AezarethAezareth is a planet much like earth, but there are many different races on Aezareth. The dominant race were humans, they populated about a third of the planet. Elves were the second dominant race. While they were outnumbered by the human race, they were highly revered and considered one of the most intelligent races, second only to the dragons. Elves and Dwarfs combined made up half of the population, with Elves having just a few more souls. Dwarfs were a hardy stock and mainly worked at mining. Some were farmers, and others simply adventured for profit. While not many dragons lived among the human kind, there were a few. Dragons were often thought of as wise and intelligent. They had a beauty like no other. Not even the mighty Dwarf compared to them in strength, but dragons were often prideful and many didn't appreciate mixing "their blood" with any other race. The dragons often took human form to interact with the other races, and some did fall in love. There are other races as well, but these are the four main races on the planet.Fargus

Long ago in this land lived an old Dwarf named Fargus Turunn. As Fargus was taking his daily walk, he noticed smoke coming from the forest. This smoke didn't look like that from a forest fire, no, it appeared to be more like that of a burning building. To the horror of Fargus, it appeared to be about where his friend, Delmirez Khiraj the Dragon, lived. Rezzie, as Fargus called him, lived with his wife, Anwyn and their baby boy, Fayal. Since Anwyn was Elven, Fayal was a half-Dragon, half-elf. For taking an Elven mate, Rezzie was ostracized from the Dragon population and the Elven population rejected them, as well, so Rezzie decided to raise his family on the edge of the forest.

Fargus found their once humble abode burned down to ashes. He pulled twelve Orcan arrows from the body of his friend. They were crude but effective at killing. Sifting through the ash, he found the charred remains of Anwyn. Fargus started digging three graves, even though he hadn't found the baby yet. If he were here, surely he couldn't have survived. And if the Orcs took him, his life was over. The third grave would be a memorial for him, even if it was just an empty grave.

After placing Rezzie into the first grave, Fargus went to get Anwyn. When he turned her over, he discovered a hole that her body was hiding. Thinking he heard a noise from the hole, Fargus searched and discovered Fayal. He looked a bit dirty and sounded hungry, but near as Fargus could tell, he wasn't hurt. Anwyn's body shielded him from the flames.

All Fargus had on him was a bottle of mead and a goatskin of milk. He neither wanted to share his mead, nor thought it would be good for a baby, so he took the cap off and placed the nipple of the skin to the infant's mouth. The infant sucked every drop of milk out of its container. Fargus took the infant to his home and raised him up as his own.

Over the next thirteen revolutions, he taught the boy how to fight, mainly for defenses, and how to do almost everything. He loved Fayal like his own son. When Fayal asked questions about his mother and father, Fargus told him truthfully and honestly. He explained that his mother did what she could to be sure the boy survived, and that his father was the bravest man that he knew.

The boy did ask one tough question, "Fargus, I've noticed that you're never with any women. I have never seen you with anyone all of my life."

FayalWith a tear running down his face, Fargus explained, "I had a wife for nearly 160 revolutions. I loved her and she loved me. When she died, I swore I would love no one else in that way. I thought I was destined to be a lonely old dwarf and then you came along. On the third moon of Malachite, my next birthday, I will be 189 revolutions old, so I haven't much time left on Aezareth, but know that I was never lonely."

"So, will I be expected to take a wife?" the boy questioned.

"That's up to you," Fargus stated. "You are of an age when boys start adventuring and start seeking a mate. If you find a lady or even a young man who attracts your heart, then so be it. If you decide to never marry, as long as you are happy, Ol' Fargus will be happy for you."

Fayal held his head down, and quietly spoke, "So you won't be upset if I confess that I am attracted to a boy in my class at school?"

"Does he feel the same way about you?" Fargus inquired.

Fayal looked nervous, "I… I… I think so. We were in the woods behind the school and he kissed me. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and pulled me close."

Fargus gave Fayal a smile, "Aye, Kid, I think he loves ya."

Fayal, feeling better knowing that the man who raised him wouldn't hate him, asked, "So what should I do? I liked the kissing, but what else is there?"

Fargus knew this day would eventually come along. He was more expecting to talk to the lad about girls, but he'd done things with other boys a time or two, many revolutions back. Fargus explained everything as best as he could. Then when he started to discuss anal, Fayal stopped him, "You mean his penis will go up my bum?"

Fargus chuckled, "Aye, or yours may go up his."

Fayal looked totally scared, "Won't that hurt?"

Chuckling some more, Fargus answered, "I've never done THAT, so I don't r'ally know, but I've heard that it does the first time."

Fayal shook his head and said, "I think we'll hold off on that and stick to the other stuff for now."

Fargus reminded him, "Just don't let him force you to do something, and don't you force him. If he's not ready, then he's not ready, respect that. What's the lad's name?" Fayal became nervous and started to shake. "Mi'laddie, if you become this nervous just wit' me asking his name, what's wrong wit' him?"

"Nothing," Fayal spoke up. "It's just that, well…"

Fargus chuckled, "Y'ud think you was in love with the King's son, the way you are... Oh my, Are you in love with Prince Evendur?"

Fayal was shocked, "No, no, it's not him. It's..."

"Don't tell me it's the Elven prince, Arannis," Fargus guessed. "He wouldn't surprise me; he always did seem drawn towards other boys."

