Jeff P.

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Having been an avid reader of many online authors, Jeff P. began his first story "A Penny on the Train Tracks" after being encouraged to put thought to virtual paper by an author who's works he had idolized. This one author "Gary Q.", before vanishing from the web would be the gateway to meeting the people Jeff would call family and would encourage him to expand his work. Beginning in 2003, Jeff would begin his first story, move on to another love "Sci-Fi: Primarily the application of A.I. in fiction" and juggle the two for many years. He finally found the path his first story needed and although it has weathered many of the ups and downs in his real life, the story found its voice and the meaning he wanted it to have all along. He tries to have a real message with his works and although they come slowly, he is accomplishing his goal.

Stories by Jeff P.