Peter in High School

Chapter Fifteen: Aunt Mary Sarah

November, 25th, 2008.

Next morning, as a gift, Nick was by my door. As he did the same yesterday, I didn't want to leave him waiting outside and in a 'let me see his reaction' idea, I was still wrapped in my towel, with wet hair and went by the living room's window and bingo, there he was, by the sidewalk tree, so I opened the door.

"Hey, Nick, come on in." I said with a smile and a wink holding the door open with one hand, and the other hand on my waist, for the towel not to drop.

He just put his hands on his mouth for a moment, but was hiding a smile, a shy one, but at least he was happy to see me *wink*

"Come on in," I repeated. "I'm gonna put on a set of clothes." I said and ran upstairs as he waited in the living room.

Two minutes later, I was downstairs, properly dressed and with my bag.

"I'm gonna have some cereal, do you want some?" I offered Nick, in the kitchen.

"No, I'm fine, just had breakfast," he replied.

"To make me some company, huh?"

"Okay, only a little," he said as I had a bowl for him as well.

And after that, we rushed off to school.


After having my usual morning, arguing with Chris about Biology work presentation, oral test during Math class, there I was again, arguing with him. You know, maybe it was my mistake but I didn't make it fine nor Nick for the football team tryout and c'mon, everybody wants to make it to the football team! And Chris was talking so much about it... and I know he plays as badly as I do, maybe... and well, I couldn't resist!

" know, Sheila, `cause I'm gonna make it to the team AGAIN this season. Ashley was there cheering for me too, right?" Chris was babbling.

"'cause, you know, girls, *I* made it well yesterday, not like your friend Peter here," he said and patted on my back.

"Oh, you shut up! Last season YOU MADE the school team lose, like, three lost balls EACH game... at least."

"You loser, I'm not a loser like you!" he replied in his `polite manner'.

"Everybody was there to see it!" I pointed out.

"Fuck off," he said pushing against my chest.

"Hey guys. Quit it now." the teacher said, deadly serious. "You do it in the street or in your house, but here it's my rules, got it? Quiet, now!"

Yeah, I always ended up, don't know how, sitting close to his desk, and we mostly ended up arguing... whatever.

"It's not over, Hershey," Chris mumbled at me from his desk.


During lunch time I went all over the discussion with Nick as we were eating.

"You know, Peter, you shouldn't get into discussions with him. You're so much better than him." Nick was saying.

"I mean, I know, I mean, I don't know if I'm `much better' than him... whatever..." I replied.

"Changing subjects..." Nick started. "Do you know what day is it tomorrow?"

Gosh, I started hyperventilating, is it his birthday and I said nothing... let me see... sigh... no, it's not that.

"It's Thanksgiving. So, you could come to my place..." he trailed off with a smile.

Yeah, it seemed a great idea, and I started hyperventilating again thinking about all the nasty things we could do during the holiday... but at the same time, would his mom let us sleep in the same room like my mom does, would I be disturbing... on the other hand, mom is very strict with this `family date' things like Christmas... I don't know if she'd let me, I truly hope she does... it should be cool.

"So, you don't say anything?" Nick impatiently asked.

"Yeah, it's cool... but I have to ask mom if she'll let me."

Okay, now I got worried that I wouldn't get the chance of spending my first Thanksgiving with my first love!

"You look worried, what's that?" Nick said.

"Nothing, it's just that I don't know if mom's gonna let me spend Thanksgiving in your place."

But how not to get a happy face looking at those beautiful features, blond locks brushing against the wind, so beautiful smile, sweet face, deep gaze at me... sigh.

Okay, worried mode again, yeah, dumb Peter, tomorrow is Thanksgiving night and you bought Nick er... nothing! Gee!


As classes finished we were by the school door.

"So, what now?" Nick said with a huge smile and his arm across my shoulder.

"Mmm... you know `honey' (I said that above a whisper), I guess I'm thinking the same cool things you are but today I really can't. I promised mom I would visit my aunt this afternoon..." I said and I could see the hint of sadness in his eyes... gee, but I didn't have what else to say.

Stupid Peter, you could've promised paying a visit to your aunt any other day and have a splendorous evening with Nick... sigh... however, on the other hand you need to make mom happy to ask for permission to spend Thanksgiving at Nick's.

