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A little about myself ... I'm from the UK, born in Yorkshire. My family have always been miners and I am very proud of my heritage. Family is important to me, I'm a gay man with kids. I have the most wonderful man and a smattering of grandkids.

A few years ago, my daughter challenged me to write down the stories I told the kids at night. That started the writing of a 200-page book that was never published, since then I have those niggling 'What if?' moments which prompted me to try posting these stories.

Storytelling comes from my Grand-dad. I loved bedtimes when granddad was alive and the stories that he told. His wife was a poet, I still remember the poems that she wrote.

Imagine the scene, this massive miner would lie on the bed with us kids and moments later we would be drawn into these magical worlds he created as he told the stories. I guess it stuck.

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