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The Golden Semicolon Award was created to award authors for their outstanding writing. Not just any author or story will receive this award. Their story must have something outstanding about it. I look for excellent character development, compelling characters, excellent and compelling storylines, and smooth story flow. Some of the stories that have received this award are multi-chapter and or multi-book stories. Those awards were given for the stories excellence through all of the chapters and or books.

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The Story Lover has awarded the first-ever Golden Semicolon Award to MultiMapper for his Outstanding FanFic "Finding Clarity" this story can be found at its home on Broken Bard. It is a wonderful piece of writing.

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Sequoyah Pendor

Sequoyah Pendor has been given The Golden Semicolon Award for his wonderful and inspiring Life Story A Special Place and its sequels. His story is a wonderful portrayal of the lives and loves of some very lovable and realistic characters. He gives each of his characters so much detail that they jump from the page as if they were alive. He has proven that a well-written story, with well-developed characters, is timeless.  A Special Place is as current and topical as the day he started writing it. It was the first story that proved to me that there were good stories on the Net other than the typical Nifty Story.

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Ted Louis

The Story Lover has proudly awarded Ted Louis and his wonderful story "Joel" The Golden Semicolon Award. The award is given for outstanding writing, character development and the unbelievable ability to keep Joel fresh and inspiring through Seven Books and counting and over eight years of writing. It is an extraordinary achievement and deserves to be acknowledged. You have done a fantastic job on this story throughout the years and I am glad that I am able to bestow some recognition on you and your wonderful story. You and your story are only the third recipient of this award. Congratulations again on a job very well done. I highly recommend this story to everyone.

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The Story Lover proudly presents The Golden Semicolon Award to Arthur for his awesome story Drummer Boy Now here on the Story Lover's Home. The is award is presented for the following reasons:

Your characters and storylines are well developed. Your characters are three dimensional and jump off the page. I don't see that you have an editor but I found very few errors in the eighteen chapters! Awesome job! One of the things I love about your story is the way that you bring history alive for your readers; that is a talent that is needed. It is also a talent that needs to be shared with the world. This story will make you want to read Historical Fiction!

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I have awarded the Camp Refuge Series The Golden Semicolon Award for 2018. I awarded the series The Golden Semicolon Award for its outstanding storylines, and characters. Also, for the way it handled some very delicate and timely social issues. This is only the Fifth Golden Semicolon Award that I have given!


I am proud to announce that Snowblind and his story Jared: The Paramedic, have been awarded the sixth prestigious Golden Semicolon Award in 2019. The award has been given to this wonderful story for its diverse and creative story-lines, well developed, and three-dimensional characters. This is a story of trials and tribulations, hope, family and brotherhood. Above all this story reminds us to be true to ourselves, and to protect the only planet we live on.