniform, but he was just glad he even had a chance to see what the slightly younger officer was packing. I burst out laughing, telling Sam when he came in that Glenn was a uniform lover. He said the first time we talked I was in my uniform too, then kissed me deep and we heard Glenn groaning behind us.

All three of us went back to the party group and although we made light of the situation they were all impressed when I told them how Glenn had related to Sam and I some potentially important information about the car that had caused Josh and Sarah's accident and Glenn told how I had put two and two together and called that information in to the proper authorities right away.

Sam had held back a whole rack of ribs for us to split for our meal and Glenn went into the pool house to get in his clothing while I did the same in the house and when we returned Sam and the neighbors had everything ready for us. We ate in between more questions and by the time we were finished Sam had organized the neighborhood volunteers in the clean-up and deserts were produced and devoured by all. It really had turned out to be a great afternoon and tomorrow all the kids present would be returning to school.

It was going to be the twins first day of school though. They would have one year of kindergarten and then a year from now they would be starting first grade. Their next door friends, Billy and Bobby (Carla and Jason's two boys) would also be starting in their class so since we had a reliable kids bus service in town we weren't too leery about letting the four start off by themselves, and Sam had said the other day when we took our guardianship papers to the school to get their records updated, that both he and Carla had said they wanted to follow the bus to school, just to be assured that everything went all right.

Jason heard that of course and reminded them both that he would be there, but Carla said that the first day was always hectic for him, as he oversaw all 6 grades and the kindergarten, she was adamant that she and Sam would be on the sidelines at least until all four boys had been in the class for at least a half hour. As it was, Sam and Carla were not the only parents who wanted to see the little ones off to school that day. Sam told me later, as I thanked him for doing it by burying my big dick in his ass and tweaking his nipples until, with my tongue down his throat, he spewed his first load of cum for the day all over the sheets beneath him as I unloaded my first load of the day into his spectacularly talented ass. He continued his tale between kisses and said there had been at least 20 parents for the 20 students in the class show up and they all chatted off to the side and sometimes waved to their child as they lined up for the teacher before going into the building, and yes, Jason was outside talking to all the kids and hugging his own and the twins, telling them to have a great day in school.

Since I had been the one to walk all four boys to the bus stop at the end of the road it had been decided by Sam and I that it would be my choice this morning, and then an hour or so before the bus returned Sam would make the choice and we'd do whatever he wanted. And that is why I was butt naked in the pool with Sam just about to give me a cum enema when my cell rang, and I saw it was my boss, the Chief of Police. I had put the phone on the coping of the pool, I was so nervous about the boys and school. It had ended up near my head as we were making love in the pool and when I saw it wasn't the school calling I just let it ring because Sam was really hitting all the right spots in me and I was about to blow myself when I felt his first jets coating my insides and I lost it then and there and Sam said it was like watching a sea snake shoot out of my dick head.

As soon as I had dried my hands I hit the return call button and the chief told me about the car we told them about being the car they had been looking for. He said that copies of the sketches had been taken door to door and several neighbors and shop workers recognized him, but no one seemed to know where he lived.

Rodger; Fuck Fuck Fuckety Fuck Fuck they took the fucking car, MY car!! I saw it being taken away on the back of one of those flatbed towing rigs myself. It had been two hours since the last ice had been used and I had gotten up to see if a new batch was ready when I happened to look out the window and saw the damned thing being towed away. It would only be a day or so before they tracked me to the University and my job there and they had my address! They had told me about this place being for rent. What a cluster fuck. Now that they had the car they would have my name and with that info, they would have my social security number and be able to trace me to the job at the University. I was well and truly screwed. I would have to leave here tomorrow, but no later than noon I guessed. Everything was done by computer now, and quick, so I hobbled around on my now nearly frozen foot and ankle and packed a duffel bag with as much of the important stuff as possible, ready for me as soon as I could move around the next morning.

Tom; The lovemaking that night could only happen after the boys were asleep, so we played games with them after a slightly earlier dinner than normal and we tired them out, even as they regaled us with tales from their first day in kindergarten. The story about the little girl who had puked all over her dress was about the saddest and the funniest was one about a boy who forgot to button his pants after using the bathroom and when they all stood for singing his pants fell on the floor and he was only in his underwear. The twins thought that was hilarious and after we all had a good chuckle I asked if it would be so funny if it had happened to one of them, or both of them. They sobered up pretty quick and I said if the boy was in school the next morning they were to be friends with him, and to tell Billy and Bobby I said they were too. Sam told them that the little girl who threw up was probably so nervous that her tummy just squeezed too tight and she lost her breakfast. He said that maybe if she had more friends she wouldn't be so nervous, what did the boys think about it. The twins were really thinking hard, and out of one came, "We really didn't think about it like that", and the other said, "So tomorrow Billy and Bobby and us will try to make friends with both of them". Sam and I told them how proud of them we were, and were going to be tomorrow also.

