Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all of the questions you have and some you never thought to ask will appear here! 

Q.~ Will Dragon Earl ever have more chapters? 

A. ~ Yes, eventually.

Q. ~ What is the mission of this site?

A. ~ This site's mission is to offer hosting for authors of quality stories and supply readers with quality stories. To also give, up and coming authors that don't have a site of their own a place to hang their hat.  

Q. ~ Will the galleries return?

A. ~ Yes they will but there is no ETA, unfortunately.

Q ~ What is the Authors Emeritus Group?

A ~ That is the group for authors that have passed away.

Q ~ What is the meaning of the story classifications?

A ~ Works in Progress ~ Stories that are actively being worked on,   Complete ~ The story is finished, On Hold ~ The author has hit a block and has put the story on hold until they can get past the block, Unfinished ~ The story will not be completed.