"S'okay," he said getting his arms off of my shoulders, but still resting his hand on my left shoulder, barely, like not wanting to let go.

I knew it wasn't okay, but there wasn't much I could do about it at that very moment.

"I'll call you later, k?" I said.

"K. Bye," he said with a small smile, but not a very genuine one, and with that, he was gone.

So, I went downtown to pay a visit to my aunt. `I paid a visit to your aunt the other day and she asked about you. She's an older person, so be a nice boy. Today, after school, you pay her a visit, okay? I already told her you are going.' were mom exact words before breakfast.

Aunt Mary is a very cool person. I only don't visit her more often for lack of time I guess.

She's one of those people who seem `to know it all'... like I don't have to tell her things and she figures it out, I don't know how... maybe it's age, maybe one day I get like that... well, I highly doubt, besides she's always worried about having nice things to eat every time I go to her place, either with my parents or by myself, like today. It's cool, it makes me feel `important'. Besides, I don't know how she always ends up extracting from me the deep conversation, you know, she doesn't make me feel like a teenager nobody gives credit.

So, as I arrived by her building, I dialed at the intercom by the lobby door, and she opened the door for me.

As I got to her floor and she opened the door, there was aunt Mary Sarah, with her white (light purple) hair, pearls necklace, blue sweater and long black skirt.

"Nick, my preferred nephew!" she said, embracing me in a tight hug. I love it and for some reason, I don't have this kind of affection with mom *shrug*

"Hi," I said back, kissing her cheek.

"Let me give a good look at you," she said as she put her hand under my chin.

"You look good... especially good," she said.

Come on in." she said, as I said nothing back.

"How do you know I `look good' or I `look bad' or `something happened' every time we meet?" I inquired with a small smile. Her kindness was contagious.

"Well, after so many years... I used to cook for your father when he was your age... and you look like him... how wouldn't I know?!" she said with a laugh.

"I knew you were coming so I baked cookies. Can you smell it? They're still warm. Come on." she ushered me to the kitchen. Like I said, she knew how to make me feel `important', loved, I don't know...

"So, milk is too trivial, I'm trying some new things, get some avocado juice I just made," she said.

She asked about my parents, and I asked about her, the pleasantries and we were talking by the kitchen table, with that great cookies smell.

"So, Thanksgiving is arriving and everybody is going to grandma's place..."

"But you have other plans..." she completed. Gee, she has this `thing' she always seems to know everything, be perceptive, knowing if you're fine... just gee.

"Yeah, I have this new friend..." I started.

"What's his name?" she interjected.

"Nick," I replied.

"Mm... Nicholas?"

"Yeah... giggle... but it's `Nick', you know?" she just nodded and I continued, "he asked me to go spending thanksgiving in his place but I don't wanna cause trouble with mom, nor grandma... and you..."

"Don't worry. Let's make this way: I'll talk to your mom between tonight and tomorrow morning, so ask her tomorrow, okay?" she said as I was eating all the cookies tray.

"Of course you have to go to your friends'. I can say he's special and it's the first Thanksgiving you're spending with him... and maybe the last, who knows, next year it's college and everything..." she continued "he's very special, right?" she smiled at me with a wink.

"Yeah." I blushed and looked at the floor for the briefest moment, but that was enough, she knew! Gee, how can she always do that?

"My little boy is getting a fine young man!" she said and kissed me on the cheek.

"So, aren't you going to buy anything for your new friend as Thanksgiving gift?" she asked me.

"You know, I don't want to ask mom money to cause more trouble cause I... sigh... honestly think she's not letting me go," I said, worried.

"I said never mind. Here take 20 bucks and buy him something nice."

"Gee, thanks aunt Mary."

"Oh, and we never go to other people's house without bringing something."

"Take 10 more bucks, here, and buy his mom something small, like a box of soap, flowers, something polite, got it?"

"Got it," I replied, with a smile back to my face.

"Now that's my boy, go there and show you learned to be polite in this family." aunt Mary finished.

"So, I was thinking the other day, I have to spiritualize more, you know, sometimes we're not as good as we think we are. I'm working on making myself a better person." she started.

