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Mikiesboy’s (aka tim), journey as a writer began when a generous woman gifted him a book of poetry while still a teenager. It started a period of earnest reading and writing, which became a warm refuge in an otherwise cold reality on the street. Much of his remarkable early work was focused on aspects of survival, and he’s brought this clear-sighted, journalistic approach to all he continues to do. Now, all his works are injected with humour and realism as he explores the human condition and many aspects of love. After finally escaping the street, tim met and married Michael, his devoted husband. They live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Most of tim's work is edited by a generous and extremely talented author and poet, Mr. AC Benus. And also the services of two excellent beta readers, mollyhousemouse and Brayon. I am grateful to the three of them.
Mikiesboy's stories may also be found on Gay Authors.

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