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You can contact Wayne Gray at waynewrite4u@gmail.com, if you would like to email them about their stories or just say hi. All comments are welcome as long as they are made in a tasteful manner.

Wayne was born in Kentucky, USA. He grew up in a very rural place, and early on developed an interest in animals, camping, reading, and writing. He joined the US Navy, traveled the world, and eventually settled in Northern California. During his time in the military, he gained an interest in medicine and has been involved in non-profit work for the last decade. His hobbies (among others) include writing, reading, yoga, and camping. Wayne lives with his husband in their Northern California home, and their two cats.
Wayne uses the patient and dedicated services of Jim B and Thorn Wilde to assist with his writing. Jim works as Wayne's beta reader, while Thorn has taken on much of Wayne's editing. Both are invaluable in helping him create better chapters. Any errors remaining are Wayne's alone. Jim and Thorn can only do so much, after all. Thank you, guys!

The Camp Refuge Series has been awarded The Golden Semicolon Award for 2018. The series was awarded The Golden Semicolon Award for its outstanding storylines, and characters. Also, for the way it handled some very delicate and timely social issues.

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