The Centurion Cycle: Book Four ~ The Road to the Future

Chapter Two: The Road to the Future ~ Emptiness

Jason awoke to a large empty space by his side. Not since Gideon's death, had Philip felt comfortable sleeping in the same bed with him. Jason missed the warm and comforting feeling of having his back up against Philip's strong chest, his lover's massive arms wrapped around his waist.

Sliding out from under the silk sheets, Jason dressed in blue trousers and a white shirt before slipping on the sapphire ring Philip had given him only nine months ago, but in another life.

Jason went searching… searching for the love and comfort he now missed. He would not find it inside the walls of the Keep as the place was filled with Philip's Demon Spawn and they would never touch him. Jason knew he could turn to Varrus, but as his High Chancellor was occupied with keeping the kingdom together, he did not feel right bringing his trouble to the second love in his life.

That left his Winged Guards, those that remained protecting the palace. The only problem was that Philip had ordered him to remain in the Keep, for his own safety. But, led by his loneliness, Jason let his wings glide him down to his old room in the royal palace.

The blue and silver decorated room filled with the history of past kings had always felt like one of the Domus museums to which Philip had taken him. Such memories caused tears to fall down his face, as a cold shiver ran down his spine. Jason closed his eyes, leaving the chill of his isolation as the only sensation he felt.

After a long period of time, two Winged Guards walked in. "Your majesty?"

The sound of voices broke the void into which Jason had placed himself. "Yes…" Jason asked as he opened his eyes to see Koltus and Geoff standing in their silver armor, worried expressions on their faces.

Geoff… one of Jason's Winged Guards spoke. "I sensed something was wrong. For some reason I knew you were here. Koltus was on patrol with me and so followed me here."

"I'm so alone…" Jason cried as he curled into a ball on the floor, the tears falling down his face.

"What should we do?" Koltus asked Geoff, who was not only older than he but his superior.

"Let me take care of this… just help me with my armor. Logan will be here soon."

"Logan, the blacksmith?" Koltus asked as he worked to undo the leather straps of Geoff's plate armor.

"Yes." Geoff took off his metal wrist guards, letting them fall on the floor.

Just as Geoff was lifting his padded shirt off, Logan made his way into the room, walking past Geoff and Koltus, right up to Jason. "Shhhh… I'm here now… you are not alone."

Jason let the large blacksmith lift him off the floor and place him on the blue-sheeted bed. Logan's body was dirty and covered with sweat from working in his shop, but he ignored the fact that he was soiling the sheets.

Koltus watched as Geoff continued to undress, the blue glow of his eyes intensifying. Geoff was slightly below six feet in height but, because he was so slender, he appeared taller. The former knight then made his way to the bed, stopping there. He hesitated, not sure what to do.

Jason, with a bare-chested Logan on top of him, turned his wet eyes toward Geoff, reaching out his right hand.

Geoff continued to hesitate, not able to resolve his old life with his new. Back in the days when he was an assassin, he had slept with neither women nor men, unless the mission called for it. No person he had ever been with had ever remained alive for long.

Seeing Jason on the bed, his arm outstretched brought waves of conflicting emotions from the Winged Guard. Jason wanted his love, and he wanted it physically demonstrated. For a man who had only experienced such love ending in death, Geoff could not separate the fear from anticipation. He could not free himself from his past as easily as Jason had thought making him one of his Saints would allow.

Frozen between fear, need, and desire, Geoff did not move, not until he felt a pair of warm hands on his tanned shoulders.

"Is this your first time?" Caleb's voice asked from behind Geoff.


"Then what is it?" Kristen's voice spoke up, also from behind.

Not sure how to confess his dark past, Geoff stuttered. "I have never… I've… When I have been with another person I have always… afterwards."

"Jason, do you know what this is about?" Logan asked as he tried to pull down his work trousers, leaving the black smear of ash on Jason's white body.

Jason knew why Geoff was frozen as he was. He could see into the minds of his Saints and so knew the source of his fear. He knew that, if he told the others the reason behind Geoff's nervousness, they would lose what little trust they had in him. So instead of revealing Geoff's dark secret, Jason reached out again, taking hold of Geoff's shaking hand and pulled him closer before saying, "I trust you."

"How can you?" Geoff whispered as he let himself be pulled closer to the bed.

"I just do," Jason replied. He let go of Geoff's hand, taking hold of Geoff's manhood instead, which was now within reach of his mouth.

Geoff let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes as he felt his manhood surrounded by damp warmth. He felt Caleb and Kristen kissing his back and neck. Soon, the two of them guided him the rest of the way to the bed, until all five were under the sheets. While Caleb and Kristen concentrated mostly on each other, Jason focused on Geoff. Logan, though, was consumed by Jason.

"Is this alright?" Jason asked Geoff between kisses while their manhoods dueled beneath the sheets.

"Oh, Jason," Geoff sighed, wondering again how he could have ever thought of hurting the young man.