We got into a deep conversation about things of the world and in no time it was getting dark.

"Sorry, but it's getting dark and I have to go."

"Sure you do. Buy something nice for Nick and his mother," she said and kissed my forehead. And with that, I was off to the shops nearby to pick something up before heading back home. I'd put it in my bag and go back home, wait for aunt Mary to convince mom to leave me out of the family dinner tomorrow.



November, 26th, 2008.

Next day, after class, Nick went back home with me and as I had a snack, as I always get back home starved, I offered Nick but he declied.

"Are you sure?" I insisted, after my second sandwich.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he replied with a small smile.

"One moment, I'll just brush my teeth. It's one minute!" I said.

"So, I hope I'm not disturbing... I can come back another time..." he started as I got back.

"Nooo. I said, pulling him by the hand to my room".

I hugged him tight and left the door open, as there was nobody home. He hugged me tight back.

As I let go of the hug, I looked at his face and put it on my hands, as I saw a tear running from his eye.

I automatically kissed his cheeks over and over and pulled him again in a tight hug. I could hear him sob.

"Hey, what's that? I'm here." I whispered in his ear, holding him. I let him go, to look at him.

"I mean, am I not really disturbing?" he insisted. I didn't get it!

"What do you mean?" I inquired as he was looking at the floor.

"Lay down, here, yeah," I said and lightly took his t-shirt off. "Let me show you that you're more than welcome."

I lightly kissed his chest over and over like for five minutes.

I was lying on the top of him, looking at his face. "Now, tell me."

"It's just that..." he started with a small smile, and looked to the side. He continued without looking at my face. "You weren't enthusiastic yesterday when I invited you to spend Thanksgiving with me... I thought that maybe you didn..."

"Hey," I said putting my hands on his face, making him look me in the eyes. "I WILL spend Thanksgiving at your place, ok?" I assured him, making my blue gaze very deep in the hazel of his.

"Yeah, but then, you didn't want to come over yesterday... and you said you'd call me back. I got waiting, holding the phone on my bed... till late and you didn't call me, you know," he said, again finding comfort in gazing the window. Shit, I was so worried about his gift that I really forgot calling him last night as I *promised*.

I just held him tight and felt his hands holding me back.

I got up and got a box from my wardrobe.

"What's that?" he asked.

"You know why I couldn't go to your place and forgot calling you last night?" I started, with a smile. "Because I was worried about buying and wrapping your Thanksgiving gift." I finished and handed him the box.

Now, that was a genuine smile back, you know, because Nick smiles with his eyes too, when they're as shiny as his teeth, I see he is happy!

"Wow, the new Foo Fighters DVD. You remember!" he said as he opened the box.

"Thank you," he said and reached for a kiss as I took my t-shirt off and threw it on the floor.

"Hang on." he stopped to put the box on the computer desk. "It can't fall, it's new and we gotta watch it tomorrow," he said with a smile.

"Thank you, really," he said and we shared a long passionate kiss.

"I'm sorry for thinking silly things," he said.

"I'm sorry I forgot calling you yesterday," I replied.

He kissed me again and had his hands around my butt.

"I see someone's already happy," I said huskily in his year, rocking my crotch against his.

I started kissing his neck and made my way down. I bit his waistband with my lips and looked at him. He giggled.

I removed his pants and briefs and engulfed his shaft and after two or three minutes I had him moaning.

I had my mouth working on his shaft, one hand on his balls and another hand working on my own aching shaft.

In no time he came and I swallowed most of it and went for a kiss. The drips I couldn't swallow Nick licked from my cheek and we shared a long kiss and as I was on the top of him, he started slipping his way down on the mattress, kissing my chest, making his way down.

In one moment I was on all fours as he was under me, sucking my shaft, holding my butt with his hands. I could press my shaft deeper into his mouth in that position as I contracted my butt.

In one motion, he got upwards, grabbed me and rolled me with my back on the bed.

He knelt by the bed and continued sucking me, between my legs as I started panting and I knew I wouldn't last long as my chest started moving up and down and I was getting reddish.

Cum erupted all over my chest and Nick made his way up licking all of it, ending it sharing a long, wet kiss.

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