The next morning Sam and I both walked all four boys to the bus stop and after the bus had driven off we slowly walked back to our house, occasionally waving to a neighbor on their way to work and soon we were across from Glenn's house and he was out saying goodbye to Officer Adams, who was in civilian clothes. We were called over and asked if we had had breakfast yet and when we told them no, we hadn't, they invited us to join them up at the coffee shop at the common as they were going to meet there at 8:30, in about a half hour. We agreed, so Sam and I took off to get properly dressed as we only had sweats on. We cleaned up a bit and dressed casually as the others had been and we drove out to the common and went to secure us all a table if no one else had arrived yet.

We had only been seated about 5 minutes when a crowd came in and two of them were our breakfast companions. Most of the others were in line at the take-out counter, but a few grabbed available tables, like the scruffy guy with the bad limp and the duffel bag, who had been behind Glenn and Trooper Edward Adams. We were all looking over the menus when our waitress, Loretta, while filling my water glass, whispered that the man at the single table in the back looked like the pictures the cops had been showing the staff yesterday.

Being out of uniform didn't prevent her from recognizing me, she had waited on Josh and me for almost a year, five days a week in uniform and sometimes when we were in with Sarah and the boys for after church eats in civilian clothing. I nudged Eddie's foot and asked if the guy at the single table in the back looked familiar and he glanced back there and nodded. He leaned into Glenn and whispered something and Glenn then glanced and nodded also. I told Sam to stay here with Glenn and I went to use the bathroom at the far end of the room, just beyond the last single table where the guy with the limp was seated. I passed his table, and other than a quick kind of furtive glance he paid me no heed and as I pushed open the restroom door I turned and reached around his shoulders as if I was preventing myself from falling but hugging his upper arms tight to his body, just then Eddie approached and placed his hands on the guy's on the tabletop and said. "Rodger Stuart Davis, you are under arrest for two counts of vehicular homicide, and three counts of murder. Please be informed that anything you say............." I told him to stand slowly and kept him in a tight shoulder hug as Eddie pulled out a pair of handcuffs from a back pocket and then cuffed the man. Eddie told me that Glenn always wanted at least part of his uniform for playtime.

Rodger; Well doesn't this just take the fucking cake! And I never got served even a glass of water, what the fuck is this country coming to anyway? Christ these two guys were hunks, any other time I might have... Oh fuck it I would do both of them right now in front of all the people in here staring at me. They could spit roast me like my old man and my older jock brother did just about every fucking day since I was ten, and now that I'm almost thirty I did it to drugged up jocks, even if it was me who drugged them, but I did it. I was always able to get it up for them, once they were hogtied and their asses ready for me. I sometimes was able to get it up three or four times a night for them, and when the drugs finally took their toll, I put them in storage and found another. I wonder what they'll do to me now. I suppose the death penalty. That might be a relief. Oh shit, I wonder if they've found Dad and Dwayne? I don't think so, only three homicides were mentioned, besides there was never any record of the illegal hunting blind dad had built out in the woods. Oh shit, it's the big cops, the State Troopers. Christ, I hope I don't shoot a load when they put me in the back of the cruiser. Look at the fucking basket on the muscle man who was holding me around my shoulders, Oh shit I can tell that trooper talking with the one who read me my rights is really hung, and if I guess right he's about the age my brother was, and I bet he's uncut too. Just look at that packed ass......oh, oh, oh. Shit now everyone will see the huge load I just shot off in my jeans, of all the days to be going commando. FUCK!!

Tom; By the time the kids' bus arrived at our street Sam and I, with Carla, were awaiting our little princes' arrival on their special kindergarten bus, Sam filling her in on our morning breakfast, with me telling the truth after each of his exaggerations. The State Police were giving me the credit for the capture and Eddie the credit for the arrest. My boss was extremely pleased with the outcome as his entire department was being praised for the work they had done on the case, and I was being recommended for detective training to begin after I returned to work after my leave was over at the end of the month.

Mr. Davis had been extradited back to Iowa where he was expected to receive three death sentences, and then he'd be brought back here for his trial on the vehicular homicide charges for the deaths of Josh and Sarah. Loretta the waitress was being given a commendation by the governor, the ceremony to be held on our town common, right in front of the coffee shop where she worked. Eddie had been promoted to a full Inspector's rank and he and Glenn were raising Brian in a very happy home.

Sam and I treated the boys to a day at a friend's farm in Granby and since they had plenty of ponies we took Billy and Bobby along too. That was the night that as they were being tucked in, the two of them said in unison," Night Dads, we love you", as they drifted off.


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