William King

You can contact William King at william.king.writer@gmail.com, if you would like to email them about their stories or just say hi. All comments are welcome as long as they are made in a tasteful manner.

Born in London in 1955, I now live in South West France. I am gay (and always have been), married to a French guy, we have been together well over thirty years. I adopted the name William King as a nom de plume when I published my first writing online, a short story entitled I'll Kiss You in the Rain, which appeared on booksie.com. This later became my first novel, a story of teenagers, coming out, coming to terms with their sexuality, and growing up. I wrote a second book in the same genre and later a sequel to I'll Kiss You in the Rain, titled Time May Change Me. I was asked to give those two books a series title and came up with Absolute Beginners – it summed up the novels and was a nod towards my being a novice author.

My first fantasy story was Rompecabezas (meaning puzzle) inspired by a paragraph a friend had written on Facebook, which I translated from the original Spanish, and this became the beginning of a new book in a new genre. I enjoy experimenting with writing and tackling different types of stories. Affected by the plight of refugees escaping the war in Syria, this became the subject of my next major project, and a book in four parts. This took a lot of research, blood, sweat and tears, a difficult topic, difficult to write.

I have also written short stories and published some of my early poetry. I have just completed my latest novel, Neon, venturing into the genre of Sci-fi. I have a number of projects in the pipeline, including a third book in the Absolute Beginners series.

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