Jason took the back of Geoff's head and pressed it against his neck. He soon felt Geoff's mouth sucking and licking the white flesh, leaving a gray mark. Suddenly Jason let out a sharp yell followed by a deep moan.

"Did you forget about me?" Logan cooed as he penetrated Jason, who only continued to moan.

"Jason… are you alright?" Geoff asked, wanting only for Jason to press his wide open mouth against his own.


Geoff did not know when he fell asleep. From his position, on his right side, he could see that Logan had not stopped. He continued to kiss and lick the side of Jason's neck and back, while his rough hands played with the front of Jason's chest, only acknowledging Geoff with a wink. Geoff looked Jason in the face and, while his eyes were closed, the smile and movement of his head told Geoff that he too was awake.

Geoff turned back to looking at Logan, who now had a serious expression on his face, looking right at him. "Do you love him?"

Geoff nuzzled up against Jason's white body and sighed, "Yes, I do."

Jason opened his eyes and rolled himself on top of his guard. "Come with me."

"I will."

As Jason and Geoff left the bed, Logan had a disappointed look on his face. Turning to Koltus, who had watched everything, but not taken part, Jason nodded to the bed.

Leaving Koltus in the hands of his blacksmith, Jason led Geoff to the palace bath. Walking down the halls of the palace, naked, Geoff did his best to keep himself covered. Jason, as usual, walked past the Centurion guards and Famulus servants without embarrassment. Only when his body was soaking in the hot water of the pool did Geoff let himself relax. That was until he saw Jason swim over to him with a hungry look on his face.

"Jason?" Geoff asked nervously.

"Yes?" Jason said in a rich tenor that sent a shiver down Geoff spine.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I am letting you love me." Jason smiled as he played with Geoff's blond curls.

"I did not know I needed your permission," Geoff replied before he knew it.

"You don't, but a part of you thinks you do." Jason laughed as he pressed closer, until Geoff could feel the warmth of his breath.

"I… I do not know why, but I need you to love me."

"And I need your love as well. I might be weak in that I have to have people love me."

"Well, from what I have learned, your mother did not show you much love," Geoff pointed out.

"I know… do you think I am just afraid that everyone who does not love me will treat me like my mother did?"

"You are living back where it all started," Geoff agreed, not sure if his face was flushed from the warm water or the attention Jason was giving him.

"I am… the last time I was here, everyone died."

"Do you now fear the same?"

"I do… I know what Philip wants me to do so it does not happen again… I just can't allow it."

"I see." Geoff nodded. The longer Jason remained so close to him the stronger Geoff felt his passions rise.

"Is it bad that Philip and I are fighting?" Jason asked in a weaker, less confident voice that bespoke his true age.

"I have never been in a true relationship, but I think fights can happen without the feelings between two people changing." Geoff's voice shook. He did not want the talking to end, knowing that he would have nowhere else to go but to ravish his Angel.

Jason seemed to think the same. "You can touch me."

"I want to do more than that," Geoff stuttered.

Jason leaned down so his lips brushed against Geoff's as he talked. "Then do it."

No more was said. Geoff wrapped his arm around the back of Jason's head and pushed it forward so that their lips pressed harder against each other. His other hand reached down and took hold of Jason's manhood and squeezed the blood engorged flesh.

After Geoff had made the first move, Jason did not remain as passive as he was with Logan and Philip. He pressed back, hard… pushing Geoff up against the wall of the

pool. Geoff could feel Jason's hands slipping between the cheeks of his ass. The sudden shock of penetration led Geoff to break off the kiss, and let out a sharp yelp. Jason for his part just grinned as he lifted Geoff out of the water.

While Jason climbed out of the pool as well, three of the Domus Famulus spread out towels on the tiled floor. Out of the water, Jason led Geoff to the towels, letting Geoff lie on his back. Jason then turned his back to Geoff before climbing on top of him. His back arched and wings spread out, Jason lowered himself on top of the winged guard.

For a few moments Geoff just lay there, willing to play the role of the receiver of pleasure. "Jason…" Geoff sighed, the power of the emotions he had for the young man overwhelming him to the point of exhaustion.

"Jason…" a deep baritone spoke as well. Looking up, both Jason and Geoff saw Varrus hovering over them.

"Varrus…" Jason looked up, the tears building in his eyes.

"Now, now, if you were feeling so bad, you should have come to me."

"But…" Jason protested. He thought he had been considerate in not disturbing his mentor.

"Jason… I know I have been occupied, but you always come first. Do you understand?"

"I do." Jason nodded standing up so Varrus could wrap one of his raven wings around his Angel.

"Well, Geoff… it seems we will need to have a little ceremony." Varrus chuckled as he looked down on Jason's Saint.

"Ceremony?" Geoff asked confused.

"Yes… it seems you have a little extra skin on you."

It suddenly hit Geoff that all the other men he had seen were circumcised. "Can you let me get royally drunk before this 'ceremony'?"

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