Fayal started to cry, "It's not him either. I'm in love with Kreytzen."

Fargus's eyes went big, "The Dragon King's son? Oy, he is a handsome lad when in human form, but if his father found out; Laddie, you might want to ferget about him."

"But I love him," Fayal argued.

Fargus put his arm around Fayal as best as he could, "Aye, Laddie, I know that you do, and if there was no risk, Ol' Fargus would be happy for you. I's just worried about ya, that's all."

Fayal looked at Fargus and replied, "I know you are, and I appreciate that, Krey is talking to his father, he turned fourteen revolutions on the second moon of the Dwarven month of Opal. He wants to go on an adventure once we complete this revolution of school."

"Laddie," Fargus looked sad, "Ol' Fargus will miss you, but if that will allow you to be happy with Kreytzen, then that is what Fargus wants you to do."

Fayal placed his arms around the old dwarf's neck. "I will miss you, too, but won't you be lonely?" tears started flowing down the boy's cheek.

"No way, Laddie," Fargus claimed, "I's got you right here in me heart. Knowing that you is happy, will keep me company."

Fayal wept in Fargus's arms, "I wish you could join us."

"Aye, I do too," Fargus replied, "but me old bones would never allow it. Just promise me that you will be happy and know that Fargus will always care about you."

"I love you," Fayal averred, "and I know you will always be in my heart, guiding me."

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Meanwhile, high in the mountains, above the clouds, Kreytzen was having a chat with his father, "Sire, may I speak with you as your son and not as a Prince to a King?"Kreytzen

Kerthylon Nazir looked at his son and asked, "What is on your mind, Son?"

Kreytzen inquired, "How old were you when you went on your first adventure?"

Kerthylon gave Kreytzen a smile, "I started my first adventure two moons after I turned fourteen revolutions, but that was over 730 revolutions ago. I am guessing that you would like to start yours."

Kreytzen felt bolder as he spoke, "Yes Father, I would. And I would like to take my best friend with me."

Kerthylon"That half-dragon elven boy?" Kerthylon growled. "I suppose, you could use a servant-boy."

Kreytzen shook his head, "No Father, I promised him that we would be equal partners on this adventure, we are friends."

Kerthylon snarled, "And what if I refused to let you go on this adventure with him?"

Kreytzen glared at his father, "Then I will go without your blessing; I am old enough. I would rather have your blessing, though."

Kerthylon leered at his son; Kreytzen was standing firm, not backing down. After twenty minutes of staring at each other, Kerthylon turned his head. He asked, "Do you love this boy?"

"He is my best friend," Kreytzen proclaimed, "of course, I do."

"Are you willing to put your life on the line for him?" Kerthylon asked.

Kreytzen smiled at his father, "I thought I proved that by standing my ground with you."

"You are my son, I would never kill you," Kerthylon exclaimed. "Still, I understand what you are saying. Why do I sense that there is more than friendship between the two of you? Are you attracted to this boy, this half-breed?"

Kreytzen looked worried, "I'm afraid to answer that."

"You just did," Kerthylon replied. "I should tear him to pieces, but I won't. If you be honest and tell me that you want to mate with him, I shall allow the two of you to go on a three-year adventure. If after three years, you still feel the same for this boy, I shall let you mate."

Kreytzen smiled, "Yes Father, I love him and want to mate with him."

Kerthylon looked at his son, "You know that I'm not crazy about half-breed dragons; to me, they are an abomination, but my love for you is stronger than my loath of them. Besides, I suppose I should hate the parents, not them, for they didn't choose to be half-breeds. Take him on your adventure, and I will honor my word."

"Thank you, Father," Kreytzen chimed as he hugged the Dragon King and kissed his cheek. He turned into his dragon form and sought Fargus' farm. Once he landed, he started yelling, "Fay, Fay!!!"

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Fay came out of the home, tears running down his cheek. Kreytzen's heart sank, "Wh... wh... what's wrong, Fay?"

"Fa... Fa... Far... Fargus," Fayal whispered, "just gave me his blessing to go with you and collapsed. I couldn't revive him. Fargus is gone."

"Oh Fay," Kreytzen took the boy in his arms. "I'm so sorry. If it helps any, he did live to a very old age for a dwarf, but I can understand your pain. Remember, you brought him happiness, and he didn't pass alone. We can hold off on our adventure until you have had time to lay his body to rest, or longer if you like. Father found out about us but still gave his blessing."

"He what?" Fayal turned from looking sad to total fear.

"Father said that we could adventure for three years. If we still want to mate after that, he would allow it."

Fayal couldn't believe his ears. He didn't trust the older dragon and questioned, "How did he find out?"

Kreytzen explained the whole conversation and how bold he was to his father. "I guess from as much as I was defending you and our friendship, he figured it out. I'm sorry."

Fayal slowly shook his head, "Don't be, I'm flattered that you stood up for me against him. And if he's true to his word, I guess I'm a little relieved, too."

Kreytzen gave Fayal a hug and whispered, "I love you so much, Fay. Why don't you show me where you would like to place Fargus and I will dig the grave while you prepare his body."

"Can you just hold me for a while, first?" Fayal requested. "I feel so much better just being in your strong arms."


ǂDwarven CalendarElven Calendar – Gregorian Calendar
Revolution refers to the revolution of the earth, or 1 year.
1 Moon = 1 Day

Calendar Conversion


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