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I'm a devoted artist who wants to hear all about you and your life. I strive to make my stories interesting and diverse, so please, feel free to view my stories here. In case you do want to know something about me, though, here are a few things:

  * I'm older than my age, and as passionate as an old man who has experienced loss and yet pushed onward, working to inspire others to persevere along the way.
  * I'm not looking for happiness, only balance. But in seeking balance, it is possible for one to find happiness. Madness equalizes madness, after all.
  * I like coffee. A lot.
  * I like tea. A lot.
  * I care about art because it makes me feel something, and without art, I might be dead. It has given me meaning at times when I found the world meaningless, because, sometimes when I write, the world simply doesn't feel as broken as it usually does. I've found art in the most unexpected of places, from the sighing in the wind, the comforting warmth of a quiet fire, and the sweet, intricate passion in the words of a man whom I crave with every shard of my once shattered soul.
  * If you share your passion for life with me, I'll smile, nod, and then might just fall in love with you. I have a profound interest in the stories of other people, and I enjoy hearing what drives others; we all deserve to love what we're doing. I do not appreciate anyone telling me how I should live my life, and I'd never do it to you.
  * Someday, if the Fates are willing, I’ll share my work with the world, waking them up to the power of art and the brilliance that resides in their own souls, but I have no idea how long it will take. I appreciate those who are willing to take me as I am, and I reward them with friendship, though I'm not always great at expressing it.
  * Did I mention the passionate part?

Art is about a broken soul trying to heal itself. My writing(most of it) is my attempt at an uplifting of this. I hope you'll check it out.

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